Planning Your First Overnight Backpacking Trip

If you’re thinking about giving backpacking a try then hopefully this video will help give you a clear plan (and a little push) to get out there and make it happen! Thank you for watching!

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  • Another great no nonsense video

  • What a great motivational speaker!

  • "You know, if you wanna go outside and breathe the air.." things you could say and do 2 years before covid 😭 still getting my mf air anyways! Thanks for the video and helpful tips!

  • All these years later and this video is giving me the inspiration to go on my first solo thru hike. Thanks Dixie.

  • Okay that's actually brilliant…to take one piece on a day hike with you and practice with it. Great idea!!!

  • So ur saying we should watch this video in 4 or 5 days? 😂

  • Honestly your channel is super professional. I’d rather listen to someone who has no agenda. Like those gettinn followers and cash app donors aren’t very informative … thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Taking water filters, tents, stoves on a day hike and trying them out is a great idea. My friend recruited me to hike 100 miles in Shenandoah Park for 14 days in September and I'm gonna take this advice!!!! I'm 70 and used the All Trails app today for a 4-mile hike in Valley; Forge Park today. DAY ONE.

  • Great videos for a rookie wannabe backpacker like me. Thank you! It’s a bit overwhelming thinking about all the scenarios and gear needs. This is helpful though.

  • I grew up hiking, but have never been on an overnight backpacking trip. I also grew up car camping, sometimes for a week at a time. For some reason, the two never really came together. Any advice for closing that gap?

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful learning. I wish you a happy and prosperous!

  • P

    Thank you Dixie for all of your videos! You 'da bomb! 🙂

  • Hey hiking community!
    Is there any app to find a buddy to hike with? My friends are too boujee to hike..i need a wilderness pal. Any help?? Im in NC planning to go to asheville. ( is that the AT? Im from the city lol idk shit about it) HELP! 😁😁😁😁🙏 mad love

  • Uhhh, and then there's me. Never even hiked more than an hour or two city trail but I've pieced together an entire backpacking gear kit over the last few months and am planning a 3-night trip for my first venture. Nervous. Excited.

  • Absolutely love your channel, inspiring and informative! Glad I found it, despite the little detail regarding Auburn…..GO DAWGS! 61-56-8

  • If you've never even car camped, and slept in a tent, do that first. Then for a first overnight backpack don't hike more than a couple miles or an hour from the car. If everything sucks you can pack up and go home.

  • Big fan, I got the hiking bug right before the pandemic, so I'm just waiting for things to go back to sort-of-normal to start venturing out. What I started doing is going for 3 mile walks for about three weeks and wow… I feel like I'm about to keel over, and that's 3 miles on a sidewalk with no backpack … I'll wait until I can to at least 8 miles with a 20 lb backpack around town before I venture into a mountain 🙂

  • My wife and I saw a couple backpacking on a trail we like, we didn't even know you could do that. A few videos later, we came across this channel. Specifically this video. We followed much of the advice, like taking time to do research, and trying new gear out on day hikes. We've done two overnights now, we have a taste and we like it! Thank you for the encouragement!

  • Thank you so much for the great advice and inspiration. I grew up dayhiking in the national forests and at 62 now have accumulated gear for over night backpacking. Have had a lot of “nay sayers” but I am happiest out in the woods. Not afraid of nature, more afraid of weird people. Have you had any problems with that?

  • getting ready to start backpacking this summer. I am so excited! we wont be able to thru hike for a long time, but I want to at least do a lot of section hiking. I am lucky to live in Maine, so we lots of smaller backpacking trails! I've been watching these videos a lot this week, and really appreciate all of the advice you are giving!

  • Cat

    Naysayers!!! My coworkers told me that “it sounds like you want to be homeless for a week” 😂

  • i try my sleep pad in my living g room first, then i take it out to the local trails . jut a thought for your you tube peps lol

  • I have been on an overnight hike. I was trying to think were around me I could go to do an overnight hike. After you said the Appalachian trail I remembered I live less than 2 hours from the start/end depending on which way you go.

  • Even if you plan on day hiking; prepare for extra time on your adventure, which could be overnight or into the night if (God forbid) an emergency happens.

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