Maintaining Your Hiking Gear 101

So you just spent a weekend backpacking (great!) but now your gear is all dirty and needs to be cleaned up (not so great!) So where do you start?

In this video, I go through some basics of cleaning your hiking gear after a trip, including how and why you should air things out, how to get that smoke smell out of your clothes and tent and offer some tips on getting the most out of your gear.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • If you are using a Grayl filter, you can empty it out completely and then do a dry press. This presses air through the filter element and helps it dry quicker.

    The following is not advice but just a hint. I am yet to find out if it is good or bad for the filter. What I like to do on my Grayl is to press some water with a little bit of chlorine in it before I do the dry press. My idea is that the clorine will desinfect the filter to some extend.

  • I should have known when I searched “How to maintain my backpacking gear” you would already have covered it!! Thanks again brother!

  • I could never leave my gear outside in Georgia to dry especially overnight…everything soaking wet with due every am lol….something I do also is refill anything that got used, like bandaid, wet wipe, fire starter block, toilet paper while its fresh in my mind with what got used that trip and then pack everything but food and water up dry in one storage container, that way im not having to go over some gear list or making sure I'm not forgetting anything and just have to take in all out of the storage container and throw in all into my pack

  • Sweet. What will be the next place ;)?

  • great tips! thanks for sharing 🙂

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