How to build a trail – Islandhopping guides becoming Trail brothers Tuscany

This is a video made for fun, recorded when the tour guides from spent an educational week in the bike hotel Massa Vecchia in Tuscany, Italy.
We spent one day learning how to build a trail, and this is a simplified guide of how to build one:

1.) permission, before building you need one from the owners of the land which can be public or private,
2.) workforce; your friends or think alike people are a good place to start,
3.) tools: chainsaw, rake, hoe, spade, axe…,
4.) walk around searching for the perfect line and mark the way,
5.) start cleaning the trail, remove branches, leaves, rocks until you get to the dirt and at least one meter wide,
6) celebrate and drink beer,
7) go for a ride 🙂

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