SOLO HIKING: Tips from Search and Rescue about how to do it safely.

This presentation was a culmination of wisdom gleaned from nearly 25 years of hiking and backpacking extensively, much of it solo. Search and Rescue work has also taught me volumes when I learn from the unintended mishaps of other solo hikers.

4:39 Steps for easing into hiking solo for new or nervous hikers
11:55 Best practices to plan and prepare for your solo hike
26:06 GPS/SOS device recommendations for solo hikers
34:01 How to know where you’ll have cell phone coverage on a hike
36:33 My opinion on firearms solo hiking
38:55 What I take for personal protection on solo hikes
41:00 ID recommendations for your pack on solo hikes
42:20 Final checklist before leaving on a solo hike
46:30 What do if you encounter sketchy/threatening people
51:35 Wildlife encounters
57:22 Recommendations for handling stressful situations on solo hikes
1:04:41 Solo backpacking recommendations
1:08:41 Night hiking recommendations


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What you should always take and do before going on a hike

What to do if you’re lost on a hike

Basic Navigation Skills and Tips

Snake Safety for Hikers

Bear Safety for Hikers

Hiking Safely with Kids

Hiking Safely with Dogs

Hypothermia Education



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  • I still haven't done a solo trip out to the Smokies yet, which is kind of surprising, but after seeing this I'm feeling a bit more confident about it! Thank you for putting this together Nancy!! Hate that I missed the live stream, maybe next time!

  • So wish I had caught this live! So much easy-to-understand plainspeak, you could do speaking engagements, lectures, etc. I have a friend in Hendersonville who you may have heard, or heard about. His name is Earl Tilton. I think he still trains NASAR, as well as all sorts of "trail knowledge". Good people. Aldo, if you happen to think about it. Could you/would you, do something for men, about approach of females on trail. I can come across kind of weird/strange but not really…i truly dont want to spook anyone out there, I love it out there, and I love to interact with people as well. Any tips would be great.

  • have hiked alone for years and love it but have never backpacked alone….

  • Thanks Nancy, I really enjoyed that!

  • I have taken three trips by myself to the Smokies and hiked but I always stayed on popular trails. Now I want to do more remote trails so I am preparing myself so I can feel safe while doing it. This was what I needed to see!

  • Watched as replay. Thank you 😊

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