My Thru Hike Gear – What Worked, What Didn't [Post Trip Gear Review]

Giving a post-hike perspective on my gear decisions for the GR11. Covering all the good gear as well as the mistakes I made and things I´ll do differently next time.

This video is stupid long, 26 mins, and I STILL didn´t cover it all in detail so I´ll write up more info on the kit lists below:

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// MY GEAR LIST [Google Sheets]:

0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Shoes
1:34 – Backpack
4:10 – Trekking Poles
5:30 – Pack Liner issues
6:15 – First Aid & Bathroom
9:25 – Sunglasses
10:03 – Bum Bag/Fanny Pack
11:09 – Electronics/Tech
14:46 – Tent/Shelter
15:40 – Shitty Tent Stakes
16:20 – Food & Kitchen
17:41 – Water
18:46 – Clothing
22:00 – Sleep system
22:30 – Poncho/Quilt

**some links are affiliate links**

Backpack –
Water Filter –
T-shirt –
Thermal Long Sleeve – no longer in production
Icebreaker Beanie –
Poncho/Quilt –
Cortazu –
Socks – – get 15% off with code ‘basecampfit15’
Sony Headphones –
Hat –
Food Bags, Newdora – wouldn´t recommend them
Stove, Kovea –
Pot 650ml, Lixada –
Mosquito Head Net –
Sunglasses, Vallon Classics –
Spoon, STS –
Knife, Swiss Army-
EDC flashlight Fenix E16 –
External Battery – wouldn´t recommend it
Camera –
Pillow –
Camp Mat –
Tent Fly –
Tent Mesh –

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  • Never hike in new shoes. Number one mistake

  • Great video. Flowed nicely. Excellent tips.

  • Thanks for your honest opinions, pros and cons. Your information is invaluable

  • Wheeeere on earth is that plane's tail lost in the woods at 19:33 😳 ?

  • very cool retrospective on your trip – really enjoyed your recap. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I think that you miss understand the storage vs charging capacity of a battery. I can’t remember the exact transfer percentage, but you can expect to only get about 60% of the power stored transferred to another device. Huge amount of energy is lost in the transfer. Someone can please correct my percentages. So yea, get the best on the market for sure, then do some experiments with charging devices under ideal conditions. Those results will never be achievable again 🤣. Your battery will degrade. Weather conditions will sap power, etc etc.

  • Great video with good tips. But would have been nice to warn us in advance of brief clip with crashed plane. Some of us have lost family members this way and I am feeling pretty bad having seen that even though it was only a couple of seconds.

  • I have a RavPower battery also. My Anker is MUCH better and much lighter. Definitely worth the difference in price, in my opinion.

  • i use the anker 26000 which can charge in 3 hrs. but keep it in a waterproof bag. pack side pockets are now have line bags

  • Some shoe and boot makers are skimping on (Vibram) sole thickness, and I noted a length split in my boot sole after a mere 20 hours of moderate alpine travel. The thinnest part was 3mm. The retailer denied that there was a problem but couldn't resist b.s'ing about why the model was withdrawn.

  • 23:50. Sounded almost like he said “take some big dick rest”. Lol. That woulda been random!

  • Fantastic advice on the dental floss, I've used it for over twenty five years of hiking and camping for repairs. I think it is seriously overlooked to just be used as thread.

  • You can add more buttons to your poncho yourself.

  • Aluminum also breaks. There is a light wood material used from the Arizona desert, yucca. It's light and strong!

  • I am having a hard time understanding you.

  • Anker Power Core…. Best portable charger out there and they come in 26000

  • Wondering if bike backpack will work, they are 100% waterproof and build like a tank eg. ortlieb or sport arsenal (expedice 313 cost only 40 usd) they weight more though than ultralight tracking backpacks around 1kg for 22-30l

  • If you haven't already replaced your microfiber towel – I would recommend a merino rag , glacial gear makes a couple different sizes, I have 2 of the "large" one I keep hanging from my pack for a face/sweat rag and the other I use for "washing" I take bird baths while I'm out for more than a day and the large glacial gear trail rag is enough to dry off "the essential" parts and dries very fast

  • As you have a knob, not a fanny it's definitely a bum bag.

  • Suggestion. Bring a rain fly for your pack. No dry bags necessary if your pack is rain proof. Although I still pack my extra clothing and sleeping bag in dry bags inside my pack just incase.

  • In the states it's a fanny back, in Spain a mariconera😆

  • I am quite curious about Vibram because they seem to be on every single hiking shoes and boots out there tagged "number one Worldwide" and yet… the comments from hikers are so so to say the least. Should your outsole run out of rubber after 500ks? I would like to think not. Now I remember the old Puma with Goodyear soul were extremely resistant to abrasion and you could tell it was closer to a tire high density than the Vibram which to me are closer to gumboots/Swiss cheese density. Millet has done some soles with Michelin and I have just bought a pair of Adidas Terrex with… Continental outsole. What I cannot quite fathom is why the outsole are so thin these days and the midsole so thick. In the past the outsole and midsole would either be one chunky material or roughly the same size. How does it make sense to have an outsole that is 5 or 6mm thick when the midsole is 80 or 100mm thick… I get the cushioning thing but surely cushioning should not compromise durability. Anyway the Millet… Light Rush Trail are said to be very resistant to abrasion and so are the Terrex so I am hoping it is true… or die 🙂

  • Really loved the video!! It has been very helpfull! I am so happy for founding your channel!

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