OUTDOOR SAFETY TIPS for Camping and Hiking w/ Austin from Fieldcraft Survival (important to know!!)

Outdoor safety is one of the most important topics that we could talk about. In this video, Austin from Fieldcraft Survival is back and he shares tons of outdoor safety tips for camping, hiking, and overlanding. Safety while camping or hiking should be a top priority and I hope this video answers your questions and gives you a solid overview of the things to consider. Whether you’re solo camping or camping with a group, these tips will be useful as you plan and prepare for your next trip…

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Disclaimer: This video cannot alert you to every single hazard. This video is intended to provide general information. When you follow any of the procedures described here, you assume responsibility for your own safety.

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  • Safety in the outdoors – such an important topic. What was your biggest takeaway after watching? Comment below!

  • I could listen to this guy all day!

  • Great video one thing left out is bear spay depending where you are is a great weapon against predators

  • For camp safety we have trip alarms. 22 cal blanks with a trip line that alerts you that something is coming your way. Add to that 2 12 ga. tactical shot guns with #4 buck.

  • Fascinating episode. Wildlife rarely phases me but it's the two legged animals that make me stand up and take notice. Like you said about the guy on a bike, I have been in similar situations. My friend and I were getting ready to hike a longer day to the next campsite because of a guy. A Scouts group showed up and we told a female leader that we were feeling uncomfortable and asked if we could squeeze in around their group. They were more than happy to have us. Always trust your gut!

  • Hey Amanda!

    Thanks for sharing this information! I am a guide and occasionally go on solo trips and all of this information is right on track with all my training. I love that you've given everyone the opportunity to learn it, if participants as well as guides are this prepared…what an amazing trip!!

    Thanks 🙂


  • Wow amazing information, thank you for sharing!! Would love another video going into detail on safety measures to take when you come across wildlife along the trail (bears, mountain lions, wolves, rattlesnakes etc).

  • Excellent video with much needed information

  • Awesome information!! Thank you both for sharing your expertise!!

  • Good stuff ! Planning before going, that helped me a lot. Thanks you.

  • Great video thanks and thank you Sir for your service. …

  • Actully your coment said it all leave your plan and itinarary with someone..PLus use your gear to know it…

  • Excellent tips! Thanks 👌

  • First and foremost….. DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO !!!!!!!! Next make sure you HAVE PLENTY OF ALL SIZES OF BATTERIES FOR THE FLASHLIGHTS YOU brought WITH you !!!!!! CARRY EXTRA water in jerrycans 5 plus GALLONS and extra NON PERISHABLE food….. Amanda has many more videos on what to bring for all circumstances. Prior AF 902/now known as a 4N. Thank you two for this INVALUABLE information !!!!!!!

  • All the gear and no idea, great video Amanda x please thank your friend for such great advice x trust your gut, Gibbs (NCIS) would be proud x

  • Thank You Amanda ! Your content is really a great support as I build my strategies for new adventures. It was good for you to share your story about the creep, so sad that young women keep having such experiences. I also love how you present things !

  • If you are considering a response about the firearm and you are from Europe. Just STOP!!! For some reason, you all think that every single American is the same!!! Not all of the US allows this and not ALL Americans (the majority) do NOT carry, nor do they want to carry a firearm. In state & national parks, it's forbidden. It just seems to trigger all the incorrect responses. So, please, do your research and talk to Americans BEFORE commenting.

  • Guns – just reminds me as a European why I’m not going to the US anytime soon. Shame as there are some great places to visit. Apart from that some useful information.

  • Such a great and helpful video!!! Thank you both so much!

  • Love the channel but carrying a gun when camping and hiking is what’s wrong with America. That mentality is why gun crime is so high. Crazy.

  • This is an awesome video, lots of great content!

  • I solo hike and camp with my dogs. I always bring my Garmin InReach GPS emergency transponder with me and leave information with a friend on where I am and when I should be returning. Other key pieces include a really good headlamp, a mil-spec compass, and a backup battery for my cell phone and headlamp. I also keep a few water purification tablets, some toilet paper, and a lighter stashed in the smallest pocket of my backpack, my day bag, and my web gear (just in case).

    Keep up the great work!

  • Great information! Yes, compasses help! Years ago on a family hike, our sons Fischer Price compass helped us get back to the road!! So embarrassing but a valuable lesson we all learned. We keep paper laminated maps in our truck, next time I will take it with me on a hike.
    We do have the SAM splint, thanks Austin for showing how to use it properly.

  • I was wondering what you guys think is best to protect yourself on hikes in bear country? Carrying bear spray in a holster seems to be a no-brainer (and knowing how to use it), but do you recommend anything else? Are Bear bells a good idea?

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