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The Rubicon Trail is on every off-roader’s bucket list, and for good reason. Not only is this trail a test of man and machine, but it is all breathtakingly beautiful and historically significant, with aspects dating back to the Gold Rush and even earlier to Native American foot trails through the area. These days though the Rubicon is best traversed in a capable 4×4 vehicle. It can be intimidating the first time you run the Rubicon, but after 40 plus years on the trail, Harry Wagner has plenty of tips and tricks to share that will make your adventure go smoothly.

Camping spots? We got you covered.
Major obstacles and how to best approach them? Yep.
History of the trail? Of course.
When to go to avoid the crowds? Keep watching.
Vehicle and packing recommendations? It is all here.

00:00 – Why is the Rubicon Trial so iconic?
00:43 – How to get into the Rubicon Trail
01:38 – Know before you go: starting points for the Rubicon
02:53 – How to make it up the Rubicon Soup Bowl
03:43 – Off-roading the Little Sluice
05:10 – Right or Left? Which way do you go after the Little Sluice?
06:07 – Unnamed obstacles on the Rubicon Trial
07:33 – Midpoint: Camping, fishing, and swimming at Buck Island
10:27 – Trail Etiquette on the Rubicon
11:08 – How to survive the Big Sluice and avoid smashing your door
12:59 – Rubicon Springs
13:24 – When should you do the Rubicon Trail?
14:04 – How to get through Cadillac Hill

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