Solo Hiking: Vlog + Q & A | Is it safe to hike alone?

Come along with me for a beautiful 8-mile solo hike to some local alpine lakes! I love hiking alone but I know that not everyone feels comfortable out in the wilderness alone yet so after this week’s vlog I have a Q & A answering some of your questions about solo hiking!

Q & A timestamps:
9:07- Start
9:27- Safety/Protection when it comes to animals
13:27- Safety/Protection when it comes to people
17:00- What to do in an emergency situation when hiking alone
19:12-Things to do before you head out on your solo hike
21:05- How to choose what trails to hike when solo
24:14- What do I bring with me? Packing for solo hikes
26:27- What to do about loneliness/boredom while hiking solo


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