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Backpacking with your period doesn’t have to be a hassle, but it does take some extra preparation! Learn the two different methods for managing your period and what to consider before heading into the backcountry.

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  • Wow talk about the most helpful of videos. Every time I read stories of women doing long hikes or week long camping I always wonder how do they do it if it is during their cycle? Like when Cheryl Strayed wrote in her book about her PCT adventure, she mentioned it a little bit about how she dealt with it but didn't really talk much about the whole aspect b/c probably the editors were like "ew gross, no one wants to read that." BUT I DO! I want to someday do the PCT and I don't want a monthly cycle to get in the way. Especially with modern day reusable methods, the cleanliness and disposable aspect of it was a worry.

    So, Thank you Miranda and REI for addressing this in a way that was hella informational and not cringe-y but rather just matter of fact. I would have never known to bury it or that it may still be required to take it back out or how to deal with cleaning the clothes should they get stained.

  • So glad im not woman. thats a lot to keep up with. But it doesn't gross me out at all. But a woman on there periods are naturally moody. And when there hikeing its even worse sometimes trust me i know. 😓 it can be very frustrating 🥺😭

  • As a woman, I would just not go on the trip an plan it around my period. I just don't want to deal with that. I love the outdoors, but, not so much I'm willing to be that physically uncomfortable while camping/backpacking. Periods are bad enough as it is, then throwing backpacking into the mix just seems to make things more complicated and uncomfortable for no reason. No. Just no.

  • Omg!!! I should have TOTALLY not been eating my pot noodles with this!!
    Ommggg!! 🤣🤣🙈🙈 And I'm a woman!! Damn! Kinda grossed out! But also, I'm really grateful that the topic is addressed!!
    I haven't been hiking enough to be able to have the two collide, and tbh I haven't even thought about it!! But if I do, then I would just take my no uplicatore tampons which are SOOOO much smaller than that garbage (in grey tubes packets) and geep them in a sealed bag!!
    For me the period cups are a total disaster!! And won't go for them again!!
    The last thing I need while hiking is being uncomfortable and unsure! Lol
    But good video!

  • I’m here just in case a chick goes with me I’m sure it won’t ever happen but I would love to be ready for future her

  • Best video! Thank you so much for normalizing periods!

  • Gotta love that man-splaining at the end, though! lol

  • I love those small pocket tampons. If you buy the super sized ones and small thin panty liners, you should only need 1 to maybe 2 a day, depending on if you’re more susceptible to toxic shock.

  • Thinx has a reusable tampon applicator to pair with applicator-free tampons. If you're someone who prefers tampons, it's a great alternative that is more packable + eco-friendly.

  • Anyone have experience with reusable pads? Heavy flow? 😬

  • There is something wrong with your channel… I already subscribed myself 10000x and still not active. I need to go back and do it again… something is wrong here… :/

  • going on my first hiking/backpacking trip in a few weeks and i’m supposed to be on my period then. this video is a life saver!!!

  • As someone who can't use a menstrual cup, I strongly recommend OB tampons. They have no applicator so they're smaller and easier to carry and they generate less waste. But they're super easy to insert and no messier than a menstrual cup on insertion (and you can pack them out super easily).

  • I am a male healthcare professional. I decided to watch this to be more informed, since that is part of my job, also to try to train-out the mental block that they put in our brain when we are born a boy. The level of discomfort I feel is embarrassing. I will try to do a better job when talking about this things with my children so they don't feel it is a taboo subject.

  • Thank you so much for this awesome video and your openness and advice for traveling while menustrating! First video I’ve seen to touch on this! It is much needed!

  • I’m 9 and I just got my period 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 my grandma just called my mom it is so embarrassing

  • The average women you meant

  • I love-love-LOVE that you avoided euphemisms or apologies in this video. It was super refreshing to see someone talking about periods like an adult and actually discussing the realities of bleeding in trail (including using the actual word 'bleeding' and blood' lol). Really appreciated the gender neutral language too, what a great video. Rock on!

  • Life saver. You are a life saver❤️❤️ I feel so much better about this little trip

  • Awsome video! thank you 🤩

  • hey where do we get that smell proof bag? Thanks!

  • Thank you for covering this topic so unashamedly. I am the Scoutmaster for a female troop of Scouts and this is one of the topics we've had to address. One of the fathers posted this video in our group. So thank you for talking about this topic in a straightforward no nonsense manner!

  • If you only use pads try a reusable pad over your period or regular panties. You'll need 3 to 5 per day depending on your flow and the size you get to change then you can wash and dry them as you change. Happy hiking!

  • I cant use cups so I use the nixit disc 🙂 I use water to rinse mine instead of tp. I haven’t been in any place I couldn’t rinse. Great video!

  • Ace topic. I love menstrual cup (I'm a guide, outdoor eder and recreational bushwalker).
    I've got questions about leave-no-trace inconsistency. You recommend burying your blood from your cup, but then went on to recommend washing out menstrual undies WITH SOAP and presumably pouring out onto the ground.
    Also, if you were to carry out blood, a small jar would probably work pretty well. Opaque, or stored in a sock.
    I'm not convinced that blood is a problem on the surface in most environments, just like urine
    And, it's possible to rinse your menstrual cup water in the field, water bottle?

  • Yes best to have lots of practice using menstrual cup and get efficient with using it. way before you go on your trek . Also they have to be cleaned properly to prevent nasty infection .

  • Thank you for this…. awesome with humor and no one provides help with this. You did, though. YEAH — I am lucky because I no longer have this problem!! :}

  • Tampons without the applicator will take way less space in your bag, way less.

  • No way, there are places that require you to take your blood out with you? Stuff that! It's going in the ground whether the local authorities like it or not D:
    Do those places also require you to take your poop and pee out with you too??? Like what the heck!

  • 20 TAMPONS FOR 1 PERIOD? I don't even use that many pads. Jesus.

  • Fantastic and truly meaningful work! As a Dad, this gave me a great opportunity to sit down with my tween daughter and address the subject and how to go about managing it. Thanks for the introduction and THANK YOU REI for addressing such real world issues! So PNW of you!

  • What undies are these??? I've tried several….still on the hunt.

  • I don't use 20 tampos a cycle … more like half the amount

  • This was so helpful but I would have to stay home and not go backpacking but these tips do help in an unexpected situation

  • Thank you for being so inclusive and knowledgeable! 🌈

  • I have always put Baking soda in my zip lock bag for trash so I can put the used products in there to help with the smell and any liquid. Then if the bag gets a hole in it it is much easier to clean up.

  • Period cups are life changers, my fellow women. They. Are. So. WONDERFUL once you get the hang of them. Changing your cup twice a day instead of every 4-ish hrs is so beautiful. You can't feel it at all. You don't have that wet string after you pee. You don't have the discomfort of the tampon on low flow days or if it comes down a bit. Even if you don't care about the environment or you don't hike or whatever, just try a cup. There's a questionnaire on the inter webs somewhere to find your perfect fit. Just do it! It won't get stuck up there. Don't worry about that.

  • Eco friendly tampons and eco friendly garbage bags if you want to use disposable items and not bring it back with you. You can hurry it and it decomposes really well

  • (A good low-waste tampon brand is o.b.) This is a great video for every female outdoor enthusiast to show her friends. Not every part of camping is glamorous, but it can be approached with preparedness and a positive outlook (when you get back from a trip you get to go for a spa day, no questions asked)

  • L H

    just as a laundry tip, a little spot rinse of hydrogen peroxide goes a long way on blood. you could probably pack in a mini bottle

  • Miranda, You are AWESOME! Thank you for being such great help to so many people, in the absolutely wonderful way, that is YOU! 🙂

  • I've got to love how unfiltered and unstigmatized ANY topic is with Miranda. I appreciate that it, that there is NEVER any shame to it, it's always straight to the point and it's real talk and all you need to know.

  • Just throw them tampons/pads away! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Dear YouTube algorithm- why am I here. Also does it really attract bears?

  • What was the waterproof, leak proof, smell proof bag you showed? Thanks!

  • Happily my contraception means this hasn't been an issue for the last 5 years.

  • Great info, love it, use it,… also disposable products after use need to be stored at night away from critters. Reusable all the way people

  • So lovely of you to refer to people who have periods instead of a gender-specific term! A small, kind thing! <3

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