My Wet Weather Hiking Gear Picks


After spending days hiking in a cold and rainy PNW, I share my cold and wet gear setup for hiking. I had honed this earlier and my recent trip confirmed that it works great.

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  • Any issues with blisters or hot spots when wearing the neoprene socks?

  • Awesome adventure. Looks beautiful out there too

  • Next month I want to hike-up Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and wet weather sounds like the biggest obstacle to a successful day of Hawaii hiking. Thank you for the advice, especially the neoprene socks and the commenter to mentioned the plastic bag work around also!

  • Good info, many thanks. I have been looking forward to hiking in the rain. Being in southern Cal also i am not sure when that will be. I was pleased to see i made some similar choices. I do love my Sunday afternoons hat, i got it for the summer but appears it will work for wet weather also. I have a similar set up to yours try with the exception of the puffy jacket and booties, i just need some rain and cold temps to try it all out. As a diver i can see how the booties would keep you warm, same principle as diving… i didn't see those as an option until now. I suppose i will need some kind of puffy jacket but it has been pretty warm in the mornings still. I suspect cooler temps are coming but the rain… maybe not. I really like those fleece mittens you show, those look like a must have.

  • When you wear the neoprene socks, do you/can you also wear other socks? I've grown accustomed to wearing toe socks. I wondered if you can combine those with the neoprene.

  • Great tips! Thank you Hiking Guy!
    I think the hat looks fine!
    πŸ™‚πŸ‘ Im going to get one ( with your link, of course!)

    The tip about the booties was so clutch! Ive been wondering what to do to about water crossings. Those booties should help a lot!

    I would love it if you would do a video about food storage for overnight backpacking trips. I really want to know the best solution to keep rodents away (mice mostly).from my food and campsite area. .Can’t stand those little buggers! A video from Hiking Guy about that would be much appreciated!

  • -

    Great tips–thank you for the thorough breakdown! I appreciate the effort you put into these videos πŸ™‚

  • I think the neoprene booties are a great idea for snow or cold wet weather. Another cheap and effective solution for snow conditions is to put on one or two pair of socks then put plastic bags over them, then your shoes. I watched PCT hikers go through the Sierra during high snow years using that method to prevent frostbite. You can keep lightweight plastic bags as part of an emergency kit in your pack too for that purpose.

  • M E

    Happy Turkey Day..

    That recommendation about the touchscreen GPS was exactly what I wanted to know!!! I've been looking at one (instead of using my iphone) and the touchscreen models vs the manual buttons was sort of bothering me- why would anyone prefer buttons? Now I know!! I'm definitely going to take that into consideration when I make the purchase.. Thank you!

  • Great gear and tips from a pro. It's rare, but when a cold rain storm rolls into Southern California I head to the local mountains for a snow winter overnight backpacking trip. I use Marmot Minimalist top and bottom shell, heavy but works great. Snow trips are a different kind of animal. Thank you for sharing. Take care. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
    Happy Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸŒ½πŸžπŸ—πŸ–πŸ»

  • Great tips.Good to know the cell phones have issues in the rain. I have a waterproof phone case for when I paddleboard, I suppose that could work as well. I wore those neoprene socks when I hiked the Narrows in the winter. They kept my feet warm, so great idea for the rain as well!

  • excellent advice, Cris – as usual, especially on the shell: even 3-layer shells only delay that you get wet – so don't invest too much (as I learned from my experiences with a 3-layer Arc'teryx shell). I'm not so sure about your shoe/ socks solution: 10 hours in neoprene sound rather smelly.

  • Did the neoprene socks wear out quickly or good for distance

  • learned that my waterproof KYOCERA phone quits operating below 30 degrees, my Garmin's take anything i throw at them, great tip on the neoprene booties/socks. i have yet to find gortex boots that work for more than a couple months of daily hiking

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