My Gear For A Day Hike

00:21 Pack (REI Flash 22)
02:26 Rain Gear/Shelter (MLD Poncho Tarp)
02:52 Electronics
03:40 Stuff Sack
03:49 Food
04:14 Puffy Coat (In Video: Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer)
04:29 Water
05:05 Easy Access Essentials
05:46 Trekking Poles (Black Diamond Alpine Ergo Cork)
05:59 Neck Knife
06:23 Camera and Peak Design Camera Clip

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  • Let me say that you don’t have to have expensive gear for a day hike! This is just what I have because my mindset is in the long-distance hiking zone. As long as you’ve covered the 10 Essentials of Hiking, just get out and have fun 🙂 Nothin’ has to be fancy about it!

  • woah! that camera clip rocks!

  • Just heard you say you were in Alabama – me too! Excited to start exploring your channel as my adult daughter and I start day hiking in the Deep South.

  • Extra socks are a must for me. Taking care of my feet is essential to me.

  • Greetings from Northern Ireland….Subscribed 😉

  • B

    Walmart makes a great day hiking pack water bottle pockets trekking poles storage place for a bladder if you want water like that etc. it’s really a good deal for the money

  • I always like to pack my shotgun with a 30 round ammo belt, a .500 magnum, gps and a wagon full of water.

  • I'm a northerner, new to dangerous snakes, but I suspect your an old hand at this. You said you often wear headphones, so what sense(s) do you rely on to keep you safe from snakes? I couldn't pick out a snake for anything, and have been right next to old rattlers before I figured to get the hell out of there. It's really a freakish thing that I have lived as long as I have.

  • Great video as always. Love your honest reviews/guidance and your humor.

  • How do you feel about the size/weight of that camera? Starting out with a 5DMK3 I have been downsizing. First fewer lenses. Then I decided that camera is just too big and heavy and dropped to an RX100 MK5. So DSLR > Mirrorless. Then now I'm thinking I like that big screen on the Pixel phone for stills and DJI Pocket for video. Both are stabilized. The DJI Pocket is gimbaled.
    I just wonder if you've toyed with doing something like that? Your video quality is so good so I hesitate to advise you about that. What are your thoughts?
    This has something to do with my total knee replacement and my age 🙂

  • I always take a couple of grocery bags for picking up any trash that might be on the trail.

  • I carry a kit to repair my knapsack – a sail needle and nylon cord.

    You mentioned your cooking kit, do you take along a way to start a fire even if you don't take your stove? And I like to keep a small travel tube of vaseline and cotton balls in my first aid kit to use to start an emergency fire.

    If I bring a camera or if rain is possible I will probably bring a shoulder bag (in additiion to my knapsack) for easy access to my camera and accessories, and for my poncho and etc.

    I have a water bottle holder that attaches to my belt. I would rather have the weight of the water on my hips and keep the knapsack lighter so I might not have to use the belt on the knapsack.

    Instead of food I might bring hard candies as emergency fuel if I find myself walking slowly and feeling low on energy.

    I have allergies so I always bring a bunch of kleenex in my back pocket. Instead of those pocket packs of tissues which have a high cost per sneeze , I get puffs brand tissues which are not interwoven and so are easy to separate to grab a bunch of them to bring or to take one off the bunch to use.

    I don't put my fluffy jacket in my knapsack, I wear sweaters and sometimes bring an empty knapsack to put them in when I get too hot. I get up early and usually am starting off at the coldest time of day. Occasionally if a cold front is coming through the temperature will drop during the day so I watch out for that. I understand that bringing the fluffy jacket is foolproof – I'm just saying what I do.

    Whistle? Emergency cards?

  • Bug protection (sprays, head nets, etc)

  • Did you figure this out on your own or did you just read a BSA handbook?
    I am not a fan of the neck knife, especially if you are a little clumsy..
    Map and compass with the ability to use them should not be underestimated. Electronic devices fail and batteries go dead. A dial face watch is a compass backup.

  • What kind of a neck knife do you carry?Greg Roberts

  • I just bought the Flash 22 :O)

  • I don’t know the laws of Alabama, but here in Canada admitting to carrying a knife for protection is a crime.

  • I like a compass, no batteries needed. For the small extra weight, some peace of mind. Many thanks from Canada,

  • Maybe you already do, but you should put that puffy inside the cuben dry bag. This turned out to be a great review of the Flash 22. Thanks!

  • What kind of tripod do you use?

  • I'm going to look into that poncho tarp thing! ✌️

  • I just got the Flash 18 in the mail and it doesn’t have any cup holders. I’m shook.

  • Nice video and good advice. I would carry an additional knife in the pack. A Mora Companion or a Leatherman Signal or Rebar, or a Swiss Army One-Handed Trekker come to mind. A whistle might also be a good addition, as well as a second pair of socks. Lastly, I would include a couple of BIC Lighters, and some kind of steel or titanium cup that can boil water. Perhaps one of your water bottles will nest with it. A 55 gallon drum liner, a bandana (or 2), and some bankline would be useful additions.

  • I've been watching you for years, and I'm just now watching this video after buying this bag at rei. My husband and I really only do day hikes, or weekend camping, and this bag is perfect for that.

  • While being educational, these videos have such a happy vibe to them. Right now I can’t hike here in Oregon cause of the fires but these videos are still a little slice of happiness and a view of the outdoors

  • Do you have a Day Hike gear list? Loved this video but also love your lists for your thru-hikes!

  • I (Kelley) Just starting to hike and found your channel. We are from Alabama too

  • I like carry a few carabiners (larger size) on my backpack. When I stop for a short break, change gear etc, I like to hang my backpack on a tree using the 'biner, while I open up the pack, take stuff out etc. Forest floor is often muddy or wet, has bugs and ants etc, don't like my backpack be put down there, especially after rain or snow. I hang my walking sticks onto the same carabiner by their lanyards to make sure I don't leave them there on the ground when leaving, sometimes my hat too. Some kind of hook could do the same trick but I could easily lose it from the backpack while walking.

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