SOLO BACKPACKING the Santa Cruz trek, Peru

Solo Backpacking the 4-day Santa Cruz trek in Huascaran, Peru
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After hiking the famous Laguna 69, a hike that goes up to 4600 meters in elevation, I tackled the 4-day Santa Cruz trek in Huascaran National Park outside of Huaraz, Peru.

The majority of the hike takes place over 4000 meters, and I decided to do it independently and solo for the benefit of the personal challenge. Could I handle hiking at altitude with weight on? Would it be crazy to do it solo?

I started my adventure in the scariest collectivo ride ever, then began a journey through beautiful valleys, mountains, peaks, and lagoons in Peru’s incredible Cordillera Blanca mountains.

Along the way I met some interesting people (and animals!) and saw some beautiful mountains. A few mishaps occurred but overall I learned that I CAN DO THIS!

This video will help to show you what the hike is like, and even if you don’t plan to do it yourself, I’m sure there will be aspects that you can relate to!


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