How Dangerous Is Hiking In Florida? + Addressing All Your Florida Trail Questions and Concerns

00:00 Hey Y’all
00:18 Hiking Around Gators
05:18 Venomous Snakes On The Florida Trail (Water Moccasins)
09:27 Hogs and the Florida Panther
10:29 Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Yellow Flies
14:12 Should You Solo Hike The Florida Trail?
15:37 Drinking Water Issues
20:30 Walking Through A Lot of Water and Taking Care Of Your Feet
26:28 Camping In A Swamp
28:28 Using the bathroom in a Swamp
30:05 Road Walking On The Florida Trail
34:44 Can You Hammock Through The Entire Florida Trail?
36:16 Weather
38:37 Condensation
40:18 Navigating the Florida Trail
41:51 Resupply
43:56 Hitchhiking
45:34 Lodging
46:57 Cell Phone Service
48:42 Florida Trail Permits
50:15 How To Get To The Southern/Northern Terminus
52:14 When To Start? How Long Does It Take?
54:36 Alternate Routes
56:47 My Favorite Sections Of The Florida Trail If You Want To Section Hike
01:01:07 How To Be A Trail Angel

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  • I live in Florida but grew up in Northern Alabama. I am aware of stories, and I am aware of reality. I have accidentally touched water moccasins, once as a child in Alabama near a lake, and again I uncovered a nest next to my pool in Florida. I live near water but most people in Florida probably do. Water moccasins are all over the place and horror stories abound but none ever bit me, my children, or my husband.

    However, once in Alabama some friends and my sister drove out a distance, parked, and hiked in to a beautiful beach on Hurricaine Creek. We made the mistake of staying too late and sunset creeped up. We started back hiking down the stream when suddenly we noticed a couple of large water moccasins heading quickly toward us. We had to reverse and go the other direction in the stream as we watched several more large water moccasins join the first ones. These snakes literally lined up in a fully formed V-formation, and chased several of us down the stream for several miles. The darkness was almost completely on us and both sides of the creek were red clay angled straight up. I was scared and tired, so I wasn't hanging around anymore. I began climbing by digging my nails and fingers into the red clay, and digging footholds, then climbing My friends objected but I did not care. Soon my sister and friends saw I could scale the wall of clay on oneside, and they followed me up. I swear the story is true and I check periodically with those that were there to see if they remember what I remember. I had never heard of water moccasins chasing people aggressively or forming a V-formation with other snakes in water, but this story is 100% true.

  • I'm so glad you hiked this trail so I don't have too.

  • Great info, unfortunately the Florida Trail will never see my hiking shoes.

  • I won't mind snakes I love snakes. though I can't stand the big ones.i do hate spiders and they everywhere

  • East Or West Around Lake Okeechobee?
    I Live In Palm Beach Florida Knowing The Area A Little
    I Would Say Choose West Because Pahokee Belle Glade Area Is On The East Side Of The Lake And Are Considered Some Of The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods.
    Where West Like Clewiston Is More A Country Hillbilly Type Cities or Towns. More Friendly Area By Far.
    Pahokee #16 Belle Glade #14 Of Most Dangerous Cities In All Of Florida With Florida City #1 Miami Area Being The Worst.
    With There Being #282 Total Cities In Florida.

  • The only time I was afraid of gators is at Myakka State Park. Its loaded w gators. Please bring bottle water. Some water is brackish mixed w salt. Bring water.

  • Be aware some of the plants that touch. I use hand sanitizer to help with my itches. Dont afraid to use bug spray.

  • Alligators are pretty cool, but that trail looks miserable. You should come up here to the Ozarks and make a film on the OHT.

  • Thinking about doing the FT this year before I head to the AT in April. Getting older and no time like the present.

  • I live in Florida near the Green Swamp area and have hiked/biked some of the trails in that area. Florida has an amazing variety of wildlife. When hiking/biking we typically see gators, different types of snakes, otters, racoon, bobcat, hogs, deer, many types of turtles/tortoise, and many varieties of birds, including bald eagle. I've seen signs of cougar and black bear, but haven't seen them. The Florida hiking and biking trails and it's many branches are spread though out the state of Florida. I can definitely recommend the central Florida area for any hiking/biking.

  • If you're ever back down in Florida again, Torreya State Park (2576 NW Torreya Park Rd, Bristol, FL 32321) is a fantastic out & back, day hike. That goes for any Florida hikers as well. Note It was definitely the most trying hike I'd ever done in Florida.

  • “And if you’re mad at me and wanna fight me because your Pee-Paw told you a story where he had a fight with a water moccasin…”

    You are just so delightfully Southern. 🤣

  • I’m just not that afraid of reptiles. Bears on the other hand. Bears terrify me. I’ve never owned a full grown gator but I’ve owned snakes and others.

  • Loved watching you hike this but I never will.

  • Stomp when you walk up to water in Florida. I grew up on the river not near or around it alot but as my backyard, stomping alerts snakes and gators that you a human is coming they feel the vibration witch is unnatural so its something that spooks them away. On the other hand rhythmic knocking on logs in the water will drawl in turtles and gators from curiosity. Weird right. On gators for the most part they leave you be but and it's a big one occasionally on will figure out that pets and people equal easy meals, we had to get the game wardens involved when I was around ten a big bull that had been a problem gator took up residence in the cove by my home. We had to stop swimming or wade fishing because it began stalking all of us on the shore or dock, no bullshit when they finally caught him they pulled him up in our yard . Just over 12 ft of really unhappy reptile it took two months of weekly excursions for them to trap him. They were cool though let me get a picture of me sitting on his back while he was tied up. This was thirty years ago and the population has exploded since then.

  • I swear I saw a black panther the other day. It was going into a retention pond area basically right there on I-4 through the tall grass. I swear!!!! Lol

  • I love Floriduh! Guess they saw no bears.

  • Awesome video full of great information 👍, there's still no way in hell…

  • would growing a thumb out of your forehead make hitchhiking easier or harder?

  • That shirt is amazing! 😂 🥰

  • Another top flight video on a place I've wanted to go for a long time. Thank you!

  • Skin so soft works for skeeters and ticks. I can't use stuff with deet in it and I think SSS works better anyway plus you get that silky smooth skin. Lived in Florida 62 years and the bugs have been thick this year. A lot of rain so pick a dry part of the trail if you are day or section hiking. Ocala NF is nice and mostly dry.

  • Thanks so much Dixie for advocating for the snakes and all the animals! Awesome video!

  • The good time to hike is also hunting season. Good luck. Blaze orange can be your friend.

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