Solo Backpacking in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire's White Mountains

Drove the van up to New Hampshire this weekend hike up the Presidential Range. Crossed over some areas I hadn’t been to in a few years. Even spent some time re-walking the AT. While on this section of trail in 2017 during my AT thru hike I had a terrible cold and felt like a walking zombie. Was nice to give it another visit and really take in the scenery. Was greeted with a beautiful cloud / fog show as it hit the morning sunlight and then absolutely amazing weather the rest of the day. Spent a solid 6-7 hours above treeline taking everything in.

Camped out in my van Friday night, hiked starting around 4am Saturday and camped on trail that night. Woke up early and drove home the next morning.

An absolutely amazing weekend.

I have removed all affiliate links from my videos. While I was specifically going out of my way to disclose any affiliate status in my videos, as well as recommend people not purchase gear or items they don’t need, having these affiliate links has always felt slightly contrary to how I would like to operate.

Please note that I am not recommending any of the gear seen in any of my videos. This is what I use and what I have found works best for me and my hiking style at this current period of time. I have come to these conclusions through vast levels of trial and error with gear. In my opinion the only way you will find what truly works for you is by using the gear you already have and finding its positives and negatives. Do not buy gear just because it worked for, or was recommended by, someone on YouTube.

This video was recorded with:
Sony a7iii
Sony 24-105 f4
Sony 20 f1.8
K & F Variable ND Filter
Rode Video Micro
Peak Designs Carbon Travel Tripod
Peak Designs Capture Clip v3

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