Smartwool Hiking Gear- Tested & Reviewed

Stay warm and active with Smartwool’s line of hiking gear. From head to toe, Smartwool’s merino wool will keep you warm and dry in a non-itchy, non-bulky way, allowing you to stay comfortably active in cooler weather. Featuring the Propulsion 60 Jacket, PhD Printed Tights, and hiking socks ranging from ultra light to medium cushioning.

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  • My wife has started hiking with me now and we are looking at winter gear for her. I have considered Smartwool as they appear to be nicely constructed. She is twice your size and we are having problems finding big girl gear for her to wear until she looses the weight. I will be getting some of their products for myself because I like wool products. You make this gear look very comfortable. Thank you for the review.

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