Salomon – Cross Hike Mid GTX – Hiking Boot Overview


With sturdy grip, durable protection and an agile ride, the Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX conquers any course. The Contagrip® outsole uses multi-directional lugs to increase grip on muddy terrain, while an optimized heel brake keeps you stable during downhill descents. Stay safe and protected from the elements in the waterproof GORE-TEX® upper. Feel agile and responsive under the EnergyCell™ midsole. Wherever your outdoor adventures take you, let the Salomon Cross Hike Mid GTX lead the way!

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  • awesome shoes. I used them to go sleigh riding with my grandson the other day. held up great. dry and i can go back to the top of the hill for another right like i was wearing ice cleats.

  • sirven para la nieve?

  • Is it good for snow/winter conditions? What is the temperature range that you recomand for this shoe?

  • I have searched and found the Salomon boot model CROSS HIKE MID GTX L41118600 on 19.09.2020 and purchased it. With its arrival in the following days, I had the opportunity to wear them for the first time on a hike on 27.09.2020.

    Surprisingly, during and after that hike, the very first and last hike I did with the shoes, I noticed that an opening occurred right by the foot toe bending area. On both sides. Both boots. Knowing very good the quality and durability that Salomon products has and provides, I was shocked to see such a failure. I own several other Salomon shoes and other products which I am very satisfied with. Even a pair of older boots that I have for around 10 years, still in great shape. I complained and got them replaced with the same model. Wore them on a hike yesterday and sure enough, they opened up again. A huge disappointment. now I got to go through the whole 'send it back' procedure again and in the meantime, I cant hike.

  • and what is the temperature regime in this shoe ???

  • Nice channel! Keep up the great work. If you have a second please feel free to look at my account 😎👌

  • The mountains where I go training here in Venezuela, besides having uphills parts have flat parts as well where you can run. Can I run was well with this shoes?

  • Solomon CROSS HIKE MID GTX Request/Review: Tri-Star Contagrip is awesome! But needs 5+ Eyelets!

    Solomon CROSS HIKE MID GTX, was my Concept to Salomon a couple of years ago because I wanted the awesome Speedcross GTX to be offered in a mid-height, but I was thinking more Sock-Like Flyknit Integrated Ankle Gaiter or a Welded Zip Mid-Upper design instead of a padded ankle to help to keep debris out so you don't have to wear Solomon's gators. A little ankle support is always nice. The CROSS HIKE MID GTX is made on the same exact awesome chassis/platform that uses the same midsole as the standard width Speedcross GTX. Also, I requested a pair of Speedcross GTXs with a more every-day sticky grip but still aggressive. The Salomon Designers delivered with the new tri-star Contagrip for more every-day use on all-surfaces including tarmac and concrete which typically wears down the Speedcross's softer cleat-like aggressive chevron-shaped lugs. The Contagrip's softer durometer and flexibility are still comfortable and aggressive, but the tri-star pattern offers more underfoot comfort when walking on harder surfaces, which is by far the best feature of this hybrid sneaker-boot.

    The Quicklaces are not too long, but there is one design flaw that needs to be addressed, and that is a needed addition of at least one more Eyelet. The CROSS HIKE MID GTX's need to have 5 or more Eyelets, 4 eyelets are just NOT enough! These hybrid sneaker-boots only have 4 eyelets and that is NOT enough for proper lockdown and support. I was able to modify the Quicklaces and double-loop them through the midsole to get a better lockdown. So it's not that the laces are too long, it's that the upper needs an additional eyelet. The second version of the CROSS HIKE MID GTX 2 should be great if Solomon and their Designers listen to these comments. As a fellow Designer, I still don't know why when designing a mid that the ankle portion cannot look appealing and be made out of the same durable material of the lower portion of the shoe. The ankle portion always looks like a complete afterthought, which I can't stand aesthetically or the feel of. Again I would've personally preferred a more Sock-Like Flyknit Integrated Ankle Gaiter or a Welded Zip Mid-Upper just like Solomon's Snowcross Advanced and Snowspike CSWP mid-upper construction that provides a smooth, glove-like, fit and feel! Also, the tongue of the sneaker-boot could've been designed more aesthetically pleasing and with a lower-profile with gussets to better keep out debris, and not have an unnecessary bulky seam down the middle. Regarding these hybrid sneaker-boots, Solomon should have used the exact same materials and laminating manufacturing process as the bad-a$$ Speedcross 5 GTXs!

    I did receive an email directly from Salomon mentioning that about premature delamination, and kudos to the brand for mentioning potential material and manufacturing defects, that's very rare and much appreciated. After a 4 mile light hike/walk I did notice where the four-foot bends slight delamination starting. I was one of the first people to purchase the Men's CROSS HIKE MID GTX, and I know for a fact I received stock from the first batch with a manufactured date of 6/2020. Salomon acknowledged and addressed the issue, so they should be fine now to purchase. And Salomon honors their 2-year warranty 🙂

    And as I've always stated to corporate, if there's footwear that's popular make it in two different Widths, one Performance Width which is what I need and desire, and one Wide Width to make every end-user happy. There are other Solomon options such as the awesome Speedcross 5 GTX and X ULTRA 3 MID GTX with the correct amount of eyelets for proper lockdown. If you're looking for something similar and you have wider feet check out the SALEWA Ultra Flex Mid GTX.

    Keep pushing the Design limits!
    DCG 😎

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