Republicans Panic As Their Tax Hike On Poor People Gets Exposed

Republican Senator Rick Scott’s “agenda” for the Republican Party is blowing up in their faces, and now the Party is in full panic mode as it has been revealed that Scott’s plan would raise taxes on the bottom 40% of income earners by about $1,000 per year. Running on a platform of raising taxes on the most vulnerable citizens is never a winning strategy, but Scott thought that he knew better than Mitch McConnell and his arrogance could sink his Party in November. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.

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I don’t think people truly appreciate just how stupid as a collective. The Republicans in Washington, DC really are Rick Scott, Republican Senator from of course my state of Florida here put forward a couple weeks ago, his agenda, an 11 point agenda against the wishes of Mitch McConnell, who said, we’re not running on any platform. We’re just gonna talk about how much the Democrats are hurting the country. Well, Rick Scott said, absolutely not. We need an agenda. So he puts out this agenda and once people look at it, they realize, wait a minute, this has a pretty significant tax increase on the lowest income earners here at America. Rick Scott said, well, I think everybody needs to pay something, right? Everybody has to pay some taxes to, as he put it, have skin in the game. So, you know, if you’re not paying taxes, you don’t get to complain about anything here in the United States, which of course is a typical Republican talking point.

That is a total myth, low income people pay taxes when they get their paychecks, taxes are taken out of them. It’s just that when they go to file their taxes because they make so little, they get the refunds, okay, they’re still paying taxes. The federal government’s just holding onto that money. They don’t get to spend it until the following year. So they still paid in. And of course, a lot of them pay and more and at a higher rate than some of the richest people in this country do. So Rick Scott puts out this plan, the bottom 40% of Americans would see their taxes increase by about a thousand dollars per year, which if you’ve ever been in that income bracket, I have, that is a hell of a lot of money to se E coming outta your paycheck every week or two weeks or month, whatever you get paid. It’s horrible. And Rick Scott to this day is still facing incredible backlash along with the rest of the Republican party. Now for putting out such an incredibly stupid plan.

I don’t know that anybody has ever successfully run for office on the platform of I’m going to raise taxes on poor people. Um, if you know of anybody that has, please feel free to leave it in the comments, I would love to know how, how they actually manage to successfully say, I’m going to punish poor people. I’m going to take more, more money away from them and still win an election. So of course, what is happening now, because again, this came out weeks ago, we’ve known this, the Republican party is in full-blown panic mode. They’re trying to undo the damage that Rick Scott caused their party. This was a completely unforced error that Rick Scott handedly committed because his arrogance told him he was smarter than Mitch McConnell. And as much as I hate Mitch McConnell as E uh, evil as that son of a is he is smart.

Okay. He knows how to do politics. Rick Scott does not. Rick Scott has the benefit of having all the money in the world to be able to run successful campaigns. If Rick Scott didn’t have the money, he would never have won the governorship of Florida. He never would’ve become our Senator after Irving two terms as governor, he’d be a, nobody from Nowheresville that may have ended up in prison, but the money kept him safe. And he thinks that money can continue to protect him. And probably here in Florida, it will. But guess what? Florida’s not the only state that had as Republicans running for Senate this year. In fact, you have twice as many Republicans running for Senate this year, then you do Democrats. And now that you’ve let this little agenda out there into the ether, Democrats are pouncing on it. Democrats are using it in fundraising. And of course they’re raising a lot of money from it because the Republican party has been exposed. They don’t want rich people to pay taxes. They don’t want corporations to pay taxes, but when it comes time for somebody to write those checks to the IRS, they have no problem making the poorest people in this country, foot, the bill for the United States.

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