I've LOST MY FAITH in this Backpacking Gear company I used to trust

I’m done with this backpacking gear company.

Altra Lone Peak 5’s (men):
Altra Lone Peak 5’s (women):
Nitecore NU25 Headlamp:

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  • I've used Leki poles for years. Never had a problem. And I'm tough on things….

  • I have the same pair but mine were already broke when I found them. 🙃not really I have same 60$ pair of black diamonds I've had for 12 years.


  • SOME of us humans that like to spread their toes out won’t buy those damned pointy toe cowboy boots, I’ve personally refuse to even try on a pair. Conventional shoes (Sperry’s are the worst) give you little room for your toes so I have to upsize on conventional shoes and I think we all do for comfort. So when us men (in the backs of our minds equate shoes size to the size of our junk🤣) (thank you old wive’s tale) and the fact we want to spread out our toes… upsize our shoes. So you being a “10” due to toe squeeze are really an 8.5 due to a shoe that actually fits!

  • you have to be able to close the lever with one finger ! not too much tension, unscrew the bolt

  • Max

    If you wear converse/vans regularly you should be good to go to a zero drop shoe!

  • Jay

    I recently bought Lone Peak 5 and they do not breath well upper is rip stop nylon

  • Can you tell us more about the Granbury 50?! What is it and has it already happened for 2022?

  • My Lekis are fantastic. I got the corklites. Sounds like you don’t know how to use them

  • Leki just tried to trust you with a thumb screw. Guess people just can't handle not trying to force the hardware closed instead of loosening the nut a little.

  • Hi Kyle. I don't have any Altra suppliers anywhere near where I live, so I'm having to order them online. Have all the Altras you've tried on run larger than size, and if so, is it typically one size larger. Many thanks…

  • The yellow is awesome.

  • I know they're super popular, but my long peaks made my calves cramp so bad. I didn't last a month on trail with them (went from katahdin to bethel ME before ordering new shoes). I also did a few break in hikes prior to starting the trail.

    Trekking poles though: I used cascade mountain tech ones and they made it the whole trail without issue. I'm light, but I wasn't careful with them. They're pretty cheap too

  • I used the Altra Timp 1.5 on exactly one hike. Totally worthless without Superfeet insoles and the durability was not there. I'll take the Brooks Cascadia or even the Asics Kahana over Altra.

  • I’m new to backpacking. I purchased a set of Hiker Hunger aluminum poles in 2020. They work fine for me. As an older hiker I’ve “leaned” on them many times on the AT here in PA and they haven’t broken or bent. Hiker Hunger has a carbon fiber pole also.

  • Over tightening the locking device, sounds like user error… but I totally understand. I'm done with Blackdiamond brand.

  • then why do you keep buying them 12:21

  • Love the zero drop shoes

  • these shoes messed up my feet!! Be careful when buying shoes!!

  • Zero drop shoes are important for many reasons. Main one is gonna be you’re not always in an incline, always being at an incline will put you in a pelvic tilt. This will un align your whole body and cause poor posture, knee pain, lower back pain etc
    Altra’s have a wide toe box which lets your toes splay out fully which is wonderful.
    I backpack in barefoot shoes(merrell vaporgloves) and doing so has made my feet so damn strong lol

  • Have to agree on the Leki poles they suck. I use the REI flash poles they are are durable light and not too expensive!

  • So you've seen the levers snap a few times and they continue to do so. How about not forcing them closed, and actually loosening the tension nut a little? Same goes for quick release fasteners on bicycle wheels…

  • Bob

    You hate a brand because you don’t know how to properly use it? You’re an idiot 🤣

  • Just switched to Black Diamond Alpine WR Corks.

  • Love the Lone Peak 5 for easier terrain.

    Switched over from BD Ergo Cork trekking poles to 3fUL t1 z poles. Used the BD's for years, but wanted something smaller and lighter for fast hiking and running. 8.8oz/ 252g for 2 foldable poles in 3'11"/ 120cm.

  • I like rei's trekking poles

  • This is the man that started modern
    Backpacking…Colin Fletcher.

    I think the best invention or Innovation to backpacking or thru-hiking in general is the "Retro Backpacker"…that teaches us that the New Ways are not better…then the Old Way…just more expensive….


    -Friar Rodney Burnap

  • "Hi Kyle, this is Steve from LEKI. Please stop flexing on our trekking poles, bro! You're too swol for our knob."

  • Interesting, I always went up .5 size in Altras. I haven't tried the 5s though as I switched to Topo when the lame 4.5s came out.

  • This video could/should have been knocked down to 5 min. Redundancy dude.

  • All I wear are Altra shoes. I've wanted to try others…. I have tried others. But I have gotten spoiled by that wide toe box and nothing else out there works for me. ❤❤❤ Altras.

  • Might want to look into cheaper trekking poles? I bought a pair of Cascade trekking poles with cork handles from a Dick's Sporting Goods for $30, and it came with all of the attachments for snowshoeing. They do weigh considerably more than my sister's REI brand poles, but I took them up Giant mountain in the ADK and they were awesome.

  • LOL Luke ended up with those ugly yellow altras for the long trail bcuz that’s all they had left at REI and then we saw like 5+ other people out there with the same color😂😂😂
    PS I fully recommend black Diamond trekking poles

  • Walmart has carbon/cork trekking poles. $40. As light as anything else, never snapped one. If you did no questions asked return/exchange. Don’t buy the hype, get Wally World poles dog.

  • I bought the LT5s for my CT thru hike and they snapped around the halfway point. I’m a big guy tho so carbon poles aren’t really for me. Bought some BD aluminum Z poles and they’ve been working great.

  • 8:57 is when you actually get to the point would've been nice to have a timestamp.

  • Another Vote for the Cascade Mountain Tech carbon poles. I have years of use with no problems, tips wore out after a few 1000 miles but replacements were cheap and shipped quickly.

  • I've had the same problem with the Leki poles after 2 years. I emailed them and they mailed me 4 replacements free. I replaced one and keep one in my pack for on trail. Great customer service. They stand behind their products. I will buy Lekis again.

  • I think I heard about the NU25 from your channel. Thanks for that! I got one, and it’s great. I did hate the headband, but it was easy to replace it with a much lighter and more comfortable one from another headlamp.

  • Clickbait spoiler: Leki corklite trekking poles

  • Did you try the Nu-25 because Dan Becker recommends it?

  • Five words: Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork

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