My Favorite New Backpacking Gear for 2022

My favorite new backpacking gear for 2022 uptrail71 : backpacking, hammock camping, gear reviews, ultralight gear, and outdoor activities. I was tagged by Husband and Wife Outdoors
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  • Love the new gear. The tent looks pretty solid.

  • Nice! Should be a good weight savings with the Zpacks and Hammock Gear.

  • Like the Zpacks tent fella you’re gonna love that weight saving … quick tip … keep it well away from fires, any hot embers falling on that ultra thin fabric go right through … i think that’s the reason so many folks complain about pin holes appearing in the tent fabric. look forward to you trying it out on the trail 👍👍

  • Nice video, uptrail71. I think I'll do a similar video since I have four new pieces of gear for 2022. I think that is the most I have ever had in a single year. Looking forward to your future videos when we get to see your new gear in action. And your correct, I think Dan Becker has a ton of new gear for 2022.😅

  • That is some impressive upgrades!! The pad will be a game changer! For the price, klymit is pretty decent. Always jealous when I see a guy with a zpacks duplex. Thanks for sharing Bob.
    Happy Trails 👣

  • You've invested a small fortune in dynema lol. I got the duplex middle of last year and don't regret the purchase one bit. I have a 40° hammock gear top quilt and it's awesome.

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  • You have some nice upgrades. The tent is still out of my price range, but my lanshan 2 is a reasonable substitute. Good luck with the klymit pad, I bought one for my wife, and it wouldn't hold air overnight. A lot of people like them, but I was not impressed.seems to be the year of dynema for you.

  • Now you're all set for the Appalachian Trail!!!!!!!!!!! You still have time to do a flip flop this year!

  • I changed this tag title a little to "My favorite new backpacking gear for 2022" since the year is almost half done. You can find links for the tagged channels above. 😀

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