My Top 5 Favourite Outdoors Gear of 2020 (Hiking, Backpacking & Camping Items)

Here’s a run down of my top 5 favourite outdoors gear, (backpacking, hiking and camping items) that I picked up in 2020.


I acquired quite a bit of outdoors gear last year, be it gear for hiking or wild camping, making my pack lighter, and clearing more space. So in this video I discuss the favourite items from that collection.

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One Tigris Evil Eye Wood Stove (aliexpress) –
Lixada Titanium Mug –
LIxada Mini Stove –
Olight s2r Baton –
Oex Leviathan Sleeping Pad (Go Outdoors) –
Go Outdoors Discount Card –

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00:00 – Introduction – My Top 5 Outdoors Gear
00:35 – A Compact Torch with a lot of power
02:45 – A Budget Woodstove
05:25 – A Compact yet comfy budget sleeping pad
07:22 – A budget Down Winter Sleeping Bag
08:50 – A compact and ultralight titanium stove set

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  • thermarest sit mat………

  • i m

    Great vid mate love abit of gear reviews πŸ‘
    My top 5 would have to be thus:
    5.DD superlight tarp
    4.Toaks 900 + 550ml pots
    3.Fire maple brs stove
    2.Granite gear virga 2 50L rucksack
    1.Naturehike cloud up 2
    Along with some other good contestants: OEX IMX Matt, petzl Bindi head torch, helinox chair zero… I can drone on for ages all for the love of the sport, in my opinion it should be in the Olympics mate πŸ˜‚ who can camp the hardest lol.

  • Hiya hope you are well and staying safe. I have viewed an old kit video of your rucksacks today. The vango one you use and think was the one you gave away a version of too. Would I be able to attach a sleeping bag (20x36cm) and a separate foam roll mat to the outside? Just as a guide, as my bag is quite big but I can't afford a down one or to buy a big expensive bag. Bit stuck TBH. Have a borrowed 120l bergen that I'm using for now but it's heavy as you mentioned before πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
    Hope you don't mind me asking you. 😊

  • Great video – mine was probably finding a Vango Hydra 200 tent new on Ebay for Β£112

  • Got the leviathan for πŸ₯Ά it’s been soo warm and brilliant. By the way bought one of those jobworths. It is great πŸ‘ me and the grandsons cooked sausages on it yesterday. Love your content and easy going manner stay safe Dave πŸ˜€βœŒπŸ»

  • Pretty much done all the hard work for me there Trev, I'm looking for most of them and now I know what to buy. My current set up is beginner kit and while it's done me proud I'm ready to buy lighter and warmer amd more efficient kit. This looks like a good stepping stone. Cheers Trev. Let's hope we can get back up Dartmoor this summer

  • Not keen on the colour of the Olight but impressive kit indeed. I have the previous version of the same torch and it has been superb for the last 2 years but gave up the ghost this winter, such a shame, cannot get it going at all. Loved the sleeping mat, looked real compact as well and yeah it is a blow up (I remember your blow up pillow at Easedale TarnπŸ˜‚) but should be fine for you. Compression sizes were impressive on the bags but I like to drink a real hot cup of tea and wonder if my lips would get burned with the titanium edge….cheers Alan

  • Good review of some nice gear! My favorite bit of new gear is my 10×12 Evolution rain fly. I absolutely love hammock camping now.

  • Been out the last few nights in the snow. Surrey. Family and neighbours think I'm mad. Used one of my very first tents the Saunders spacepacker. 2kg but so much space. Forgot how good it is. Could have saved a fortune on later tents. I put my laser up in the wind and kept me awake all night. Marmot – 9 down bag. Used a speedster meths system which seemed safer/better than the trangia triangle on test the other day. Sigg bottle with hot water kept me snug for nearly 4 hours in my bag. Always enjoy you videos. πŸ‘Œ

  • In your video of the UL 80 you asked about other ways to inflate it. I use a Tiny Pump. It weighs 2.8 oz and is usb charged. Β£20 on Amazon. They do a larger one weighing 5oz. Stay safe, atb.

  • Hi Trev,I've joined the Trekology mat Gang aswell. Will be using mine in the summer to save some wear and tear on my xtherm mat. Great video as always. Atb dai

  • I'll have to agree with you about the zip on these sleeping bags. It is a bit of a nightmare when you're trying to get yourself all sleepy and relaxed but you have to get into an MMA fight with your sleeping bag zip. Fear not, you can be victorious over your sleeping bag. It takes a little practice but you put your thumb inside the zip and your thumb should sit on the back of the zip. Doing this will keep any material from the inside of the bag away from the converging teeth on the zip. When I figured this out I was annoyed at not having figured it out sooner.

  • I bought a planet X jobsworth cookset last year, I love it. Works amazingly well. πŸ‘

  • Hi Trev great top 5
    I keep looking at that sleeping bag I did a garden camp sat in my normal down bag had 4 layers on . With your oex bag did you manage to have less layers on ?
    Cheers Graham

  • Cracking video Trev loved hearing about some of your favourite bits of gear πŸ‘ all the best

  • Spot on Trev. The Olight stuff is a game changer. To think I used to use the standard black rubber torch !!! Great vid, thank you.

  • My favourite bit of kit is a simple beanie that I got for Christmas last year, keeps my head so warm and adds to the comfort of my hikes, particularly in winter

  • I have a few weeks until i can continue the construction of the MK IV Glide Tourer Velomobile – I hope! This 3 wheeled trike with cover and electric assist can (theoretically) reach speeds on the flat of 50 – 60 kph and can reach – with wind and a dip – 80kph, 20-35kph uphill and more even for an old stogie like me; it has full lights, stereo, gps and such built in powered by solar and run by a raspberry Pi . The shape and size has been modified to be able to hold my luggage for a fortnight's tour ( I added 40 cm to the length) and will have additional features for camping. It also costs a lot of money to build, I probably should have got one off the shelf as-it-were. For the Euro-Asian tour i had planned it would've have taken me to China. I will be doing several videos about it as soon as possible.

  • Trev, try using wood pellets (they sell it as wood cat litter in the supermarket) with your wood stoves, works a treat and gets very hot. handy too, when you aren't in a wooded area or its wet. If you have trouble getting it lit, use some tinder like dryer lint etc to get it going.

  • 1, My Eurohike Backpacker 2 tent, yet to use it in situ – as soon as I got it lockdown descended – in fact I've been asked to make a video on it so I'd best get on that soon, I'll put it up indoors and then when the chance comes erect in the open. 2. My Firebox Bushbox – yes absolutely fab. 3. A stove that comes in a plastic red box with hose to the gas, don't remember the name – but when i had a problem with my gas at home it kept me fed waiting for the engineer. 4. Bike trailer – no name Chinese thing but – it takes 100 kg and it comes with flag and cover and quick release wheels. When i go touring it is so useful, I can take loads of stuff, and just load the bike with light stuff. 5. an elastic gadget that holds my older phone to my bike handlebars safely and allows me to have music, audiobooks, gps and directions, camera and a light if need be.

  • Brilliant as ever Trev I've been looking for a mat for sleeping and you've sold it to me.

  • Awesome video as always… Ive got the S1R Baton 2 by Olite and that thing is brilliant too, so tiny and 1000 lumens!! Very bright and perfect for EDC or camping. So can know how good yours is as its even brighter?
    Ive got a couple of wood burner stoves and LOVE my Lixada titanium stove but Im looking at getting that purely for the 'eyes' 😈🀣
    ALUFT UL80 is on my list also lol πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
    Ive got the Lixada 650ml pot, bang on love it and can also fit gas canister, MSR Pocket Rocket 2 and Piezo igniter in there. Just about haha. Quality stuff, might get the 750ml also.
    Thanks Trev πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸΌ

  • I have one of those 750ml pots, great buy.

  • A Free Β£70 Torch I Can understand why it's in your list of Top 5s

  • My 5 best bits of kit are as follows;

    Mammut Boots, TCOP tent, Jetboil, exped down mat, 100ltr Bergen.

    Take it easy atb Taff 🀠

  • My Top 5
    Exped Thunder 50 backpack
    Decathlon trek 100 down jacket
    Stromeng sami knife
    Trekology UL80 mat
    Trekology aluft pillow

  • Great video Trev
    My only purchase last year was the cloud peak 2 and a pair of black diamonds walking poles all yet to be testedπŸ₯²πŸ₯²

  • Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme is my best buy this year, its surprising how a sleeping liner can give so much extra warmth, it was a blessing on my Christmas wild camp.

  • Another great video, Trev. Congrats on 14k subs, btw. 😊

  • quality vid…………cheers trev….. the ol clips add the gravitas to ur comments on the kit gd job.. . tho i reckon the little windshield was #6 on the list…

  • D W

    Great items Trev. My choices are:
    1) Alpkit Brukit (jetboil)
    2) Alpkit Cloudbase sleeping mat –
    Only 420g but very comfy.
    3) Nitecore Tiki torch –
    Tiny | 12g | 300 lumen | usb
    4) Drinksafe waterbottle – 'Travel Tap' water purifier
    5)???? πŸ€”

    PS Alpkit have a sale on!

  • My Osprey Atmos 65 and Cloud peak 2. Not that I've had a chance to use them yet. I have Thursday and Friday off work so am going to pack the bag go for a long local walk and back to my house and camp in the garden. All the best. Josh

  • best purchase uco candle lantern i love it

  • Hello Trev, interesting video! Kat says her Tempest female backpack as been her top item of 2020. Mine would be my Biolite head torch, so good! The stoves are pretty cool, great points on the size and keeping stocked with wood. Thanks Trev πŸ‘πŸ€—β€

  • My best buys and favourite bits of kit of 2020 are the ul80 and pillow to match, a lixada gasification stove and my naturehike cloud up 1 tent which I’m busting a gut to take further than the garden.
    I did use my stove in the garden today and made some dinner and a couple of brews, sat in the sun and chilled 😁. Fab day, totally cleared my head now ready for the week ahead. Take care everyone !

  • My number 1 piece of kit has to be summit or nothing on my phone can get through anything thrown at me with this. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ•πŸ‘

  • Refreshing to see kit I can actually afford for a change. Some of the prices are astronomical these days for even basic things.

  • Some great gear there i was unsure about the Trekology mat but if you recommend it for comfort ( I'm a side sleeper) I can give it a go. With the wood stoves I find its better to use a Swedish torch setup inside.

  • Shocked the Onetigris tent didn't get into your top 5!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
    I love the UL80. Great mat.
    Top video as usual.
    Cheers Trev.

  • My best bit of kit last year has to be the goal zero lighthouse micro, a very small, ultra light torch and lantern that directs light down when hung up, that is so bright, but dims to candle power on low. Great torch and great lantern, almost no weight. Cheers, stay safe.

  • Great vid Trev. Same as Tony Benson commented, I'm fed up of waiting to test my OEX Leviathan, so garden camp tomorrow night 😁 Used it down to about 6C but tomorrow is expected about -1 or -2 so should be a good test. Seem great bags for the money though! All the bestπŸ‘

  • Best purchase was my camping chair, and several pairs of Darn Tough hiking socks.

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