Solo Hiking Tips | Bowfell, Lake District

I hope this video offers some useful tips for you all 🙂

Athena & Oslo x

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  • A penny for Oslo’s thoughts.

  • Hi, Athena, I have been enjoying your amazing videos and planning to have a solo backpacking trip to lake district for 2-3 days this summer. But I don’t have a car and will use public transportation! Can you recommend some places within lake district where beginners can visit without car for a few days? Thanks xx!

  • Hiya ! I just discovered your channel, and have been thoroughly enjoying going through your videos!

    I was wondering : have you done much solo backpacking ? How do you plan your food and avoid overpacking when you know you'll have to carry everything you'll need for a few days ? I am planning a trip next week, and I think the nervous part of my brain wants to overplan a bit, and I'll probably stress over carrying too much weight for a few days leading up to it :p
    Lovely to see the Lake District, I'll definitely have to plan a visit !

  • I can really relate, I went on my very first solo wild camping trip last summer in the northern part of Sweden and the first two days I was second guessing myself every step of the way haha. But then I felt sooo empowered, once the self doubt had passed. Such a good feeling !!

  • Hand sanitizer is essential. You open gate catches them eat food .

  • What filter are you using indykiem videos? Btw l love your channel!

  • Beautiful video , greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Hi Athena, really enjoy your videos, I do some solo hiking, what has concerned me is if I get injured & need help when there’s no mobile signal, so I’ve used satellite trackers/communicators, previously the “Spot Gen 3”, more recently “Garmin inReach mini”, both have SOS functions, but the Garmin allows two way communication using text messaging, this gives me piece of mind.

  • Great video my favourite place since I was a teenager is the lake’s. and my present companion is a large shitzu called Bella. And just like Oslo she likes to lead. Better than a sat nav. Ha Ha. Great video Athena keep them coming. 😀❤️

  • Somehow I was recommended your channel, doesn't really match my usual preferences
    But I'm so happy because your videos are so calming. The landscapes and the pebbles rattling under your feet are my fave.

  • Langdale my favourite walking place 🤗

  • Great video and great tips ! Would love to hike the Cumbria way since I saw Thomas Heaton's video but then again… covid and all…

  • Just found this channel and working my way through your playlist. Just getting back into hiking/camping and it’s great to find some useful advice, goodluck in you new venture 👍

  • Gorgeous filming Athena – well done. And wonderful, sensible and friendly advice. I always like to see the path ahead, when walking on such a rocky landscape, and cannot imagine how it would be if you were trying to navigate with a covering of snow.

  • Think that I will restrict my hiking to rail trails.

  • What snacks do you take for Oslo ? love you videos thanks so much…

  • 🥾🐶👌🏻 always a relaxing watch!

  • Hello from a fellow Mellor in Sydney, Australia. I visited the Lakes District on a camping trip back in mid-2001. Yikes, now 20yrs ago!! 😜 Such beautiful country.

  • Beautiful video as usual! I went on my first solo hike in a long time on Monday too, around Digley Reservoir and the moors. I'm not sure what the term would be, but a video on trails signs and rural markers such as the cairns and what they mean would be super interesting.

  • Absolutely stunning views and hike. Great video Athena — Thanks for sharing!

  • First time watching one of your vids and really enjoyed thanku! I'm an older female would you still recommend hill walking alone? think you're brave and sassy! Keep up the good work👍👊🤜

  • Hi Athena, I like this change in video to welcome new viewers. I enjoyed you showing the map and talking ys through it. Since I don't know the area, to see on the OS Map the height you climbed and visual of a 10km was helpful.
    I wonder, have you ever done solo without your dog? As having a dog is more comforting to try new routes than just by yourself?

  • Athena! my husband and i love watching your adventures and daily routines through your videos every week. Please! please! do not listen to the MSM and Government and go for this jab, we worry about good people like yourselves. Do yourselves a favour and do some research if you don't already know, those jabs are lethal! Plenty of good Doctors and Virologists speaking out on BitChute. Just about every other platform has had all the truth removed about why they're being pushed. No! we don't belong to the Tin Foil Hat brigade, we're just very concerned. PS! Your new home looks wonderful, we hope you will be very happy there. Give Oslo a big hug for us.

  • Thank you for taking the time to do a guide on solo walking. It was really good 😀👍

  • Another couple of items worth their carry are spare boot lace (have used it for a spare dog lead, boot sole tie on as well as just a bust lace) and one walking pole tied on the sac somewhere. The pole can help you "self rescue" if you pull a leg muscle etc. it is also useful on angled snow slopes you sometimes come across early in the season. Helps when crossing slippy stepping stones well.

  • you are not "solo", you got the best friend of the world with you 🐶

  • Whats the app and how do you use it. Is it the OS app? Should do a vid on things like that.

  • You should make a video on dog hiking gear! I'd love to know what Oslo thinks of his backpack!! Xx

  • That stone wall right at the end.💚💙

  • Really enjoyed your solo hike today! Scenery is breathtaking!

  • He's a lovely dog what breed is he I've got a border terrier

  • Can't wait to go to Angle Tarn and pitch a tent exactly where you were seated 😊

  • Sound advice. Bow Fell is one of my favourite fells. Thanks for sharing the views. I was last there in 1996. I should revisit soon

  • Hi what dog lead do you use I am looking for something to use when hiking with my boy

  • Been missing the ODG and Old Peculier. Cheers!

  • Another great video
    I have a trip planned for my first trip to the Peak District and Lake District soon and finding your videos very helpful 😊

  • hiking alone is always intimidating and difficult, especially so in poor conditions. Well done btw. p.s. how expensive is that car park in Langdale? haha

  • I used to live in Cumbria (sob) and get nostalgic when I watch your vlogs. I find your choice of walks interesting too. You need to get yourself over to the Western Lakes.

  • Beautiful hike, amazing landscapes! ❤️🤗

  • Hi Athena, could you confirm if you are using a standard OS (OL6) Explorer paper map? I noticed when checking the route on mine that your map seems clearer, eg. the cut through from Angle Tarn to Ore Gap is there, but difficult to pick out. Maybe your map is newer and has been updated to make clearer? Great vid as always 😊 Thank you.

  • Hi Athena and Oslo. Thank you for taking uns with you to this wounderfull places and giving your hints. I also like your soundselection, a perfect arrangement.

    In case of navigation like to leave my Smartphone as lang as i can away and use some map pouches (ex. Tasmanian tiger) which are light and i mount on my front backpack lines. This helps me to come down even better by putting away the digital life. But this is ny way.

    Like what you do, and how you do it.

  • Hello, lovely video, could I ask what the lead is you are using for Oslo? X

  • Lovely video as always ☺️ My dog always likes to lay away from us when at the pub too! I always think she’s embarrassed to be with us but maybe it’s a dog thing after all 😄🐶

  • Maybe a good tip as well for when you are doing a long hike (and you have phone service) is to add points to your route and number them. Leave the same map with someone else and send them a message at each number. If something happens they know where you last have been.

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