Mount Pinos Trail and Sawmill Mountain Hike Guide

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This two-peak hike is incredibly beautiful. First, you bag Mount Pinos, the highest point in Ventura County at 8847 ft. The Mount Pinos Trail is wide, shady, and pleasant. The real fun starts as you continue to Sawmill Mountain, the highest point in Kern County, at 8822ft. You’ll pass a condor observation point, enter the rugged Chumash Wilderness, and then enjoy sweeping views and a huge cairn on Sawmill Mountain. The hike is challenging, but it’s not a big mountain expedition; most folks can do this hike without much fuss.

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  • Thank you for this video. I’m going to be doing the “Six-Pack of Peaks” challenge next year and this is one of the peaks in that challenge. 👍Have you ever participated in that challenge? Just wondering what your experience in that might have been.

  • Thanks, for great information. Just did this hike from the Cerro Noroeste trail head, basically in reverse. Hit all threes peaks. Less crowded and your in a dense forest at the beginning. Really enjoyed exploring this area. Looking forward to more guides…😁 We didn't see any condors, but I think I saw a baby bear crossing the road on the drive up. 🤙

  • Went there yesterday there was some light snow/ice on the ground throughout the trail really nice

  • Going to try this one on Saturday hope it’s not closed

  • Doing this along with Grouse this weekend 👍🏼 Great video again!

  • I remember this one also. I did it back in 2016 and you brought back some great memories of a wonderful day. That area is the only place in the Los Padres NF where Limber Pines grow! You should check out the mountains on the other (north) side of Frazier Park and Pine Mtn Club. Those are the San Emigdio Mountains and offer some great hiking opportunities. You get a bird's eye view of the Central Valley, Tehachapi Range, and of course, the Southern Sierras! Pinos is the high point of Ventura County, and Sawmill is the highest point in Kern County, so you get 2 county high points for the price of one hike!!

  • When I was a kid at Camp Condor, we used to go up an extremely steep side of Mt. Pinos to get to the summit. Every Thursday. Always had a cookout to reward us for our efforts. Good times.

  • Whan do you plan on doing a review on the new Montana 700, 700i and 750i?

  • Looks like it could make for a good trail run 🙂

  • love that flipping super blue sky!…would be an awesome to see the stars at nighttime!

  • Great review! Love to snowshoe that in the winter time. I agree, love that giant cairn on Sawmill!
    Also….you got to do Grouse so you can complete the 3,2,1 Challenge and get the patch.😋

  • This is 100% on my list coming up in the next couple of months to a year at the most. I can do this hike on my way up to or on the way back from my house in the Greenhorn Mountains as long as I am not carrying a bunch of tools in my backseat. I have only once camped in the area, and I did not know a "drop" about this hike or even looked at it. I did know that Mount Pinos was hike able, but never looked. Thank you Cris!

  • I was there (Mt. Pinos) twice in the last 3 weeks. The first was 2 and a half weeks ago to see comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) and the second was this last weekend to see the Perseid meteor shower. It's a great place to take friends who don't want to do a huge hairy hike.

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