Is Hiking Too Expensive? What We Spend and How We Save

Wait, hiking costs how much per year?!

Yeah, hiking can get EXPENSIVE. But remember, we’re including everything including the gas to and from the hikes, which is the biggest expense, and also hiking gear and overnight accommodations.

In the end, if you use our tips for keeping costs down, hiking is a far less expensive hobby than almost anything else people do to entertain themselves. And way healthier and more fun!

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  • Great video! I do a lot of these same things to save costs for my hiking adventures too. Curious what your guys jobs are and if you work more standard hours or are able to more your schedules around to hike more often? Thanks!

  • Thanks for dropping some knowledge on your hiking expenses.! Super groovy tips for your hiking subscribers. Good call on bringing your own food, and making your meals. You can totally eat a lot cleaner that way instead of eating at restaurants. On buying the hiking gear, its an up front expense, but if you get the right product it will last a long time, and pay for itself over time. I have cold weather gear that I have been using for many seasons. Also, some of that top of the line gear is not that great, and you can find better things if you shop around like you Kats do. Thanks for sharing.!!!

  • Another great video and this is the real-life questions we all have. Thank you for sharing this. We would love to have you guys join us for a rafting trip!!!

  • Great video. Budgeting so important.

  • Thanks for the video. Been to many of the areas you've gone. Now with gas at a premium $, travel destinations have changed along with the frequency. Great comparison on expenses.

  • Great video. You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Get a used van! Itโ€™s great!

  • Another tip. Move and work near the places you love. Flying to Norcal or the 4 Corners is not cheap. I did it 28 years ago. Savings are in the $100,000s.

  • OMG – at home with the Eternals. So great – the capes are off and we are just chillin'.

  • Great vid. It seems like a low-cost activity/sport until you really get into it.

  • in 2019 I did a 9 day trip from Seattle Washington to Vancouver Brittish Columbia to Banff Alberta for about $700. I kept costs low by driving a gas efficient Toyota Corrolla 36mpg, camping most of the time, only doing a few touristy things/mostly hiking and having an ice chest full of food. I did splurge a couple times the town of Revelstoke Brittish Columbia had a lot of little shops and I bought a souvenir and a big pizza, I took the Sulphur Mountain and Sunshine village gondola and I took a bus with special ice gripping tires onto the Athabasca Glacier. Alot of things were cheaper when I crossed the Candian Border but gas was $5 or $6 a gallon, they measure gas by the liter and you have to pay for the gas before you pump it. I had trouble estimating how many liters of gas my car needed, I wish they would have let me fill the car up. When you slowly buy gear over many years like I have its not that expensive although I keep having to buy new stoves because I can't find replacement gas canisters. Unfortunately I lost my ice chest on the 6th day, I was trying to get a really early start and forgot to throw it in the back of the car. I tried to grab the ice chest on my drive home but they had already gated the road for the winter even though it was only September 10th and the weather was still quite nice. I was alittle annoyed that the road had been closed so early and not in a good enough mood to hike 5 miles up the road and retrieve it. I pitty the ranger that must have found the ice chest in the spring full of rotting beans and milk but hey I would have gotten it if the park had allowed access.

  • I love this video. If it's Ok to ask, what do you both do for work? By the way, you both have inspired me to get back to being more active. I am normally active, but I have increased my weekly running miles and am focusing more on my overall strength. I am also attempting to get back to some of my favorite hiking trails. Do to having such a large family, I work many hours. All it takes is a few minutes in the day to keep in shape. Along with being in shape, it keeps me grounded. I am so glad, I came across you guys when I did. Dan

  • It certainly appears as if your intent is to make a small business of these hiking videos, so please be keeping all your receipts and writing these expenses off on your taxes!

  • Too late for you since you already overpaid for Yeti, but others should check out the Lifetime brand coolers. They're well-sealed like Yeti but much less cost. I got a 55 quart one a couple years ago for about $100. Works great.

  • You guys are awesome for creating this vid! Thanks

  • Hahahahah as soon as you said Craigslist I knew you were going to tell the black market tp story ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿงป

  • OMG, you two crack me up LOL!! Love you videos and your channel! Great tips as I'm always looking for ways to save on my hiking!!

  • Great tips. I am booking the $500/night in yosemite and do the half mile hike to lower Yosemite falls ๐Ÿคฃ

  • That was great guys! Pop Tarts??? LOL! We all got something…and that's okay!

  • Very good cost savings tips and comparison to other activities. Thank you!
    I think you forgot the cost of car maintenance and replacement.
    That can be more expensive than gas, even in CA.

  • More than half my stuff is cheap knockoff gear. I actually contacted a bunch of the big brands to see if they would give me gear for free exposure in my videos to which many ignored or laughed at me. Now my videos are getting picked up the cheap knockoff gear like my backpack is getting more traction. Eventually, these companies will need to learn how social media works or they'll go under. I'm surprised one of the big brands hasn't sent you two both complete sets of gear to wear.

  • Two things: Who forgot the annual park pass? I have placed my bet ๐Ÿ™‚ The late night TP caper, Adam, is still one of my favorite stories. Love you both–stay safe and have fun!

  • i get all my gear at thrift stores,, 200 packs for 20.. etc all my water bottles etc 2 bucks…i could never put a price on a great vacation,, its only money ,, money comes n goes,, i bet your going to be doing reviews for patagonia rei black diamond soon, ,once they find you,, stay safe.. im predicting a california up north video next..right on

  • Iโ€™m starting to feel thought winter hiking costs as I gear up for my first season of winter hiking

  • The thing about hiking it is if you want it bad enough you can make it work on almost any budget,

  • great tips – thank you!

  • You'd think you could find an actual energy bar you like instead of poptarts…….But then again you only live once so go for it……And gas in Illinois right now is $3.48 for regular 87 octane.

  • H I

    Money well spent for your awesome experiences.I would have no regrets especially when you compare to other activities.Great video by the way!

  • Itโ€™s delightful how dedicated you are to your followers, your personal replies to comments and videos in response to queries; itโ€™s great that your enthusiasm continues off trail. Even though itโ€™s one-way interaction, you always make it feel wonderfully personal; I wonder how a Zoom meeting would play out!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Money spent on hiking trips is money well spent! Look at hiking as an investment in your health. In this way, you're actually SAVING a ton of money. ๐Ÿ™‚

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