Solo backpacking | Knobstone Trail

Come along with me on my first ever solo overnight backpacking trip. See how I navigate, filter water for drinking/cooking, and how I keep myself occupied in the back country

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  • Enjoyed the video very much. My first backpacking trip was on this loop and it was solo. I have a video of it on my channel. It didn't go as planned but in the end it was great and I have learned so much since then. Also you can not go wrong with those biscuits and gravy.

  • Nice ! I haven’t done the knobstone stuff in over twenty years …… I knew where you were , but it all looks a little different now. I’ve been thinking that it might be time to try another trip there , maybe a through hike? Thanks for sharing your trip ! 👍

  • Hello… I met you yesterday on this trail. THANKS for the heads up about that gate and gravel road.. I would have kept on going straight. 6:30 I finally made it back to the trail head… Pitch Black Dark.

    I looked up Dixie.. wunder lust.. hiker girl.. She has great videos.

    Yall have inspired me to get a good sleeping bag.

    Have fun

  • Be careful of the things that go bump in the night!😳 awesome video!

  • So brave parents, and an amazing trip! Thank you guys for sharing your experience, new subscriber here from Prague 🙂

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