NEW Backpacking Gear for 2021 – My Summer Thru-Hike

Stuff I Mention in this Video:

Vargo V3 Pocket Cleats –

Altra Lone Peak 5 –

Bear Spray –

Waymark Shoulder Pocket –

LiteAF Hipbelt –

Waymark ĒVLV –

BeFree Filter –

Sawyer Squeeze Filter –

CNOC Vectorized 2L –

Therm A Rest Uberlite –

My New Favorite Hiking Shoe –

2021 Backpacking Gear List –

Exclusive Content & BONUS Podcast –

Outdoor Evolution –

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*** Gear Used to Shoot this Video! ***

– Camera –
Canon EOS R –

– Lense –
Canon EF 24 f/2.8 –

– Sound –
Rode Video Mic Pro+ –

– TriPod –
Targus 360 Trigger Tripod –

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  • What is some NEW GEAR that you have recently added to your Backpacking Kit???

    👇Let Us Know Down Below!👇

  • is it wired / creepy this dude "releases" his hikes much like a movie release? otherwise, thanks for the reviews.

  • Only a fool does not worry about bears

  • Hey Darwin, Can you talk a bit about why you changed cameras? Would love to see a comparison of the old one vs the new Mark II.

  • Really excited about the sun hoody! Hope it will be available to buy from the UK?

  • Looking forward to the Sun-Hoodie! This would be great to take bike packing and kayaking.

  • this guy does not blind

  • You just but stuff and speak about that stuff? You are so empty inside.

  • i prefer the Glock version of Bear spray…

  • Thanks for the tips, Darwin! Make sure you know how to use the bear spray because you don't want to be looking for instructions as a griz is charging you! Spray down low in front of the bear because a grizzly will charge with its head down. If you spray high, the bear will go right under the spray. As far as new gear, I just got a NEMO Dragonfly Bikepack 2P tent for my Summer camping. My husband will be using his 30 year old Gregory Solitary for his tent. We just added the Helinox Chair Zero for ourselves, along with the Tentlab Deuce #3 and the NEMO Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pads (Regular Wide). We don't through hike or even section hike, but we're seniors wanting to take a bit more weight off our packs! We already got it off ourselves by doing the Keto Diet (3.7 years now). My husband lost 100 lbs. and I lost 50 lbs. and are able to do backpacking again, after not doing so since the mid 90s! I survived a bad car wreck in 95 and cancer in 2011 (Melanoma) and love hiking/backpacking. We just needed to update our equipment and we are slowly getting there. I took 15 lbs. off my pack weight which will make hiking a lot more enjoyable. I still have a Gregory Deva 70 to haul everything but the kitchen sink in but the pack only weighs 4.5 lbs. I can't bring myself to buy a quilt so we both still use our Feathered friends Penguins at 3 lbs. each. We also have the FF Eos puffies at 12 oz. each.

  • Please take the grizzly bears seriously, buy two cans of bear spray, learn to use them QUICKLY, and try one of the cans so you are familiar with exactly how it works. DO NOT just buy a can to take along just in case. It is not a joke. In 2018, my friend was killed by a grizzly outside of Yellowstone. He died because they were unable to deploy the bear spray in time, by the time he did spray the bear, it was already on him. If you do get charged, most of the time you will have only a matter of seconds to react. Make sure you are prepared for that. Good luck and stay safe Darwin, you will be in my prayers.

  • I have had sediment from mountain stream plug my BeFree. Found on Amazon a prefilter “sock” that fits over the BeFree inside the water bladder (I use the CNOC). This prefilters the sediment out before it can clog the BeFree. Worked great on my last section hike. Surprised how much sediment it caught even in what looked like good water source. I found I can rinse the prefilter out as well.

  • How about hiking the PNT Darwin??

  • Bear Spray – If the wind is at your back, and if you are able to put the aerosol in the bear's nostrils, then bear spray is an effective deterrent.
    BUT… what most people don't know is that an hour after you sprayed the trail, the lingering scent actually ATTRACTS bears (plural). Ethical hikers should put up caution tape with notes explaining the trail is not safe. One-half-mile in both directions from ground zero should be closed for the next couple of weeks. No one ever does this. So bear spray actually creates a public hazard for everyone else using the trail.

    Bear spray should only be used away from where other people frequent and only if you don't plan on returning to the area for at least a couple weeks.

  • Hey Darwin! Yay! I've been watching you off n off for years now cause your super rad!! I wanted to ask a side note question. Have you or your beauty girly get that vaccine? I'm asking cause I'm asking everyone else. Yes I'm talking about the covid vaccine. I got forced to. I am now having side effects. Blisters. And it's only been about months. I'm going to er tomorrow. There's more as well. I'm asking you personally cause I wanted to know what a thru hiker thought about the "vaccine"? Don't get it btw if y'all haven't already ok. PLEASE.

  • I'm all about long sleeve sun shirts too! Thinking about moving from a non-hooded sun shirt to a sun hoody, I'm curious though why you are going with black as.a color?

  • New gear: Zpacks ark air, ON hiking shoes, thermarest uberlite, swiss army classic sd, nitecore nu25, msr mesh house, k2 aluminum ski poles, permetherin, icaridin, post office resupplies, mec pillow, bug shirt pants, sea to summit umbrella, be free, smart water bottles, dog rain jacket, dog puffy, dog lightweight shoes, small retractable dog leash, face mask

  • Last year I held a construction sign a heavy XL cotton button up during summer worked good enough but now that I'm shoveling gravel a large cotton T shirt with under armor cut sleeves worked good enough I'm going to test the long sleeve upf base layer I know the sleeves work I'm definitely going to look for a sun hoodie also got a spider soft shell works really well for a hoodie or cold rain under a rain jacket the base layer is so light it could probably get soaked in rain and dry out while wearing it just keep a cotton t shirt with the soft shell with a rain jacket for emergency I probably just fold the soft shell inside with the rain jacket like a shirt and keep the t shirt in my dry bag even in the summer steel toes are growing on me the leather is water proof enough for rain and I like the room my toes got I have a woven pair of shoes with velcro those dry while wearing them small and light enough I'd probably use those for summer mud or stream crossings

  • Try Hammer Phood meal replacement, its awesome !

  • You ever use a naturehike tent? You know anything about them?

  • Snowy enough for traction devices, but stoveless, hmmmmmmm, interesting!

  • hundreds of thousands of miles of driving and i’ve never needed my seatbelt, but I still wear it. bear spray just makes sense, even if just for humans. evil exists.

  • Testing the gossamer gear one and a cottage company backpack från sweden "Sarek gear illforsen". A 40l rolltop, frameless, beltless x-pac pack.

  • Just added the Soto Thermostack Cook Set Combo. Hoping it will be a perfect light cook set. Thank you for sharing your gear changes. I always look for your gear sets because your explanations are so thorough. Be safe. Texas

  • Newest favorite for me is Patagonia's remastered Strider Pro 5" shorts. I've worn through a couple of pairs of these over the years and after brain surgery last fall I've apparently packed on a little weight so I needed something with a little more room. I was skeptical that the new shorts would live up to the reputation of their legendary predecessors, but after some miles I'm convinced when I wear through these I'm probably going to have them bronzed if I don't need to burn them first. Uber comfy, no undies necessary, don't show dirt, can even hold my phone, and don't ever chaff my hips when I'm in the yoke.

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