Sheriff: Family died from hyperthermia, possible dehydration while hiking Mariposa Co. trail | ABC7

A Central California family found dead on a hiking trail in August died from hyperthermia and possible dehydration, the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday. MORE:

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  • Fishy!! A little hard to believe they all died of dehydration at the same time. Extremely hard to believe that the dog died at the same time. Anyone that knows anything about dogs know that the dog would have not died at the same time as humans. Fishy!!

  • This story is a classic example of people making wild A$$ assumptions. Nobody said that they died at the same time. The ME or Sheriff doesnt know that. They all died at the same place. Why would someone bring a baby? Because they are not going to leave it at home alone. Wise? No. People do stupid things all the time. They brought 85 ounce container. It the container was full that would be enough water for one person. Major mistake. I hike Yosemite for 13 hours and I bring 192 ounces of water (1.5 gallons) for one person. They should have had at least 2 gallons. They started when the temp was cool and had no idea what to expect, it appears. They made many mistakes including not turning around when the water supply was an issue. Did they die at the same time? Highly unlikely. Did the dog stay with them even though it could have run? Highly likely. Conspiracy nuts need to find another story. This one as sad and tragic as it is, probably happened exactly as the ME called it.

  • Have water, research the hike you plan to hike, and gear. – simple way to not get lost or die

  • In such cases where everybody passes even the dog, clearly they all had the same issue. This can be a camping stove that does this. I didn’t know it was 99 degrees out. The Superstition Mountains are this way also, said to be cursed cause people show up unprepared, don’t show up with enough water and then die due to this. The real curse is ignorance. Because wisdom is knowing what not to do.

    For them to go hiking in such temperatures only proves they made a bad choice.

  • Software engineer and Chinese wife in California…a dime a dozen. China will send more.

  • Basically it's mainstream media lying again. Looking you in the eyes doing it.

  • The 'authorities ' always say things like this when they either don't know if don't want the public to know. It's all b.s. Don't believe this for a second.

  • No way, that didn't happen. The dog? The child? No way. Do better before announcing such b.s.

  • Only a 2 mile hike? Seems fishy

  • so they did an autopsy but could not determine if the toxic algae was in the body ? They all died if dehydration at the same time including the dog?

  • Autopsy?????!!!!!! This is bloody suspicious

  • The reports have continued to change along the way. I begin following at first news of their deaths. The first reports claimed there was still water in the container husband had strapped to his body. They claimed it was tested and found to be clean water most likely from a tap. They tested it! They ruled out dehydration initially because the autopsies didn't seem to indicate dehydration. They had water with them and a clean liquid in a baby's bottle. They ruled out heat strokes and related deaths soon after autopsies were completed. One by one, everything was ruled out including lightning. The man was found in a seated position slumbed over beside the trail. The baby was found seated beside him but had been in a strapped on carrier, most likely in front of his body. The family dog was found beside him deceased. The woman was up ahead on the trail, over a hill. Her position was not disclosed. They were a mile and a half from their parked car! His cell phone was found in his back pocket. They arrived early morning around 7am on a Sunday. They were advent hikers and in great physical condition. They were known to be healthy living people, upper Middle class. Well liked family with a nanny. I don't think they planned to be out long. The husband had downloaded the planned hike the night before to his phone via an application. I find this situation very suspicious and the contradicting reports are not helping.

  • Was the mother breastfeeding? Because the baby would have survived if she was

  • There is No Way parents would bring a baby on a hike like this. Anyone with half a brain would know that. What were they feeding the baby? Was the baby drinking out of the water bag? Did they have a diaper bag with them? These parents sadly murdered their baby and dog.

  • They couldn't figure it out or don't want us to know. This is BS. Murder suicide makes more sense.

  • Naaaaa… How long was they out there

  • It's a freaking dust bowl in August in Central Valley. Theres nothing to see, why waste time on a stupid hike with a baby and an old dog. Jhc!

  • Probably caused by Big foot or Squatch.

  • The crew of Clootie did this…

  • Either way, it’s truly sad that they all died.

  • Daaam the baby died y wood u take a baby with u to hick

  • Nah, it's still a mystery to me. Who hikes 7 miles with a baby? And there's no way they all died at same time. even the dog died

  • Dehydration and Heat Stroke can kill you very quickly, especially in dry, sunny 109 degree heat. This is actually one of the more believable explanations to a mysterious death on a hiking trip. See; Dyatlov Pass, mt. Saidaki SOS sign, Khamar Daban incident. Way more bizarre deaths have happened to even experienced hikers.

  • Very suspicious and who hikes in that temperature? And with a baby?!

  • What?! This seems illogical.

  • No way….. just no way they died that way……

  • 8 miles with a BABY and a DOG!!! In AUGUST!!! They were completely clueless 😡😡😡😡

  • 8 miles with a BABY and a DOG!!! In AUGUST!!! They were completely clueless 😡😡😡😡

  • Who takes a baby out in those conditions? Smh!

  • This is a straight up cover up, the dog too, come on, there should be an investigation into this BS

  • No way, all at the same time and the dog as well?

  • Every year I go hiking. Most of the time, I go by myself. The average hike is around 6 – 10 miles. Before any hike, I consider what to bring. Water (water bottles) is the number 1 concern and then food. I do have a straw filter bottle, but never use it. Only on an extremely long hike (excess of 15 miles) I may decide to bring it because it's not feasible to bring too much water bottles. On warm weather I may only bring 3 – 6 bottles. On extremely hot weather (temp over 100 degree), I'll bring 6 – 10 bottles. Then you factor the clothing, the back up power for the cell phone and other essential. I do see hiker just carrying a pouch with a water bottle and protein bar. Those hiker favor speed over weight. Now, this story have a family of 3 and a dog. The heat was over 100 degree and the trip was 6.4 miles. They have 85 ounce bag of water, which a little more than half a gallon (8 water bottles of 16.9 oz is little over a gallon as reference). That is fine for 1 person, but they have 4 mouths. The dog can never drink off the bag and required a bowl. Otherwise, some water will be wasted because dog use their tongue to drink. The family cannot prioritize speed because there is a baby and a dog. Dog don't do great in over 100 degree and going up hill. I have that experience with a dog and it require as much water as a human. I'm sure the dog will drink the river water and bathe in it. The whole family may splash some river water onto themselves and may even sip a little as they thought a small amount will not kill them. So, it's no surprise that the test did not found anything. The dog is more of a liability than helpful. My conclusion is the combination of the river water and the extreme heat bring doom to the family.

  • The husband was a software dev….

  • Another "experience" hiker dies to the elements or gets lost. We see these stories so many times.

  • to all your idiots in the comments … try listening to the vid.. NO mention of them dying on the same day …. so many morons

  • wow …. didn't know there were so many experts in the comment section (or is that a peanut gallery)

  • I believe it. I had beginnings of heatstroke (shivers, chills) after a 40 minute strenuous bike ride in 95 degree heat

  • it still seems like a strange way for all 4 of them to die together….

  • And the dog too? Really, really hard to accept that from the officials.

  • What could cause strange deaths of
    All in same survival techniques seen..what about mega
    Hertz Soundwaves..beyond human

  • NOT BUYING IT…………………

  • They were hiking thru the Syrian desert. Just a couple miles in heat. They never believed it could happen to them. Jesus saves. Except when he doesn't.

  • Much better to create a app for hiker connected to rescuer and police

  • Everything is ruled out , now 3 people & dog drop dead of heat ….NOPE When are they going to accept the fact that this family was either murdered or murdered themselves.

  • They had water remaining in their canteens.. so this is BS because they got no idea how they died…

  • Died of stupidity. Thank God their genes end.

  • Who takes their baby on a hiking trip in 109 degree weather???????

  • These people were straight morons. 100 degrees, a baby, a dog and only 5 pints of water? Must have been on drugs or something.

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