My new ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING GEAR!! Lightweight WILD CAMPING kit for the Wainrights Coast to Coast

My new ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING GEAR!! Lightweight WILD CAMPING kit for the Wainrights Coast to Coast

So here is the video you’ve all been waiting for (well, I have at least) 😅 next month I’m going ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING
So at the end of May I’m doing the Wainwright’s coast to coast and wild camping along the way.

I’ve been down a deep old rabbit hole trying to get my lightweight kit down to ultra lightweight.

Please check out the video and let me know what you think will work and what I could possibly change.

Thanks so much for all your support over my quiet period, look forward to reading all your comments

Much love
Ash 🏕

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Boots –
North Face waterproof jacket –

stove fuel stove –
Zebra billy can –
Gas stove –
Toaks 550ml cup –
Bushbox XL titanium wood stove –
Bushbox pocket stove –

Therma rest z lite –
Vango pillow –
Thermarest x-therm sleeping mat –

Naturehike cloudpeak 2 tent –
MSR hubby NX tent –
DD superlight tarp tent –
OEX Tent –
DD multicam tarp –
DD superlight tarp –
DD under blanket –
DD frontline hammock –
DD frontline superlight hammock –
DD superlight hammock –
DD mosquitoe net –
Tent – Lanshan 2 –
Lanshan 1Pro tent –

Bag – Osprey Exos 48 –
Silky folding saw –
UCO candle lantern –
Mora survival knife –

Camera – canon G7Xii –
GoPro hero 7 black –
Drone – DJI mvic mini –
Apple MacBook Pro –

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  • Also with your head torch and light u seen the rovivon aurora a5 it's a tiny torch 17g but can be used as head torch with hat clip also can be used as lantern and it glows in the dark 😂

  • Yo you tried bodyglide roll on to stop chaffing I did about a year ago the stuff works great

  • When it comes to no chafing.& comfort..try the G3 Microfiber briefs, no annoying seams & keeps everything in place & you can wear them for days. There about £12.00 for three pairs.
    They look tiny, but stretch to accommodate the nether regions.👍

  • I cold soaked along The Ridgeway and had to bail on day 3. I’m guessing it takes awhile for your digestive system to get used to it because my anus exploded at 2.00am on day three.
    If some hiker comes across a sleeping mat and down bag in a skip just off the ridgeway and thinks they have found a free bit of kit my advice would be to stay well away or wear a hazmat suit.

  • WJ

    As a lover of several models of VFFs for running (when I used to run) I’m keen to get some for hiking but I go for boots with strong ankle support due to having weak ankles (even though I wouldn’t dream of running in anything other than VFFs). Not watched your C2C yet but would love to see your review of them and how the ones you used fared with sharp rocks, grip in the wet etc.

  • Great base weight and overall kit. I enjoyed your series on the walk before I saw this. Would be great to see your kit load out and learnings post-walk.

  • rjt

    Watching this knowing how terrible that tent is, and how much it costs breaks my heart a little. Loving the kit breakdown though, really useful for planning my own hike next month, thanks for sharing 🤙

  • Great setup! What do you think of your Toaks windscreen? Haven’t used mine yet.

  • Hey buddy, any chance you can tell me the size of your bag. I am getting a duplex and an atom pack soon and not sure if I would fit it all in a 35l or not

  • Great. Thank you.

  • Oh! Ash, Wher,s the knee pillow?

  • This has helped me out I mentioned to you I too was doing the C2C same time as you. Unfortunately I got a small tumour on my spine and have just gotten out of hospital I’m hopeful to do the walk in September now and obviously going ultralight is a greater meaning for me now. It’s great you’ve done a video on how to do the walk as light as possible, thanks Ash. Dave

  • Have you ever considered having clipped all your gear onto your tent to hold it down and the wind does blow it off the side of a mountain with your 5kg of gear. You would be left only with what your wearing and the rest would be gone. First thing i do when pitching my tent is get a good first tent peg in to hold it down

  • Nice setup! I've got a lot of similar gear: zPacks pack and an hexamid solo tent (earlier design from around 2015). I also always use the Injinji toe socks for cutting down blisters. Used to use the toe shoes as well, but ended up with some foot injuries from backpacking in rocky areas with steep descents. Now I wear the Vibram five fingers for training hikes, and Altras for treks when I'm doing more than ten or fifteen miles a day. Look forward to seeing how your big trip goes. Cheers!

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  • you need some talc, for inside socks, chaffing etc. trust me. midge net or spray, you will get eaten. a couple of t-light candles. very small and light and work as emergency heating incase you drop on a cold night. as for food. chorizo did me well, with pasta n sauce, boil with the pasta. sack off breakfast stuff and swap for nature valley bars, dipped in coffee, and you are golden.

  • The waterproof jacket looked like the OMM Halo. Cool company that makes ultralight gear for people taking on mountain marathons… OMM stands for the Original Mountain Marathon.

  • A A

    Take some savlon or Vaseline for down below, makes things slide easier 🤓

  • The only thing i'd add to that is what i call a preloaded sponge.
    A regular bath sponge, small as possible. preloaded with shower gel, then leave to dry out. That way you know you've got enough for one good wash.
    After that, anytime you're in a campsite, you just politely ask a friendly camper if you can blag a bit of shower gel/shampoo to reload again. A lightweight towel is nice to have, but if you wanna keep it light, you could probably use some of your clothing to dry off, then dry the clothing in the 'warm English weather' i know, bit of a hope and pray on that last bit.
    If you find that sponge idea a waste of time after 3/4 days. you just bin it.
    Hope this helps?

  • Great set up its great when you dial it all in weigh it and think "nice" sorted. Exofficio give and go boxers are great but tbf lycra long shorts are fine to stop chafe
    Good luck Ash

  • Awesome set up Ash I've spent a small fortune as well down the rabbit hole got mine down from 15kg to 6 kg.also got the step one boxer things supposed to be anti shafing will soon Find out. good luck with the c2c hopefully be on that later in the year 😀 atb daz

  • I’m quite intrigued by those packs. It’d be good to hear your review on it after your trip. 5kg base! Good going Ash..all the best! Mari

  • Great setup Ash, got your weight right down, ideal. I took a camera and action cam on my big hike. Liked having both, particularly on the wet days when I didn't want the Sony getting wet.

  • Hi Ash. Gear looks amazing & soooo light! Being a bit chunky I used to get horrendous chaffage at the top of my inner thighs when working, 12 hours on your feet in a hot ward gets the undercarriage hotter that the sun & turns cotton underwear into wet sandpaper. I invested in some Step One pants & cannot say enough good things about them. They aren't the cheapest but I guarantee you & your tender areas will love them. Good luck with the challenge, take the drone!

  • Extension of your pole by 10 inches, you lucky man. 😜 a lot of kit there mate, looking forward to hearing all about your c2c adventure. You will have to write a book about it. See you soon mate. Rob

  • I’ve got a custom Atom + that bottom pocket is brilliant it’s where I stuff my sit mat, can hold it open with one hand put stuff in with the other. An excellent bag fits like a glove and worth every penny, Tom and the gang know their stuff and make supreme quality bags.

    On the underwear front I’ve got lazy panda bamboo ones and icebreaker merino, icebreaker no competition, sweat less wick more and smells less and weigh a lot less.

    I’ve got a few treadlite dcf bags and a wallet that weighs 2.2g.

    Something worth looking at is the Rab kinetic 2.0 trousers they are a waterproof soft shell so comfy can wear them all day, very breathable so can wear them all day if it rains so what. Weigh about 250g and can ditch the waterproof overtrousers, I went a size up so I can wear merino leggings under them in winter and they have plenty of room to wick sweat.

  • Good setup mate, could take pictures of all the map pages and maybe get some polycro (window film) for a groundsheet, use your head torch for light on a night, Save about 400g on those 3 things, I'd also say have a water bottle on either side as if they're both full it'll mess with the balance, have a great trip

  • Lycra underwear. Not cotton. Tip of the day.

  • Looks very tidy. I travel heavy so can't offer much but I've always got by without a pillow and just stuffed spare clothes in stuff sack. I actually prefer it because I'm twisted, face sleeping weirdo and it saves a few grams I suppose. Looking forward to the trail videos, fingers crossed for good weather for you!

  • Nice setup man. Mine always just ends up heavy.

  • Try step one boxer shorts or rebook do some good polyester/elastic boxers way better than any cotton boxers

  • Decathlon hiking underwear….£4…you will never chaff again & extremely light.

  • Icebreaker boxers 👌👌

  • Hi Ash… Great channel…. On the subject of boxer shorts, I find the Kakenji ones from Decathlon are awesome. They don't ever chaffe in my experience, dry quickly and wick really well.

  • Will those 2 small canisters last 10 days?
    Just go commando 😂😂😂 forget the Lycra and cotton shorts 😂😂
    Thats a lot of kit mate that packs in that little bag, looks like awesome kit tho mate… I don't even wanna imagine how much it all costs but that's the thing when you go ultra light weight its pricey..
    Nice one mate cant wait to see the vids of the coast to coast. One day I may be fit enough to attempt it 😂😂😂
    Take care mate

  • Good luck on the coast to coast 😅

  • Looks a great setup. Have you used the ice flame quilt yet matey

  • DCF is an expensive fetish🤭, that tent looks a peach though, all the best on the shakedowns with your gear and hope the c2c goes smoothly👍

  • 4SB

    Best of luck to you its a great trail looking forward to seeing the video. i would say best to go lightweight on this trail as well. I did it back in 2012 not sure how many days maybe 2 weeks but i take lot photos on the way and rained most the time my feet was trenchfooted. I been thinking doing it again some point but the other way round. Hope you get some great weather mate. Richard

  • AMAZING base weight Ash!
    Contact Zpacks about the import duty, they should have properly informed you, plus mention your channel – they may even help compensate you.
    Leukotape all the way! Also regularly changing sock if the get sweaty so maybe a few spare pairs?
    Stay away from cotton underwear at all costs, synthetic all the way which is fast drying and wicking (personally I go for Decathalons runners knickers, I'm sure they will have mens options) – yes to cycling shorts.
    Are you wild camping or booking campsites?
    Porridge is great for the mornings and I love 'just add water' type pasta dishes for dinner, plus recently started making home made flapjacks with protein powder for energy boosts.
    Enjoy bro! Loving your channel – Stay You, you are awesome!

  • Wow, you have done well to get it down to 5kg, I take more thsn that out for a day lol. Lanacane is good anti chafing stuff, not heavy and sticky like vasiline also its in a tube so the more you use the smaller it becomes.

  • Fascinating video Ash. Doing this sort of long through hike is something I’m always thinking about. It will happen one day soon.

    On the detail, a 5kg base weight is awesome. I don’t think you will get lower than that. I’m impressed you’ve chosen stuff than means you can get that into a 30l pack. My day sack is 25l and I’ve always assumed I will be looking at 45l at least for a multi-day hike. I’m not an expert on really long hikes but I would guess the Lycra would be a better option on the nether regions stuff.

    Great vid Ash. Didn’t know you were a hiker as well as a sitter in the woods taking sh*ter! 😄

    Makes me dare to dream. Can’t wait for the vid! – ATB mate, Mark 👍

  • As "Knee"did 😉 looks like you are good to go! Best of luck out there!

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