Making Some Black Rifle Coffee On A Hiking Trip (Man Skills)

Oh, look, a video that’s not woodworking! Well, crafting things from a large live oak tree is manly, yes? Damn, right it is! So is knowing how to get yourself out of some odd situations and care for yourself and your family.

This new little video shows how I make my BRCC brew in the backcountry. This video was in no way sponsored or meant to represent Black Rifle Coffee or their company. This was an act by Blue Pig LLC to support both brands and the great outdoors. Though we do sell it in our store!

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Blue Pig LLC is a family-owned business consisting of a Marine Corps and Army Veteran couple who are both prior law enforcement. They now both follow their hobbies which include woodworking, community outreach, veteran support, coffee, and their four children.

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  • I am going to apologize in advance for the audio and video quality getting degraded during the upload. The audio on this one was a challenge due to the fast, rushing water behind and around me. Also, I was doing a sit-up the whole time as there was a 7-inch difference between the front and the rear of the rock. But thank tall for watching and come visit us at our store in Rome, GA!

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