SOUTH ISLAND GEAR LIST // Te Araroa Thru Hike Gear List – My 2020/21 Long Distance Hiking Gear

Here is the video you’ve all been waiting for… my 2020/21 Te Araroa Thru Hike Gear List for the South Island leg of the trail this summer. With the final base weight of my pack coming in at 6.6kg, it’s nearly 1kg lighter than the gear I finished the North Island with (not including camera gear, of course)!

It’s still not exactly ultralight, but given my early start date this year I’m confident it will at least keep me safe, warm and dry in some pretty cold and wet autumn weather!

Check out my full gear list for backpacking linked below, as well as my full post-Te Araroa North Island thru hike gear list for 2020, a great resource for hiking gear for beginners.

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