My Winter Hiking Day Pack Gear List for Hiking In The Mountains

This is all the winter hiking gear I carry with me in my day pack when i go winter hiking in the mountains and high peaks. I have extensive experience winter hiking and believe that I have all my winter hiking gear dialed in perfectly!
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My Winter Hiking Gear List

REI Co-op Trail 40L Pack

The North Face Apex Flex GTX Rain Jacket

MSR Evo Ascent Snow Shoes

Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Kahtoola MICROSpikes Traction System

Hillsound Trail Crampons

Snow Claw Guide Snow Shovel

REI Switchback GTX Mittens

REI Wind Pro Fleece Gloves

Bark Eater Knit Beanie

Giro Goggles

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

Grivel Ghost Evo Ice Axe

Foxelli Headlamps

RAVPower 25000mAh Solar Charger

Merrell Puffer Jacket

Leukotape P Sports Tape

100 Feet of Paracord

Emergency Bivvy

Mountain Equipment Gore-tex Gloves
Mountain Equipment Touch screen Gloves

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Long Sleeve Shirt
Alpaca Hat for Emergency
Alpaca Socks for Emergency
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  • If you think you might need to belay someone please get a proper rope, you don’t need a full length one 65’-100’ will do, you are fooling yourself if you think you can do it with paracord. You will not be able to grip such a small diameter and it will be really painful if you load the rope for you and the one on the other end. Also, never, NEVER use it as a tourniquet it’s not wide enough to apply sufficient pressure to stop the bleeding and will severely damage the tissue underneath.

  • wow an eye opener, my little experience with winter is D A N G E R you confirm it with all the equipment you show I could not afford all these so next option- stay home stay safe

  • Great video, I started my 46 this year and feel In love with it, so I really don’t want to give it up for the winter seasons but winter hiking seems a bit intimidating, maybe I’ll try a winter lp9 first or the Saranac Lake 6.

  • What do you use for your gps equipment?

  • Wow! Great gear loadout! Thanks for the tip on Leukotape! I admire your dedication to preparation. It saddens me to see hikers who confuse minimalism with preparedness. Most wilderness survival tales include either, "It's fortunate they had their…" or, "It's tragic they didn't have their…" Great video! Thank you.

  • What do you wear for a baklava?

  • I bought a grivel ghost evo ice axe! I have watched a few self arrest videos. But for general use….i was surprised that it doesn't feel grippier on the shaft. Have you had any issues with this? Or advice when using it on icy sections? I have not had it out on a mountain yet!

  • Really nice set up, super appreciated! Just a point on the Jetboil: below freezing and at altitude, canister stoves can struggle. You can warm up the canister, put it in a cozy, use a winter gas mix, but it can be a losing battle vs the laws of physics!

    An alcohol burner stove like a Trangia is a decent option, (I use them); white gas stoves, also good (not used one myself in years but bomb proof).

  • Good gear review. Would recommend (at least for winter) bringing water purification tablets instead of a Sawyer filter. I'm pretty sure the filter can freeze and not work if you're hiking in below freezing temps

  • Hey Brian, what kind of shell pants do you recommend for winter mountains? Thank you!

  • Nice video good job! See ya on the trails.

  • P K

    Interested in your layering system. Did you say you are good with only the Nike shirt most of the time and the shell jacket when exposed? No fleece or down?

  • Great breakout of gear. Thanks. Shovel and axe were very helpful and likely added .

  • Great detailed video Brian, thanks! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • I really have to commend you on your gear list. Frankly I'm shocked at the people who hike here in the White Mountains of NH and are completely unprepared…… including a bunch that make hike videos here. You absolutely must carry a paper (or tyvek ) map, compass, a basic first aid kit, etc. I can only figure the other hikers on YouTube wouldn't be able to call themselves ' ultralight hikers' if they carried a first aid kit and a map. I encourage anyone that hikes in the Whites to take a look at the NH Fish and Game website for their list of items that you must have to hike here. If you need to get rescued for any reason (like a twisted ankle), and they find you do not carry these basic items, they may consider you negligent and charge you for the total cost of your rescue (and rightly so !!!). Thank you for showing people what they should have in their pack !

  • Have you ever used the MSR Lightning Ascent? I’ve been using them for about 4 years but the toe crampons can break. I’ve had them repaired under warranty. But they work well. I feel like I want to try the Evo Ascent. Also have you ever had any issues with extreme cold and carbon fiber trekking poles? Great video!

  • Great video! Very helpful information

  • Great tools my friend… Great sharing… Congrats from Malaysia…

  • Awesome video! What length are your MSR Evos?

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