OnX Offroad trail guide 4×4 run Montana 2021 – Gravelly Mountain Range

Recently OnX off-road reached out to their trail guides about meeting up for an off road trail run through the Gravelly mountain range in Southern Montana and camping for a few days.
Chris and Kip from OnX locked in a great route with some beautiful camp spots that would accommodate us all.
About 13 rigs total showed up, We ran miles and miles of dirt each day, battled bugs in the evenings at camp and had loads of laughs around the campfire.
It was a beautiful trip across the top of the mountains, a very diverse group of adventurers and rings were in attendance from all over the country, I think most every main category of overland vehicle was represented aside from the two wheeled variety, Lance brought his well travelled Earthcruiser which was a real treat to see on the trails.
Freindships were made and tracks recorded. It was the first of hopefully many more runs from OnX and their contributing trail guides.
Special thanks to the Chris and the OnX crew for putting a memorable few days together and leading us around the Montana countryside.
Thanks for watching and happy adventuring!

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