NEVER HEAD OUT Without These DAY HIKING ESSENTIALS! 2021 Day Hiking Gear Load Out.


MY BIG 3 (Shelter system, sleep system, and backpack):


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  • We never go out without a safety kit, cheap poncho, space blanket, some Para cord , a lighter and fire starter. Total is less than a pound and fix in a 3 litre dry bad.

  • You can never have too much waterproof ing.

    I have a rucksack rain cover, a pack liner, my kit is organised into different dry bags so that I don’t have to have my pack open very long, and every individual piece of clothing (and my maggot) is in its own tied plastic bag

  • I definitely carry maps,first aid kits snacks and water,and other items when I hike. Great video.

  • I usually bring both a GPS + compass and map, a flashlight, butt pad, two 0,9liter bottles of water, waterpurification system, the Arcteryx "Incendo SL" jacket (unless im already wearing a jacket for the trip), hand sanitizer, and some bandaids.

    As im a spontaneous person, who might suddenly want to camp during a dayhike, im considering also starting to bring my Hilleberg "Bivanorak" (raingear bivy combo), a tiny 1×1,45m tarp, headnet, Rab "Neutrino 200" quilt, and my somewhat bulky sleeping pad.

    This setup is so small that if i can fit it in my 15 liter Arcteryx "Index 15" backpack (im strapping the bivanorak and buttpad to the outside), and this leaves enough room left for food that i can fit 4x 350g/12oz jars of peanut butter in the main compartment, and several 350g bags of peanuts in the smaller compartment on the front..!

    I really like the packsize of this setup – and being able to set up camp right on the trail is also really nice compared to tents (which are limited to somewhat big open spaces). Seeing nature all around is imo much nicer than seeing tent walls, and quick setup – with no tentpoles or stakes (unless im using a tarp) – and no problems with high wind blowing down my shelter, are also pretty decent benefits. I didnt think id enjoy this shelter much when i bought it, but dang… Its actually really nice. Condensation may be an issue on longer trips though, and especially with sleeping bags or quilts that are too warm. I have not had any issues with condensation while using it as raingear, but it might become an issue in warm weather, or if you are carrying a 15kg backpack up mountains…

  • Did they happen to give you a discount code that will help on shipping. I’m fixing to buy one.

  • Great video and I always carry a good compass with a declination scale with my map. Know how to use them.

  • Something I always bring is a power bank, never know when you might be out there longer than expected or in case I forget to charge my phone before hitting the trail

  • do the water bottle pockets on the sides have drains on the bottom

  • Fascinating choices, all good. I actually have a list that I post on forums when newer hikers ask about this:
    To prevent "Day hiker mentality," the belief that nothing will go wrong on your quick trip, always carry

    THE TEN ESSENTIALS (because reasons)
    1 Extra food – at least one day more than your hike
    2 Extra water – and/or a way to filter it.
    3 First Aid – a few bandaids, some pain meds, and some antibiotic ointment, etc.
    4 A way to make fire – my fav is cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly (store separately in a sandwich baggie) with a cheap lighter
    5 Knife/multitool and repair kit – mine includes duct tape, super glue, a needle and some dental floss for thread.
    6 Insulation to include an extra layer of warmth and/or waterproofing
    7 Sun protection – sunscreen and sunglasses are usually sufficient, but for prolonged exposure consider a wide-brimmed hat or UV umbrella
    8 Navigation – highly recommend a map and compass, and the skill to use them, even if you have phone apps
    9 Illumination – headlamp and/or mini flashlight. Have a backup.
    10 Emergency shelter – I use a lightweight tarp and ground cover. Both are repurposed cheap shower curtains to which I have pre-attached some paracord for guy lines.

    Pack these items in a daypack and never go into the wilds without them.

    Not on the list but should be considered:
    11 a bandana has many uses
    12 rope, you will know if it's a good idea where you're going

  • Nice choices man! Heads up on the frogg toggs xtreme lite rain jacket. Theirs a cool design feature if you were unaware.? One of the pocket zippers is actually double sided, that way you can stuff the jacket into the pocket and zip it closed. Packs much smaller that way! Cool design feature alot of people didn't know about. I practically lived out of this jacket during a 4 day 4th of july camping trip that rained almost the entire time! Almost zero condensation when wearing it. The skin soft inner material eliminates that clammy feeling some rain jackets give you. Their dri-pore 2nd generation outer material sheds water easily! My only complaint with this jacket is durability. Kinda have to be careful with it in that regard. Can't be running through bushes or anything like that. Lol..The only wear and tear i have found overtime on mine is around the waist area where the drawstring is. Good thing i bought 2 of them one is still brand new and will be my backup. Do wish it had pit zips but it does have pit grommets. Better than nothing. I have found one other rain jacket out there called the compass 360 which is almost identical to the frogg toggs xtreme lite but this one has a back vent. Both are a good affordable lightweight rain jacket options. That being said i'm about to pull the trigger on a zpacks vertice or enlightened equipment visp. Haven't decided which one yet, but both are near identical also. Leaning more towards the vertice because i like the wrist cuff pull chords. Both are expensive though, at around $250 dollars a piece, but from what i see its worth it. Hope this helps some people.! Stay safe! Hike on!

  • Daypack contents: water bottles and filter, sandwich and chips, bug spray and done.

  • Ron

    In the long run, a paper map without a compass can let you down. I think the watch you use has one, but a compass cant run out of power. I know you carry a knife, but may have been good to mention. A small tarp or poncho tarp is nice if you got lost. Shelter is big Love the videos. Love the podcast

  • Looking FIT Mr. Kelley! 🏋🏻🏔⛺️🗺

  • I bring everything you mentioned plus a buff, a small lighter, my tiny Leatherman multi tool, and my Silva Guide compass. My dad is a forester, so I grew up in the woods watching him using paper maps and compasses for work. I usually also have my dogs, so I add a couple have things to my mes kit kit them and bring treats and a Ruffwear collapsible water bowl that clips to the outside of my pack. My pack is the Osprey Flare which they unfortunately don't make anymore. (Mine is from 2013.)

    Also, I've been on a YouTube hiatus, so this is my first chance to say congratulations on 10k! Very well deserved. 🙂

  • Congrats on the weight loss! I’ve seen your weight drop as I have watched your videos, but in this video it really stands out.

  • You are always so nice and informative!! I super appreciate your videos.

  • Also you’re looking great man. Thinner thru the face and neck. Weight is droppin off. Keep it up bud. ✌🏼

  • Day set up
    ULA Photon Pack, snacks/water, poop kit, water filter, rain jacket, first aid kit, small knife, lighter, cell phone with ear buds, Small emergency blanket. Another great vid

  • Hand gun, never go anywhere without it.

  • I always have a few ways to start a fire, knife, a whistle and extra food. Just about everything else you feature in your video I carry as well. I ordered the Mile this past week based on the video Miyagi put up with you in it. I've been interested in the lighter frameless stuff but I have been hiking with internal and external packs since I was a kid in scouts (30 years).

  • I bring my Helinox chair mini…🤣

  • Curious if you’re looking to try the Grayl filter. I’m a BeFree fan as well.

  • To paraphrase what you said , " Everyone walks to a different drummer ". For day hikes I do something different and it works for me. I use a Mountainsmith Drift ( Lumbar pack , 5 liters ) or a Mountainsmith Day ( Lumbar pack ,13 liters ) as day packs. The liter size depends on the Three W's.( Where , When and Weather ). I really enjoy the freedom of a day pack without shoulder straps. Probably nothing more then something physiological. "O" Well back to reality , I have the Waymark Day on order to use as a Ultralight Backpack this Fall.

  • Waterproof matches and an emergency shelter. I won't take 5 steps into the woods without that. My opinion is anything beyond that is personal preference.

  • I'm diggin your videos, specially your Sheltowee Trace vids. You just earned yourself a new subscriber! oh! by the way I LOVE the backpacking podcast! I literally listened to each episode TWICE!! The poop stories, Jeremiah's gonex cracks, and the realness I feel from you guys…PRICELESS!

  • John I carry much the same but I always carry a light of some sort, usually my headlamp. If you do happen to get stuck out on the trail after dark (it happened to me several years ago) it is nice to have a light……..Take care, Bluefin.

  • It what we do most day hiking you have a nice loadout. I use the osprey daylite plus nice 20L pack liking the your pack what size is it. Stay safe on your outdoor adventures

  • It's amazing how all the yt people never have an issue with the bfree filter but everyone in real life does 🤔
    Must be a coincidence.

  • I like a puffy jacket too for a day hike. Stopping for some lunch or just to check out a view for awhile, I have gotten a chill because of being a sweaty dude. Puffy jacket to the rescue.

  • On my day hikes I bring water and an energy bar.

  • Good choices! If I am day hiking with a group on the hills, I usually take a group shelter which we can get into quickly if the weather turns. Or if we just fancy lunch out of the wind. If it's just me, I carry an emergency insulated bivi bag. Both weigh about half a pound. Alas the weather sucks here, so are needed for safety.

  • Kids and dogs require poop kits at all times, not just while day hiking, ha.

  • I'm watching this at the second campsite before hansons right now lol

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