She Vanished Hiking the Appalachian Trail Then 2 Years on They Found Her Heartrending Notes

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►Source : Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

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► By : Suzi Marsh

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  • I did 600 miles of this trail. Never hike alone. Always have a back up plan. Stay near the trail. Accidents do happen even to people who know what there doing.

  • So sad. God bless this family.

  • They need to make the movie and have Diane Keaton play the role.

  • Sad.. I hope that she passed peacefully.

  • Me and my cousin went to the park and we know the trail like back of our hands but we somehow got lost

  • My heart just shattered

  • Don

    Personal locater beacon

  • i recognize that voice. DUDE…….. how many channels do you have?????????

  • She hiked a half mile off the track to set up camp, but couldn’t find her way to the trail again? What sounds strange to me is, that she went hiking with another guy other than her husband, and the guy takes off shortly after he gets her out there. Sounds like a set up to me.

  • such a strong spirit rip

  • Dam it ,if your going deep into the forests you Must have the following items,and I stress MUST,or very simple if you get lost you will Die,The items are,A GUN, (rifle) why, hunting and protection, A Compass,why somylu know what direction your heading,A Map,,.Flares,, State of art mobile, back a k full of water ,food, ,take these and you will live,it's not a Picnic out their ,this is real,life or death,

  • How heart breaking 💔😢
    They should never have given up on finding her so fast.
    Search dogs would have solved this rather quickly. 😭

  • As soon as I hear this voice I cut the video off

  • How sad 😢, to die alone and so far away. RIP Gerry

  • I just read an article on this. Im curious which is true. Article said she was on navy land and someone from the navy found her, roughly 2 miles from the trail.

  • Wow.

    Problem was the husband didnt realize how inept state agency employees were and the fat bastard had to wait 2 years to cash in.
    Another simple crime solved by the greatest couch tater investa gator in the world.
    Call Investa – Gator or Crokka-Shitt or Killem-Bo detective agency for any unsolved crimes u have. We specialize in bigfoot and ufo cases and can guarantee a blurry picture for a good price. Right now we have a special for one case at 1500 dollars or combine 2 cases for the low price of 3500 dollars. Suspect elimination services also available.

  • Im very empathetic and felt this ladies fear of her being in the middle of the wilderness knowing she is going to die. I almost went into shock. I got a bad Claustrophobic feeling. The forrest is so big, once you become lost you have no where to go. Walls just form around your body. You dont know what to do, where to go… May the lord jesus of been with this lady. I myself would of made a huge fire on top of a mountain peak. Made lots of smoke. Rangers should fly these areas.

  • Something was off dogs came within 50 yards she never said anything and was only 70 yards from someone's house. Called she entered secret govt property and was silenced

  • I hope she’s with Jesus now.

  • So Sad they called off the search while she is alive😓
    A PLB beacon 🆘 or a Garmin would’ve saved her life


  • what is it with the strange music sounds?

  • A lot of people in the comments don't realize how easy it is to get lost of you go off trail. Maybe it makes sense to me because I am new to hiking. It's easy to get confused when things look alike. I went off trail one time briefly, thankfully it was at a point of elevation in the park so I had I knew where (generally) to head back to.

  • Humans have a terrible sense of direct. ALWAYS have a Compass around your neck when hiking, check in which direction you are going if you go off the trail, even to relieve yourself. ALWAYS have a water proof map attached to your pack where you can get to it easily to keep track of where you are. People that used GPS instead of Map and Compass have gotten LOST and perished after their batteries died. Don't rely on GPS only, Always carry a MAP and Compass.

  • D P

    She should have had a GPS emergency locator. I guess told you so doesn’t help here but this is for everyone else.

  • thats so sad
    what fucks me up is imagine this happening to one of YOUR family members🥺

  • Pat

    Don’t go anywhere remote and alone without a satellite phone, whistle, flares etc

  • Amazing that she survived almost a month on her own!!! Too bad the search was called off.

  • Wow only half a mile from the trail that's sad asf

  • Prayer and meditation to her and her family

  • Sounds like search and rescue really dropped the ball. How the fuck do you miss a tent pitched in the woods 1/2 a mile from the trail that the missing person was hiking on during a s&r mission?

  • So very tragic & needless. Nobody shld hike alone & even if you have someone with you. You need to have all kinds of protection weapons & skills to do the task ahead. Never ever go far from a trail & be able to fend for yrself & MOST OF ALL, Take a GUN!!!!

  • It doesn’t matter how skilled you are folks don’t go out at night around there for a reason stop being that person who is to curious for their own good!! There is evil in those woods ANCIENT evil!

  • Very very sad and condolences to her Family and friends. But 27 days not far off track this is just incredible,she must have been so inexperienced to go out there without a PLB or map and compass, it beggars belief to be honest.

  • Why the hell would you leave your wife alone out there!

  • So sad, long live Geraldine

  • I walked a half mile on a trail and it took 10 minutes😭 she was right there

  • There is no other way to say it. Though harsh! Her own stupidity killed her. She was an amateur. She did not take classes to learn how to appropriately orient herself without electronic devices. Devises can be lost, damaged, or batteries fail. She went and did things that someone who has no experience being in wild woods should be in. Even reading a book about survival is not enough. People believe that they can be preppers, and survivors by watching videos, and reading books, and taking a few treks into the woods. You need to join a good club to train you, for worst case scenario situations, and actually dealing with the situations. And likewise learn what your own limitations, and weaknesses are. Most that attempt to go into the wild, to experience it; without proper training, might find themselves in situations that without proper training, and experience, and adequate preparation, will possibly not survive. The old, the physically overweight, the physically out of shape. Even wearing glasses, and contacts can kill you if you have no spare one's. The ones unable to mark the trail. The one's that have ailments needing medications that can be lost, or not enough will be hurt and likely get sick, which can greatly contribute to their demise. The lack of proper equipment, the lack of built up stamina, the lack of knowledge of how to forage from plants, inability to make fire without modern tools, lack of ability to create a proper shelter, inability to hunt, or fish. All these things will hurt you and kill you. People accustomed to city life are not prepared to exist in the wild without proper training or experience. And even then it could be challenging. When people or their family finally understand such, its usually too late. Going into the wild one has to understand that the environment is harsh, and ready to hurt, or kill you if the conditions are right. So you have to learn how to think, how to act, how to plan, how to react to danger. One can lose their concentration easily and have their actions get them in trouble. Alone in the woods if things go terribly wrong, you may not have backup, except your wits, physical prowess, and experience and training to get you through.

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