Isle Royale Backpacking and Hiking | Lake Superior, Michigan

Isle Royale National Park in Michigan presented itself for one epic backpacking trip! We took the ferry to and from Isle Royale with our backpacks loaded for a 3 day adventure. It was all of our first time backpacking and camping. The ferry crosses Lake Superior, where we encountered the famous Lake Superior waves on our journey and dropped us off at Rock Harbor where we hiked to find a place we could camp. Isle Royale camping is not to be missed! Watch as our backpacking Isle Royale adventure unfolds!


Check out my gear list here:

About this video: Taking the ferry to go backpacking on Isle Royale National Park was the easy part. And that included the famous Lake Superior waves that reached 10′! Rock Harbor was our destination and hiking around Isle Royale to go camping was the fun part. Our first time backpacking was a total success with hiking Isle Royale. Isle royale backpacking is the way to go!

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