How To Train For Hiking & Backpacking | Go HIking | Mount Si // In this video, I’m taking you with me on my solo day hike up to Mount Si. Get ready to watch me sweat and struggle as I continue my hiking training for the upcoming hiking and backpacking season.

Mount Si is a popular hike near Seattle. This trail is popular year-round, easily accessible via I-90, just 40 minutes east of Seattle and is a great workout for hikers and backpackers.

Want to know how to train for hiking & backpacking? Looking to do some hiking preparation and/or backpacking training? Don’t go to the gym to train for hiking mountains or long-distance hiking along the PCT or in the Grand Canyon. Instead, get outside, load up your pack and go for a hike. The best way to train for hiking & backpacking is to HIKE.

Location: Snoqualmie Region – North Bend Area
Length: 8.0 miles, roundtrip
Elevation: 3,150 feet
Highest Point: 3,900 feet
Parking Pass required: Discover Pass

Mount Si via Washington Trails Association:


o How To Train For Hiking & Backpacking | Go Hiking | Rattlesnake Ledge

o How To Train For Hiking – A quick and easy-to-follow Pilates flow workout created specifically for hikers, backpackers and thru hikers – designed to promote strength and flexibility, especially in the core, knees and ankles, improve coordination and help with injury prevention.

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  • They say the best way to train for hiking and backpacking is to go hiking and backpacking. I've hiked up Mount Si a bunch of times now and I can honestly say it never gets easier. Guess that's why this one is such a good training hike. What's your favorite way to prepare for the upcoming backpacking and hiking season?

  • What’s the name of the guitar piece at around 3 minutes?

  • Not going to the summit was a wise decision. Climbing the summit block to the summit is dangerous when there is snow and ice on the summit block. Most people don't go to the summit even when the summit block is dry.

  • I so get it about the post hike meals!! I look forward to those too after a hike (no matter how short the hike. lol).

  • I love the videography. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what to expect if I choose one of these hikes. I am an older novice hiker who is out of shape, but I still want to go out and try Little Si first. I figure if I get tired, people can hike around me! Happy Trails!

  • Very beautiful scenery ☺️

  • A new subscriber asking why are carrying Explorer plus and not a mini?

  • love the video! I'm going to hike out there on Sunday with my close friends now that we are all vaccinated! Is there anything in particular you recommend we bring/prep? thanks 🙂
    -Gus H.

  • Yaaas! Tots @ Scott’s! Love that place!
    Question 🙋‍♀️ How do you train for high altitude? I’m doing okay from sea level to 3500 ft but my trip this summer starts @7500. With all the snow in the PNW this year I’m not sure I’ll be able to train much above 5000 before our trip.
    We’ve built in a day to acclimate but I’m still a bit concerned.
    Any advice is helpful – Thanks

    Maybe I’ll see you on trail this spring!

  • holy moly that's a lot of elevation gain over a short time! plus more for backtracking to get your camera after all those sweet hiking action shots! how long does it usually take you to do?
    this video was very nice and relaxing to watch but also gets me excited to get out 🙂
    i hiked a lot over the winter season. we have a couple really great, long trails close to my city but it's prairie and relatively flat. not near as difficult as being in the mountains, but it helps a bit and just nice to be outside. added some kettlebell training to get stronger for summer mountain backpacking with my dogs. 🙂

  • Thanks for the hike and scenery and the company! It was fun. 😁. How long did it take you?

  • This series is totally motivating me to get out and hike too! I need to get in hiking shape, and you’re so right – the only way to get ready is to start hiking!

  • The elevation is all the work from the view the grade is good on the trial its just the rapid increase so fast.Your right be a great place for training..

  • You always have the most beautiful videos😍 thanks for taking us along and keep on doing you, girlfriend!

  • Any recommendations for Colorado hiking/backpacking?

  • Had a love/hate relationship with that trail for years when I lived in the Seattle area. But no better training hike IMO!! Easy access and you could hike it pretty much year round but an ass kicker for sure!!!

  • I love your channel. I found it while I was looking for Grand Canyon hiking videos. I am hiking South Kaibab to Bright Angel in May. Your videos have helped me so much to prepare for the hike.

  • A friend and myself are going to do a section hike of the AT late this summer. Having not done any serious hiking in 25+ years, any suggestions on how to ease back into it? I tossed 20+ lbs. in a pack the other day and paid the price!I do walk about 3 or 4 miles a night on extremely flat ground (NW Ohio). so I do get a bit of walking in. I just want to be in fairly good shape for this. 60+, ex smoker, ex drinker. Any tips are greatly appreciated. I saw your Holy Mole' trail bar recipe and going to give it a shot! Thanks for your work helping others.

  • What kind of shoes would you recommend for a beginner hiker? I'm older (56), I have a history of foot/ankle injuries (plus issues with plantar fasciitis), so I need good arch/ankle support (fractured ankle 5-1/2 months ago) but also comfort. I'm very much a beginner. Love your channel, i'm a new subscriber 🙂

  • Mt Si, did it once in '99 and that's about two times too many. 3800ft(?) of elevation gain is fine, it's the 3800 people that make it undoable! Or maybe it was the tourist helicopter that startled me while I scrambled up Haystack Rock…. Great video, Kathleen! Heading out in the morning to Big Beaver Camp on Ross Lake in NCNP. 3 days. Going to see where the snow level is in those parts.
    Hope I'm not one of the "rude or nasty comments" people!!!….lol

  • Awesome views💗💗💗

  • your smiling face really like sunshine . i love to watch your hiking video .

  • Nice! I’m gearing up to do Si in a few weeks. I did Lake 22 the other day – it was so beautiful. Can’t wait to go back there in the summer.

  • Good views, ever feel any earthquakes while hiking?

  • Great video, my sister in law lives in Seattle, Big Si now on my list for the next visit. Music was awesome in this video and I’ve enjoyed the last few. Thanks for posting the vids; peace and positivity to you sister.

  • Thanks for taking us along on your training hikes. I'm preparing for a thru hike in October on the Uwharrie trail in NC. Looking forward to it….gonna make some holy mole bars to take with me. Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes ranch with my tater tots.

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