One questions I get asked a lot is; are you not scared hiking alone? So in this video I want to share with you 15 safety tips for solo hikers to help anyone who is worried about hiking or backpacking alone and is looking for advice, as well as experienced hikers who may already be hiking solo to make your time outdoors as safe as it can be.

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Thank you for taking the time to watch my video, I appreciate it so much.

Mary 💚

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  • just because you are along doesn't mean you are lonely……you cant always be strong…but you can always be brave!,,,,nuff said

  • Excellent tips and I agree to all your points. I share my photos on social media AFTER I have returned home safely.

  • 0:57 what ran behind you in the right side behind you (from my pov) is it your dog

  • Hi. Great video. A couple of things I'd like to add.

    Everyone I meet on a hike ask
    1. Are you hiking alone?
    2. Where are you from, heading to, where I'm going to sleep, etc.
    This is small talk 101 on every hike. This is a check to see if I'm a trustworthy individual. If I carry my shoulders on my ears, people might avoid me.

    Last thing. Tall people walk faster than shorter people, because they have a longer stride. Just because a bigger person is closing in on you, is probably because you're the slow person on the escalator. Make room and walk with one ear free from your headphones. You'll be less scared, and the other person less annoyed.

    Thank you.

  • syn

    lol there's no wilderness in the UK

  • Oh my god ur accent. I love it i love it i love it 😍

  • I'm wanting to start solo hiking in the up but the fact I can only carry a whistle for self defence doesn't make me feel any safer I think the uk should let us carry something for self defence x

  • What was that behind her at the beginning of the video? Was that a cat?

  • is that a baby wild boar running in the background at 0:58?? haha nothing to worry about

  • 0:58 i saw a wild bore crossing by

  • Wonderful advice, Mary…very straight forward and practical. EVERY time I hike, my family tells me how crazy I am for hiking alone. I used to be more afraid, but I've truly learned to see backpacking as a metaphor for my life journey. The trail is my escape from this crazy world, my alone time with God, my "get real" encounter with myself. It teaches me the value of suffering well, the joy of reaching summits, and the sheer beauty of finding oneself in the wilderness. Keep making your videos! Great job!

  • Thank you for this video. New subscriber here 😊

  • Superb Sharing! With great Love a hiker from Chitral Pakistan!

  • Excellent tips
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  • Very nice video and tips.

  • I prefer hiking alone and I feel pretty safe in Australia. I think "people danger" is more likely to happen in populated areas…

  • Any tips on dealing with cows? I am absolutely terrified of crossing cow fields 😬

  • I am not worried about hiking alone but my mum is worried for me. I know it every time I mention it. I'm 37!

  • Segurança sempre em primeiro lugar Mary 🎩 Safety always first Maria

  • Absolutely! Fantastic advice! Subscribed within 30 seconds. Mary, you really know where your towel is! (Douglas Adams for the uninformed)

  • 😂😂😂 I always get asked the same question as well and I have no idea what I’m supposed to be scared of. I feel so much more connected to everything when I’m alone in the middle of the nowhere!

  • Really great advice here. Thank you so much for sharing your advice and thoughts AND enthusiasm for solo hiking 💕💕

  • Really good video! I love hiking alone these days. Provided you have the basic equipment and knowledge, and keep your wits about you, (all of which you cover!) it is good fun.

  • Thank you, Mary. Excellent advice. 👍. Yes, I prefer hiking by myself, too. It allows you to really focus on all the beauty around you and not be distracted by any other dear humans. BTW….what little critter is that at the one minute mark who runs out from behind the tree at your back? ☺️. I couldn’t stop YT fast enough to see it. A cat? Or mini Sasquatch? 😆.

  • Cool tips and a great channel. Young male bullocks in Autumn one to watch out for in the UK.

  • As usual a job well done Mary !!!!
    And based on the comments that I've been able to read you certainly have touched upon something !!
    Clearly this is something that can be expanded on.
    I think EVERYONE WHO IS GOING OUT CAMPING be it in a auto,
    Especially if you're going to be off the beaten path. Or, backpacking !!!
    Ask themselves what if ??? And if so how would I….. ????
    Am I or my auto really capable of doing this.
    Yeah, ALOT can & should be shared and contemplated on this subject.
    Btw Mary, I just wanted you to know in my opinion you have really done a great job even during lockdown of keeping things interesting and moving forward !!!!
    Thank you !!!
    ☮️ And keep on rocking the free world ☺️

  • I worry most when I sleep but when I’m awake I love it. I have been stocked by mt kiddy’s

  • Great video Mary! You covered this subject well! Thank you!

  • Another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ video! Thanks Tink!

  • Hello again Mary Mansfield, just wanted to say thanks for posting a very interesting and informative video on YouTube.

    Some great tips too thanks 😀

    I myself often go walking (or hiking) as you call it, alone and sometimes do feel a little bit nervous at times, especially if it's a trail I'm doing for the first time and don't know it well.
    Plus with myself suffering from a mental health illness, ( sorry, I really hate admitting that), but it can sometimes make me feel scared and lonely going out on my own at times, but I always tell my dad where I'm going and how long I'll be, and always phone my dad when I arrive on the trail I'm doing, and when I'm on my way back home, so he knows I'm safe.
    I used to go out walking local routes with my mum in the past, but sadly she's no longer with us, so I go walking alone most of the times, sometimes I have a good mate who I go walking with at weekends, who lives in Sheffield, and we go out to different places in the Derbyshire area, but due to recent lockdown and travel rules, I've not been able to meet up with my good mate or go walking with him recently sadly, but I've been in contact with him over the phone and he's always interested on the local walking trails that I've been on and he tells me about the trails he and his wife have been on through the lockdown period.
    One thing I really love about my good mate John, when we meet up and go walking, we always have a good natter and a good laugh too, which helps the day go along well, and whenever we finish our walks, we always end up in a local cafe for a nice cup of coffee ☕ 😀 which is our treat for the days end.
    But for me it's a put your feet up treat and have a good rest treat for me!!! Lol 😆

    I remember when I was diagnosed with mental health issues, which I hate admitting, my doctor at the time, told me to go out walking, start off short at first, then gradually go a bit further, he told me that, it good for my mental health, because it stops me worrying about everything and helps me to shut out the negative points in my life and let's me think about other stuff while I'm out and about.
    And can I tell you something Mary, he was right, because after that chat with my doctor, that's what got me into walking, and I really love it, plus it gets me out in the fresh air and open spaces and enjoy the wildlife too which I enjoy.
    Like today, I've been on a local walk and did some train spotting at the same time as the walk goes past the midland mainline, anyway while I was sitting down on one of the fishing platforms having my packed lunch, I was watching a Heron fishing for his lunch lol and it was amazing to see how patient those birds are, and how they do it.
    I'm now at home with my feet in a bowl of soapy water soaking my feet after a really nice long walk lol 😂 but sore feet doesn't matter, the fact is, I had a lovely day, the weather was sunny and warm and I really enjoyed it. 😀
    The walk I did today is called. The Avenue Country Park in Chesterfield.

    All the best from.
    (Mike Devon Boy)

    Take care my lovely and happy walking or hiking as you call it 😄

  • excellent words you have shared …. all true !!!!…. the state of ones mind imho is top of the list !!! awareness I S paramount. the comment about leaving shoes out as a no no that is the kind of awareness that to is tops !! sometimes even which way is my back tuened !! watching your back trail !!!!!!! 1.. you get to see nature from a diff point of view !! 2… this is basic navigation " what to do " helps on going BACK.
    3… r u being stocked by wild animal…. out here in the western USA mnt lions r sooo aloof and QUIET they are about but RARELY seen !! alot is military training but i started out on my own when i was old enuf 2 tie my own shoes. i didnt know i needed to be aware !!
    rhat came as i got older & wondered farther out.
    think about what Mary has shared !! how can YOU apply it in your adventures !??
    she has given wise councel !!!!! the strength you GAIN AS PERSON is awesome !!!
    dont let someone ELSE'S FEAR hold YOU back !!! start out clos to home ..
    established camps. etc

  • Great video! Good advice, thank you for the great work 😊🙏

  • Great advice Mary. Thank you x

  • I did see that little bear running down hill behind you 😄

  • Well done. Important to point out that women (and others) are most often attacked IN TOWN (cities, rural areas). Confidence and proper preparation is the absolute key to a safe and exciting adventure.🌿

  • Good tips Mary, thanks for sharing. I have to share with you that you scared me once on the PCT. You were hiking beside a road an a car passed by, stopped, backed up, and the driver started talking to you. Apparently he recognized you from your videos (this was early in your hike and you didn't have that many followers). I would have said "Nope, not Mary" and kept on walking. Of course your video was after the fact and it was an innocent encounter, but I was afraid something bad might happen.

  • Most excellent advice Mary. I worked in, and lived near Yosemite National Park for many years and was always amazed at how unprepared, or under-prepared, so many people were. I was an extreme, off trail, wilderness, solo hiker, but took a course in orienteering (map& compass) before striking out on my own. No one should be afraid of being in the great outdoors, and with your solid advice, they should have many a happy trail.

  • My moms advice a long long time ago. If you dont trust a situation whit a stainger. Pretend you are calling someone (of even better, be on the phone with somebody). People will think twice before attacking you if they think your in direct contact with someone.

    Thanks for all the tips Mary!!!

  • All good info. Add a survival kit with a good emergency blanket. A can of insect spray can be a good weapon depending on the chemical. I use a hornet spray that shoots 20 feet and can paralyze in only a few seconds. It works great on big nests. Good Luck, Rick

  • Great video very interesting thank you how’s your cat and boyfriend keep safe

  • I have done a lot of solo hiking and backpacking. This is an excellent video on the basics,very well organized and presented. As usual very well done.

  • DC

    Thank you thank you for this video. I wish that I could get over my fear of hiking alone 🙁

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