Red River Gorge Trail Guide: Cloud Splitter

At Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, the Cloudsplitter offers gorgeous views, a cave to explore and the seclusion of being at the end of a hidden trail.

In this video, Slucherville shows you how to find the trail and enjoy one of the Gorge’s hidden gems.

If you’re going to build a campfire on your trip, please be sure to do it safely. Here’s a good video from the US Forest Service

Thanks to Red River Underground & Andrew Kennedy for pointing the way on this one. Hope to see you guys out on the trail.

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  • That was my favorite spot at the gorge. Honestly I have taken that trail over 150 times. I have slept up there many nights in my younger years. It used to take 45 minutes to walk, the trail you took actually evolved over time and was not always available. I dont want to sound full of myself but we kind of paved the way for that shorter trail. We used to take that route down from cloudsplitter because we had an old garmin gps 3 plus monochrome unit lol. Back when hand held gps 1st came out. The GPS showed us how close we actually were to the road. Lots of downed trees on that slope so we chose to follow the path that the water made on its way down the hill because it was so overgrown back in 1998. Thank you for sharing this video, I miss that place and your video blog took me back there. Seriously, thanks for posting this.
    By the way if you ever return, there is a natural overhang at the base of a cliff not far off the trail where Indians carved a bowl shape into the stone floor and they also bored a hole for crushing food with a stick. I am sure its probably well overgrown by now, we camped there so often it was findable back then but that all ended around 2001.

  • Thanks for the video. A lot of the things I read about CS made it sound like it was really hard to find. This seems like a very straightforward path. Thanks!

  • Lol my experience was extremely different. There is another side that has a rope hooked to a solo tree stump atop cloud splitter. Somehow we made it off alive. Good to know there is a backdoor. Thanks!

  • Thank you for this video! It's the best one I've found for CS. My husband and I have tried to hike up twice now, but couldn't find the cave and the ropes were down on the rock…so we've turned back at the saddle twice without getting to the top. We're going to change that in a few days. 😉

  • How many miles 1 way do you think it is?

  • Thanks for this video! I wasn't having any luck in trying to find out how to get up to Cloud Splitter and this just nailed it!

  • Thanks for the kind words. I've viewed some of your videos, which were very helpful as I was planning our little channel. I'll check out the one you referenced.
    Thanks again for watching and subbing. Hopefully, we'll run into you guys out on the trail.

  • My son and I hiked up to Cloud Splitter, but he was still too small to make the final climb. We ended up including some of the footage in our "Lost World RRG" video, but I can't wait to go back and finish it! Great informational video, this is the kind of thing I look for when I'm investigating places I've yet to visit. And it's always great to find another family that adventures together.

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