How To Pack The Right Amount Of Weight For Backpacking

Maybe this is your first trip and you are trying to lighten your backpacking backpack load. Maybe you have seen all the ultralight or lightweight gear videos and aren’t sure what to buy. Maybe you are about to buy some gear and aren’t sure the ultralight gear is going to be comfortable. Or maybe you are not sure you are able to hike with such a heavy pack. In this video I discuss ways to make sure you are bringing the right amount of weight for your trip.

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  • What type of backpacker are you typically… Section hiker? Weekend warrior? Or are you the ultimate thru hiker? Let us know below! 👇🏻👇🏻

  • We’re in wisconsin are you backpacking around?

  • Enjoy God’s amazing creation🙏🏼

  • I hump hills and jungle in Nam carrying 50 to 75 pounds load out…but over half that weight was ammo…Started backpacking in 1976…my winter pack weight about 40lbs to 45lbs pounds…summer pack was about 35lbs….now at 68y/o I still carry a 35lbs pack…But that is everything I need for 3 nights…Weight is important but in my book durability and function are king.

  • Truth – Hike your own hike… Be comfortable. Sleep is so important.

  • Can't really get below ~15lbs base weight (including camp wear, ~2lbs) without sacrificing comfort. Yes, my whole kitchen and drink system combined is heavy but I like to have more than just boiling water – that's 2.4lbs (stove, pot, cutlery, hydration bladder, water filter, mug, fire starter – and a flask). If I add an eReader as a luxury item I'm at 15.3lbs

  • Very true! There's a balance between camping and hiking we all must find for ourselves. Just a brief word about how 'ultra light' became a thing. It was associated with a guy named Ray Jardine. Fascinating story! He was reacting against the commonly 50lb + loads that were thought of as backpacking. The previous wisdom was that a pack could be 1/4th to 1/3d of your body weight. So dummies like me carried up to 70lbs on huge frame style packs. So anything less than 50lb can be called "ultra light"!

  • Well said. I mainly do overnighters/2 days. My weight was mainly beer, so I switched to a pre-mix 1ltr bottle of jd and coke.

  • Only my beer have 10lbs…

  • That is what we need, enjoy God creation thanks for the video very interesting.

  • I've gone on alot of 12-15 mile backpacking in the idaho wilderness as crazy as it is and all my packs have been 40 to 45 pounds. Sucks but I like my 3 man tent that I can stand tall in. Been doing it since I was 14 years old

  • I love this video and your channel in general – you make backpacking very accessible for "the average person." I'm returning to backpacking after a 40 year hiatus and your channel has been very helpful! Thank you!

  • I'm the typical weekend warrior. I belong to a hiking club and we have two 4 night camp outs a year, 2 day hikes a week and an overnight every weekend although I only go in the group when I have the time, say twice a month

    The problem I face is that many of the trails I want to do are overseas and because I'm paying for flights, visas etc can't afford to hike them in sections, so I use my 4 weeks of vacation time each year to go on a 25-30 day hike. It's just much more practical to do that than to buy tickets and apply for visas 3/4 years in a row. So I'm forced by circumstance to become a long distance warrior.

  • I’m very petite and only weigh 90 pounds, but unfortunately most camping gear doesn’t come any lighter just because you’re small. I have to be extra careful on weight because I’m carrying such a larger percentage of my body weight on my back. Still, I managed to barefoot hike the rugged 11 mile Napali trail carrying half my body weight to stay in the wilderness for a full month. It was epic!

  • Doing utahs longest hiking trail (Uinta Highline Trail) in August. =) want to pack light as possible but still sleep well.

  • Thank you for clearing my mind up!! 👍

  • Dan new to the channel long time I got to say I really love your approach to the channel ..the honesty..great delivery .and a family man thanks for bringing you're message to us.

  • 21 lb base weight at the moment. pretty good if i do say so myself. pack needs an upgrade though, bugger is a little heavy and not the most ergonomic

  • 20 to 30+ kilos (65+ pounds Max) for week+ long fishing treks in wilderness of Finnish Lapland. Usually Make My own paths. So i need sturdy Gear that won't fail me.

  • Mostly weekend trips.. When starting this aventure, i also saw and read about how important low weight is.. But spoke to some of my norwegian friends that hikes a lot, both weekends, but also weeks in a road in the norwegian mountains.. And they all said, forget weight, think stay warm, dry, and fresh with good sleep, and try stay under 20kg as a max.. I have around 16kg with me and can walk long trips, short trips, well knowing that i sleep with comfort.. 😃

  • I started backpacking backpacking forty five years ago with an external frame pack and a coffee can stove when equipment was heavy. You can carry as much as you want if your in shape and can handle it (and beefy boots for ankle support). Good insight in your video compared to "canned" videos that REI puts out.

  • I'm in ok shape but only 5ft 2. Lol. I'm trying to get my pack down to 15LBS.

  • Well I can answer what kind of backpacker I am by simply saying that my backpack, entirely by itself almost weighs more than an ultralight backpackers entire base weight. (9lbs)

  • made the mistake yesterday over packing my backpack and paid the price after 15 miles of hiking what was not that heavy became really heavy after so many miles . i tried to compensate by putting more weight on my waist belt and iv woke up today with what feels like bruised sides and it just put more pressure on my feet that has gave me 2 big blisters that ruined my fun tbh but you learn from your mistakes and your a fool if you dont

  • Always good to hear different options…I feel ya on the weekends with kids!

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