How to find people to go hiking and backpacking with? | Facebook, reddit, REI an more

Before we met, I remember that it was sometimes hard for me to convince some of my friends to hike with me, either because of interest in different things or simply because of different time schedules. I tried different ways to find people to hike with. Some of them are mentioned in this video:

1- Facebook Groups
2- Meetup Groups
3- REI classes and outings
4- Reddit communities
5- Make friends on the trail

We are Habiba and Alex, a Moroccan American couple who hike, backpack and explore the outdoors together. We have been hiking for the past three years and we love it. In this channel, we will share our adventures with you as well as tips and guides to help you plan for your next adventure.
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Gear List:

Filmmaking and photography gear:

* Camera clip:
* Go Pro Hero 7:
* Go Pro hand hold:
* Go Pro cage for better audio setup:
* Camera SONY A6300:
* Microphone:


* Blue Osprey 20 liters backpack:
* Black Osprey 30 liters backpack:
* Light blue Osprey backpack 60 liters backpack:
* Grey Osprey backpack 65 liters:

Water gear:

* Camleback water bladder (Similar):
* Camelback water bladder cleaner kit:
* Nalgene water bottle ” A life outdoors is a life well lived” :
* Nalgene waterbottle ” Enjoy the switchbacks”:


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