How To Gradually Build Up Your Backpacking Gear And Skills To Go Backpacking And Feel Good

00:00 Hey Y’all
00:02 For Whom This Is Aimed
01:01 Starting With Daily Walks
01:29 Day Hikes In Nature
01:34 How To Find Trails
02:29 Essential Gear For Day Hikes
03:17 Gear To Consider Adding While Day Hiking
03:31 Water Filter
04:48 Kitchen Setup
06:15 Clothing
07:22 A Consideration For Those On A Budget**
07:41 Rain Gear
08:35 Trekking Poles
09:38 Footwear
10:04 Navigation And Headlamp
11:19 Battery Bank
12:19 Transitioning To Camping
13:43 Gear For Camping
13:48 Shelter
15:08 Sleep System
17:20 Find a Pack To Put Everything In!
18:45 Why I Want People To Try Backpacking So Much

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What I Take On A Day Hike:
Backpacking Shelters:
Sleep Systems:
Water Filtration:
How To Keep Electronics Charged:
Trekking Poles:

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AT Gear List:

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  • GPK

    You’ve discovered real life and you’re spreading the word. Well Done!

  • Slowly but surely…..just saying if I can now walk 10 km a day (still working on getting more km per day) after 3 knees suregeries…any body can do it. First I’m over weight, but again I ´m working on it, at the beginning after my last suregery I could walk only from my house’s front door to the side walk. Every days I was adding 30 seconds to a 1 minutes of walking, now after a few month I’m doing 10 km a day….I want to get to 15-20 km a day + a full backpack and then I will go hiking 3-4 days first. Great video, thanks.

  • I like your truck. Love Yotas!!

  • yesterday, in new shoes, for the first time i carried my new pack and the 15lbs of stuff i've managed to get so far plus 6lbs of food and water. went on what might have been my longest hike ever, at least 8 miles. my hips are bruised and sore and i got a blister but i'm proud of myself 😊 can't wait to actually get an overnight in.

  • It's so funny because I'm so different in my approach than I would be at a younger age. At 22 years old I would have built up my gear "This paper bag will make a nice sleeping pad." I kid but it's not far off. At 53, I'm planning my first thru hike and I don't care if I only go once, EVERYthing has to be comfortable. LOL I'm buying the 500 dollar Telos tent, the high R rating sleeping pad, the lightweight down puffer jacket. I'm not rich, but I'm saving money in the budget here and there, and making little sacrifices (no manicure etc) so I can afford to have the best gear at the onset. Chances this won't be my last hike are very high, so there's that. Happy trails!

  • This is far and above better than all the other videos that have titles like "What You Need To Buy To Go Backpacking" that typically make you feel like you just need to have $1000 to spare.

  • For some reason, I find walking in "nature" in the city (i.e. parks etc) much more exhausting than walking out in real nature. It's just these little moments when you stand still and don't hear any sound from civilization that seem to reenergize me to walk another 5k 😀

  • Excited to watch this. I'm going to be 47 years old in a couple weeks. The last time I've been camping or hiking I was around 14 or 15. I suddenly got the urge to start going and doing this, even solo. My first camping trip will be August 25th and I'm planning a hike as soon as it's cool enough to tolerate here in Vegas.

  • FYI, if you’ve got a Costco near by they have a very serviceable trekking pole set up for $30. Usually in spring and summer. They are carbon fiber, not too heavy and plenty sturdy for most situations. A cheap way to get started.

  • trail name is geek. i thru hiked in 1990 and stuck to every white blaze and remained pure. i have a degree in photography and carried 2- 35mm camera bodies, a 28mm, 50mm and a 135mm lenses, a small flash and a tripod. i shot 16,000 frames on that trip and shot the trail.
    in 2002 i thru hiked the A.T. again and used a small point and shoot camera and concentrated on photos of hikers. i also took every blue blaze trail. some things on the trail were different but my two hikes were very different due to how i hiked.

  • I've been binge watching you all week. Awesome channel! We're day hikers with kids (10 and 6) and have just started upping our mileage this year as our younger boy gets stronger and able to handle it. This is an excellent approach of adding one piece of gear at a time, so we can all learn to use it well without breaking the budget or getting overwhelmed. We're hoping to do a couple overnights on the Ozark Trail next year.

  • I really want to get into hiking but I have a problem with my feet and have very high arches and some neuropathy in my toes. I bought merrells Moab 2 wide width and the toe box is too small. I couldn’t return them so I had them stretched and they feel better. But if I step the wrong way say on the pads of my feet it can get painful. Any suggestions on the best shoe for someone like me. I do have inserts I put in.

  • Great advice on using day trips to get started!

  • For those of us >50 , I would recommend compression socks for your calves. I started using a good quality pair and my legs feel so much better. If your legs ache, hiking is gonna stink…

  • Too much random information.

    Things you need to get started-

    Grab what you think you need and you'll figure it out the more you go.

    How to get started camping/hiking/backpacking, get up and go do it

  • 9:22 You say that like it would be an unpleasant experience…weird.

  • Love your accent. Reminds me of the locals around Blacksburg VA, where I spent a few years at VT. I sure enjoyed talking to the locals. Wish I could have made more time for the outdoors wile I was there. Good to be back home in the mountain west.

  • Thanks for this, I have been tent camping since I was little, but with the lock down I have found that the campgrounds are getting louder and more obnoxious than ever. I have joked that we need to take headphones and play nature sounds while camping. I think backpacking and overnights will be the next step for us and these tips really help! 😊

  • Don't forget about you phone roaming which can wear down the battery faster.

  • Thank you for this, Dixie! <3 You've made it seem much less overwhelming!

  • I put some small bike lights on my trekking poles too. They weight very little and come in handy sometimes and they fit nicely being made for handlebars.

  • My worse fear is pooping in the woods

  • my sketchiest moment backpacking and camping out in a tent was under a bridge in downtown pittsburgh because i was pretty new to backpacking at that time and there were other homeless people sleeping nearby. there was one guy just a few yards down and i asked him if he wanted a beer and he declined and said have a good night and so i did. but it was pretty weird lol

  • Hey Dixie. Love your videos. So much great information. I'm thinking of getting into backpacking again. Is there such a thing as "too old"? I'm about to turn 50. Not the fittest person on the planet, but not bad. I deliver appliances and work for a contractor for a living. Like you said, if I start with walks around my area and work my way up, I'd probably be ok. My only concern is my left shoulder and lower back. Sciatica really is a pain. Anyway, thank you for what you do. Awesome videos. Keep 'em coming. 🙂

  • What I have found talking in local groups here in my area is an attitude that isn't inviting to a beginner and somewhat "snobby" if you will. I have had to come to Youtube to find some of the information I needed. Thanks for the great videos.

  • I'm slowly building up gear for my day hikes and enjoying being better equipped…

  • A W

    Why does everyone use the "smartwater" bottle for the sawyer squeeze, when literally any water bottle company will work? Dasani, Aquafina etc. And hey, you'll save a 100 dollars switching from smartwater to Aquafina. Good video! Wish this video was made before I started! Pretty sure I violated everything she mentioned at first!

  • Best backpacking channel ever. Great information! Thank you!

  • If only Reese Witherspoon had watched this video 🤣

  • How do you know when your sawyer water filter needs replacing?

  • I broke my back in 2018 in 3 places, I love hiking and hammock camping… My Goal is to walk the AT! Idc if it takes me 5 years…. Love the videos you do!

  • Thank you for addressing this topic! I’ve been day hiking for years. But I’m wanting to figure out backpacking. Your videos are very informational!!

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