KL Cherokee in a Hackett Gulch Trail Guide (Colorado’s The Gulches)

This is my trail guide on Hackett Gulch labeled as a most difficult trail. Featured vehicles include 2 Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicons on 37s, a stock Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon, a KL Cherokee TrailHawk, and a Toyota Tacoma TRD. I use my stock Jeep Rubicon for rating difficulty. Still working on my video making skills but I hope this is helpful! The trail is covered from beginning till the end in order and is part 2. Part 1 was Longwater gulch, Part 3 will be Metberry Gulch which will also have my full breakdown of the gulches including technical difficulties, pucker factors, scenery, and fun ratings.

Hackett Gulch is rated as difficult by Funtreks and Trails off-road. I highly recommend both the Funtreks books and trails off road. This trail can be easily accessed by driving to Divide, CO; Woodland Park, CO; or Deckers, CO.

Time Stamps of obstacles and locations encountered:
Baby drop: 0:56
Off camber into Tree: 1:15
Mini Rock Garden: 1:42
Rock Slab: 2:06
Hackett Rock: 3:30
The Crew: 4:12
Little Ledge: 4:46
Overlook: 5:30
Trail Info: 5:57
Big Drop: 7:02
Wet Tires: 8:33
Tree with Boulder: 9:04
River/Beer Rating: 9:31
Return trip: 10:23
Lockers Needed?: 10:39
Crawling the Big Drop: 11:16
Down Hackett Rock: 11:53
Down Slab & Review: 12:43
Toyota VS Jeep: 13:46

My name is Dewie Jones. I’ve daily driven a Jeep Wrangler for like 20 years and I have yet to get bored of them. I love off roading and trying to see how far a stock Jeep will go. If you like my videos, sweet, but your feedback will make them better! Also, if you have a friend with a wrangler that’s afraid to off road, please share my videos with them. I was once like that so I get it. My wrangler is 8 years old and has been off roaded like in these videos from 500 miles on… Jeeps are extremely durable, take them wheeling!

Also, a huge shoutout to the Trail Traveler, a fellow YouTube Jeeper who shot this with me and provided clips for this video (big groups are hard to film). He does a lot of JLU stuff including installs as well as trail runs. Definitely check out his channel! I don’t have YouTube figured out but I’ll pin when he comments so you can easily find him.

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