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Heres my 17lbs lightweight backpack hiking gear setup for hiking in 2020. A “what’s in my backpack” video showing everything I take when going on long distance hikes in the UK or aboard.

Whilst I would love to get down to the ultralight Base weight (10 lbs and under). This lightweight backpacking base weight setup (under 20lbs), contains all the gear that keeps me nice and comfy whilst out hiking.

Remember everyone is different and it’s important you enjoy yourself out hiking on the trail. Going lightweight backpacking should be a gradual process, which ideally should run alongside the improvement of your hiking outdoors skill-set. When starting out, it is better to err on the side of caution by taking a little more than the bare necessities. Time spent in various types of conditions and terrain will gradually teach you what you can and can’t do without.


Full list of my lightweight backpacking gear can be found on Lighterpack:

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  • So what did you think? What gear set up do you have for long-distance hiking?

  • Didn't know putting 1 leg infront of the other was so expensive 🤯

  • Thanks for this! Good luck making to the PCT this year. I am planning on doing the WHW and GGW (postponed from last year) in September so hope our countries will let each other in without the 10 day quarantine!

  • Out of curiosity how much weight does your hubby carry? Couldn't he share some of your bits n pieces like the cook system, toiletries & the tent poles? You're obviously capable of carrying them but they won't make that much difference to abig guy but would make it a bit easier for you x

  • just watched you whw ggw and ehw and wondered how you went on for clothing ,,this answers all sorts ,,great to watch by the way thanks for sharing your adventures

  • Hi Guys. My partner and I have just come across your channel recently. Great to see your exploits,warts and all . We're interested in some ldw next year so we'll watch more and hopefully pick up some tips. We liked the kit video especially . Any particular reason you don't use hiking boots..?
    Stay safe .

  • Thanks for the video! I attempted the WHW (solo) in late September – however never thought much of my backpack weight, which was just under 30KGs! I hurt my knee pretty bad (ironically in the same underpass that Kevin went under in your video), and had to turn back. Plan is to try again in the Spring, but this time with a much lighter set-up – so this video is perfect for showing me where I went wrong! All the best to you both from Andy in Glasgow (p.s, hearing your pronunciations of some of the Scottish names is hilarious!)

  • Great video. Very helpful. I’ve just done my first long distance trail and looking to backpack the whole way on the next one. This has provided a helpful overview of what to take. Subbed to your channel and looking forward to catching up on your earlier adventures

  • Thanks for sharing, do you guys have enough space to sit up in the copper spur too? Me and my partner and currently using the vango banshee and it's very cramped!

  • Hi Katie did you ever try Zinc Oxide Tape for your feet. In the military we used it all the time on long Tabs (Tactical Advance to Battle) comes in all different widths and is great for taping up the parts of your feet your having the problems with, highly reccomend it. I used to keep it on for a few days at a time as it's an absolute nightmare to get off, especially us men with hairy ankles lol. Try it next time on one of your walks with a good pair of socks over the top, the tape helps to keep the friction of the skin of the foot. Mick. Northern Ireland 👍🍻

  • Hi, I’ve just come across your channel and have been enjoying watching your hikes. I’d be interested to know if the Lumina is comfortable, it’s a pack I’m considering, but am a bit concerned about the skimpy hip belt?

  • A nice and informative video, thank you! We were planning a trip to Scotland to do the West Highland Way in the fall. As you say, there are bigger problems in the world right now than having to reschedule a trip. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We are fortunate enough to be able to head out for day hikes and short backpacking trips close to home, so we have much to be thankful for! Hopefully we will be able to hit the WHW next spring or fall. Speaking of, when would you recommend, April-May-September-October? Keeping in mind we don’t mind the cold at all, but we do mind the crowds and the bugs, and we wouldn’t mind having the least possible chance of rain, knowing that we will get rained on no matter how little the chances are! 😂 Our pack totals are 27 pounds for me, 28 pounds for my partner and 2 pounds for our dog (including all consumables for two people and a dog for about three days). We do carry a bear canister for safety purposes, it’s mandatory in a lot of areas we hike in, which makes lowering our pack weight a bit trickier. Our base weights don’t mean much either, as my partner carries the bear can with all the food, so I carry all the basics (tent, cook kit, first aid, etc.). However, I don’t think we’ll need a bear can for the WHW, and (sadly) we won’t be with our pup, so we’ll be able to shed at least 4 pounds each! I’m looking forward to more videos from you guys. Sending warm hugs from Canada! 🇨🇦

  • Watching now, love kit videos – just saying hello after seeing your post on my UK Thru Hikers post!👍🍺

  • Would also love to see a video of Kevin gear and what he is planning for the PCT, shame you guys are postponing but for good reason ☹️ ….. great channel x 👍

  • Great gear video, thanks for sharing and going through your gear and why you chose it – everyone loves gear reviews 😄👍

  • You are going to love the PCT. I did 1100 miles in 2018, poor management of finances. Ill be on the CDT in 2021. Good luck on the PCT, if you have any questions for a fellow brit, ask away.

  • Great video, and a good setup! One small point: the Leatherman Skeletool kbx has a locking blade, which makes it illegal to carry in the UK. I would recommend getting a different knife – you would not want to be caught carrying that in built up areas.

  • Hi, I love your channel. Inspired, me and my husband went for our daily exercise yesterday with a 5kg dumbell in our backpacks. We went for a 5 mile walk in the feilds near our house ( we are lucky to be able to do this ). By the end of the walk my shoulders were sore at the top where the backpack straps sit. Can you give me any ideas with this, do you just get used to the weight? We have done lots of day walks over the years, but would love to do the camping thing rather than a shepa van and b+b which is expensive. Thanks again for sharing your travels xx

  • Nice load out video. Great gear choices . Crow✌️

  • Sorry to hear about your PCT I’m sure you must of planned extensively for it but who saw this situation coming. I hope you can reschedule for next year.

  • Nice video thanks for sharing I'm tired of gear and indoor video's lets go outside and go hiking!!

  • I carry too many batteries lol thanks for sharing

  • I like to carry lots of batteries too. 💪 Nice gear! Great video. 👍 I hope you post more often. Looks like you haven't posted in many months. Subscribed to follow your adventures, Katie (#861). I hope our channels grow together. 🔥

  • Hi Katie can i ask where in the UK you got your TOPO shoes ?

  • Hi katie,any idea of total weight?
    My kit weighs 20 kg and I think that's too heavy!

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