Incredible Health Benefits of Hiking

I’m sure you know hiking is good for you, but do you know how good for you? Especially if you’re over 55 years old.

Hiking is a great cardio workout, it can lower your risk for heart disease, and strengthen your glutes, quads, and other muscles in your body. But what may be of most interest to older adults is that hiking can stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and can even work to reduce or delay cognitive decline.

Here’s how it works: When you’re hiking, you’re walking on an uneven surface, so with every step you take your mind is constantly processing and making dozens of decisions every second.

Your mind is engaged in ways you don’t even fully understand. Do I step here or there? Do I shift my weight to the right or the left? I’ve got to watch out for that tree root or not step on that slippery rock.

You muscles and nerve-endings are constantly acting and responding to those decisions. That mental engagement is an important factor is an important factor in beating Alzheimer’s. That mental activity doesn’t happen when you’re just walking on a flat surface like a sidewalk, in a mall, or around the house.

Hiking can also improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Hiking can improve your balance. It can boost bone density, because hiking is a weight-baring exercise.

We love sharing the Alps with active, older adults who want to want to stay mentally sharp and healthy.

So get out there, and do something good for your body, mind, and spirit. We’d like to think that by hiking in the Alps, we can give you another few weeks of productive life.

That’s why at Alpenwild, our motto is “adventure before dementia”.

We’ll see you on the trail!

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