ONE SMALL STEP | My First Solo Backpacking Trip

In June I ventured out into California’s Desolation Wilderness on my first solo backpacking trip. As someone who loves spending time in nature so much, it was hard to believe that at age 28, I was just now going on my first solo overnight in the wild. Why can it sometimes be so challenging to make space for this kind of adventure? As I moved through this incredibly beautiful landscape, that is the question I found myself reflecting on.

My hope is that this video will inspire you to seek your own adventures and new experiences in nature ❤️🏕️

Thank you to @Cody Blue for creating the video that inspired this trip!

Austin Meyer is a documentary filmmaker, photographer, podcast host, and ultra runner. He is a National Geographic Explorer and the 2015 winner of the New York Times International Reporting trip with Nicholas Kristof competition. His work has been published by The New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, and Slate among others. His documentary films have screened at the American Documentary Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival. On his podcast titled The Austin Meyer Podcast, Austin interviews the world’s best storytellers in all sorts of genres about how they craft the stories they tell.


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