Quick Response : Getting into Hiking and Backpacking

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Today we are discussing the first step required to get into backpacking and hiking. This is part one of many parts. Sit back and relax, this won’t take long.

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  • Isn't this pretty normal to do? Maybe not 30 miles, but a couple of kilometers maybe?

  • I do like the short advice video…. very well done Luke!

  • Thought I would drop you a note to say that you have inspired me to get out and backpack once again.  As a Paramedic who is getting ready to turn 65 I jump into and out of ambulances a lot.  Hiking with a pack (ILBE Gen 2) up a mountain for a 3 mile round trip was great. Challenging; but great.  Looking forward to camping out on the trail.  Wife enjoys camping also but will probably only do day hikes for now.
         Again thanks for your inspiration and great gear reviews.
    Robert Price
    Blackstone, VA

  • Well said Luke, when is the next adventure coming up? 😉

  • Great advice, I look forward to seeing more of this series

  •     I remember many years ago seeing a box of nasty dehydrated food packets under a friend's desk along with very heavy backpacks and thinking, "No way am I going backpacking." But later I did for a weekend and really liked it and learned that you can go out and take real food and still have a light pack. (That particular dehydrated food company has since went out of business.)

        Backpacking allows exploration and seeing the beauty of the woods and mountains, even wildlife. I still like backpacking but also enjoy even getting out for an afternoon with a very light pack for a dayhike. Thanks Luke for all your fine videos. Keep up the good work. I am certain that you have encouraged many people to get outside.   -Daniel

  • How to start hiking?  1. Go outside.  2. Start walking.  Excellent advice!  Great answer to someone looking to get started…

  • Here's a hint.. just go out shopping.. or walking with the wife.. A few weeks of trying to keep up with her… bamm your in shape.

  • Here's a hint.. just go out shopping.. or walking with the wife.. A few weeks of trying to keep up with her… bamm your in shape.

  • If it wouldn't be too personal, could you talk about how you cope with your injury/pain in regards to keeping active and backpacking?  We've spoke before, I have a spine injury that causes pain daily, makes it hard or impossible to sleep, and even saps the will to get out.  I mean you make it look like you have no pain at all, which I know how just looking pain free never means you are.  But you persevere.  And with dealing with your injury far longer than I have, I would love to see if there is more I can do.  Doctors around here have gotten to the point they aren't pushing to try anything to get me better.  Just more medication.  If it is too public of a venue, feel free to message me.  Maybe it would be worth a video in the future, showing how you prepare, precautions you take, and how you've gotten from where you were to how you have conquered and persevered through the pain to reclaim what you love to do.  Sometimes it makes you think you are stuck where you are, and you can't overcome the pain and how it has trapped you.  Changes you into a different person.  I would like to find a way to overcome that, as being a slave to chronic pain is one of the worst feelings I have ever endured.  And I have endured a lot that few go through. 

    All the best to you, your family, and your Mother in Law and your Grandmother.  Stay strong.

  • Hi Luke, you gave some good advises which I am going to post on my scout's FB page since we will be going a 3 day journey on December and this video is a good starting point to prepare for it.   

  • Nice quick response, so true.

  • As a 6 time thru-hiker of the AT was known to say when asked about the challenge of hiking the AT, he replied "It's just walking".   

  • You didn't give the type of answer I expected but I think you gave the best answer. Once people realize where they can go and what they can see with their feet, their world opens up. I bought a kayak so I can go where boats can't go. Your feet obviously takes you where your vehicle can't. Thanks Luke. 

  • Good advice. I suppose if you are geared up already but out of practice the same applies…but walking with your gear and building up gradually for that long trek with shorter but progressively longer treks.

  • Luke, I have found that a walk around my neighborhood at night after diner really helps me sleep. I have found that when I go hiking on my day off, I am less tired and can go farther, because of regular walking. Good tip as always.

  • You do need one piece of gear to get started, a good pair of shoes. Doesn't have to be an expensive pair by any means, just a pair you like and find comfortable. You would think that it is obvious and I thought so too until a friend of mine asked me if he could come along with me when I go for a run, and then showed up in a pair of regular Converse chucks.

  • You are so inspiring to watch Luke! 😀

    God bless your soul 😀

  • Like , once again I thank you for sharing this info. I wanted to tell you about, what you have done for me my friend. I have said before Luke I am 67 years old and have had open heart 17 years ago and then three years ago I had a what the Doctors called a mini stroke. But, watching you and your show having a great time outdoor, make me get up and start walking, each and everyday. I now walk two miles almost everyday , but with my health I have to be understanding to my body. But, because of watching you and your beautiful family having a great time made me want to get outdoors and have fun again. So, again I thank you for your sharing this. I listen to my Doctor and he tells me I live by that old river of not thinking I am in bad health. But, boy do I feel better.I live in a area where it is easy to go camping , in camping areas, and for now that will have to to. I could go on , but I just wanted you to know how you have help me, by sharing these adventures. I am looking forward to this winter and more of your trips and shows. Agin , thanks and please keep up your good work. 


  • The journey to accomplish for reaching your horizon begins with one step…

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