How do I plot or plan a hiking / backpacking route on an OS map? Trev takes this time to plan a 2-Day hike across Dartmoor with an OS map

As soon as the lock-down is lifted, Trev is going to grab his backpack, his tent and trek across the wilds of Dartmoor from South to North. In this video, he discusses his plan of action, and how to plot a hiking trip with a paper map, in the first of a series of videos discussing this trip. In future episodes he will discuss how to put the trip into apps such as Viewranger, as well as checking the Dartmoor Wild Camping Map and the Dartmoor military range firing times, before taking a closer look at the kit that he will be taking with him for this trek. So make sure that you subscribe to Summit or Nothing now to keep up to date with future episodes.


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  • I have enjoyed looking at maps .. the only snag is EVERY walk looks easy when you are sitting on the table studying the map .. a ,12 inch walk is easy .. in the hills, it feels much harder and certainly longer.

  • Great video
    Full support πŸ˜ŽπŸ’šπŸŒπŸ’›

  • I'm planning a North to South walk for in a few weeks but doing ot over 3 days 2 night's because I'm so unfit and it takes time to film too. So I've found this very interesting thanks mate πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • It's cool to draw your routes on the maps you own. it's paper and it's a great way to store information and memories of adventures πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for your route.. Very similar to my planned route which gives me confidence. Its my first visit to dartmoor so the more info the better… Your advice on planning and noting down markers ect on the way is great. Saves keep looking at the map. πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  • Where did you get that waterproof map from? Been looking for some

  • Hi Trev. Is there a video of the walk? Having seen the planning I'm eager to see the real thing!

  • Great to see you going through the planning process – and especially as it is for crossing Dartmoor. I grew up there many many years ago, and cross crossed it dozens of times as a youngster. Have wild camped around Bellever Forest loads of times, although nowadays it is probably a lot more restricted.
    Anyway am looking forward to following your planning and journey. πŸ‘

  • Yeh, I know…supposed to watch this part first, then part 2 and then the packing video but I have to be different so watched the packing video first, then your sleeping bag review and then this part! Now going to watch part 2. Interesting video and looking forward to the next part. Stay safe and stay healthy. Cheers. Ken.

  • Postbridge to fernworthy forest is a clear path and by fernworthy there is a old farm called teinghead farm. It’s a nice camp site(even if technically illegal πŸ˜‚) with good water access and sheltered. From teignhead farm there is a path that runs north west up manga hill towards hangingstone and Whitehorse hill. From hangingstone it’s follow the yellow brick road home! I’ve planned to do north to south, hoping I can do it in a day!

  • Look forward to this walk, and from tomorrow you can do it! Stay well matey.

  • When using a water proof map use a chinograph pencil. It will wipe off . What compass and map are you using is the map 1in 25,000 ,

  • Brilliant Trev. Its great to see how you are planning this. I hope to do this in August but take 4 days. I will take a similar route but will camp near Brown heath (where the Two Moors Way meets the Abbot's Way. The next day i will go to Princetown, possibly camping at The Plume Of Feathers Inn. Then somewhere near Postbridge or Fernworthy reservoir.
    Then walk back to my car at Belstone car park.

    ATB. Josh

  • I can see Cosdon Hill and Yes Tor from my front door, but it's too far to walk from here to the moor. Tantalising, it's so cruel. I wouldn't fancy doing your walk in two days, not at my age anyway.

  • It’s a long way to walk in 2 days, spread it over 3 days and that will help your camping issue.

  • There's a piece of private land just south of bellever Bridge where lots of campers flock in the summer trev it can get a bit busy but you can camp there, I'd take your hammock and camp in the forest 😜

  • Enjoyed that, takes me right back to when I was a D of E instructor and we took silver and Gold groups to Dartmoor and they did south to North while we lounged around in the minibus !!!!! Great times!! You'l have a cracking trip on that if the weather is with you..

  • Looks fun. Watch that area on the approach to Ryders Hill, Holne Moor, in poor visability that can be very disorientating. If you remember our write up in TGO it is also tough going near Hangingstone Hill, those paths are on the map bit not on the ground. All part of the fun though. πŸ™‚
    Take care.

  • Looks good mate πŸ‘
    I look forwards to watching this one buddy πŸ˜ƒ

  • Try using Chinagraph/Grease pencils on your laminated maps … did you ever look at doing the TGO Challenge?

  • Perhaps the group you were talking about that went north to south did this to avoid any camping issues. As a lone walker you should find a spot easily for the evening without upsetting anyone.

  • How do you think view ranger compares to os maps?

  • Could you solve the camping problem by making it 2 nights?

  • Love the videos, inspired me to do my first wild camp in dartmoor. We started at Combestone tor, went up to Ryder's Hill, past snowdon, down to Holne then back to Combestone tor. We ended up camping in a little valley to the east of Ryder's hill, with lovely views out to the sea and it was nice and sheltered from the wind. Thought you could consider this as a place to camp although pretty sure it's on the edge of the wild camping map so might be hard to stay inside it. Keep up the good work.

  • Looks good Trev but be careful not to get lost in the β€œfeatureless” south end of the moor! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Nice video Trev looking forward to it. What I can remember from my Ten Tors day of Hanginstone hill is that there is a clear path up to the top it has a hut there as well. Also the walk from Postbridge to Sittaford is a trek of about 45 minutes but the area is lovely just hope the weather shows when you are out. All the best

  • Brilliant, I'm so looking forward to getting back out there when restrictions lift but a bit apprehensive about how busy it'll all be. I've got a 3/4 day trip planned to do a loop around all of Dartmoor, can't wait, though that might be too much time! Really enjoyed the video, was hoping you'd stop past red lake on your route, such a beautiful spot there

  • Wish I was going with your Trev but we’d probably get rained on and blown away haha! Good luck

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