How to Use a Long Leash When Walking, Hiking, or Training Your Dog | Long Line Tips & Techniques

Long leashes are great tools to use when training your dog to be safe off leash or as a way to give your dog more freedom and choice on walks, but they can be a lot to handle! I share my tips and techniques for keep a long leash organized and under control so you and your dog can stay safe and have fun!

If you want to see all of these tips and techniques written out for easier reference, check out That post also includes a guide to selecting the right long leash.

Introduction – 00:00
Choosing protective clothing and gear for you and your dog – 1:13
Techniques to keep the leash organized and under control – 2:02
How to hold the handle – 2:07
How to organize the extra length – 2:50
How to manage your dog’s speed – 3:21
3. Combining these techniques for real world use – 3:53

Grisha Stewart’s handout, “Leash Skills for BAT” is another great resource for long-leash handling tips. –
I have the 15-foot version of this leash. I think it’s 5/8” width is a nice balance between sturdiness and bulkiness. –
Trust Your Dog makes custom BioThane long lines that have excellent reviews. –

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