KL Cherokee in a Longwater Gulch Trail Guide (Colorado’s The Gulches) #KLCherokeeOffRoad

This is a trail guide on Longwater Gulch featuring a KL Cherokee, a stock Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, a JLU, a FJ Cruiser, and a Toyota Tacoma. This is part 1 of 3 trails that make up the gulches. You’ll see all the trail’s obstacles with some great Cherokee off-road action. This is rated as a difficult trail by Funtreks and 5-5 by TrailsOffRoad. Part 2 will be Hackett Gulch and Part 3 will be Metberry Gulch. Here’s a breakdown of this video.

1st Ledge: 1:41
Jeep Fail: 2:22
Trail Info: 2:56
Rock Face: 3:31
LW Rock Slab: 3:41
Winching: 4:37
Rollover: 6:39
2nd Ledge: 8:04
Our Blunder: 9:08
Colorado!: 9:35
Beer Rating: 9:47
New Challenges: 10:02
Crawling up: 10:33
Trail Review: 12:16
Sneak Peak: 12:50
Bonus Crawling: 13:14

My name is Dewie Jones and I’m trying to make quality trail guides showing unique off-road action. I’m new to this so I’m hoping they improve with each upload. If you like this content, consider subscribing as I’ll keep making them. I usually film with my buddy Sean who wheels a KL Cherokee well even if he doesn’t like me calling it a KL. Check out our early adventure on Kelly Flats.

We’re joined by the Trail Traveler who makes awesome videos. Check him out as he provided a lot of the great footage in this video.

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