Stealth Backpacking Gear List – Go Camping on the Sly

9 lb Stealth Camping Ultralight Backpacking Gear List. Go Camping on the Sly – Hammock Camping & Tarp Camping Options Shown

Check out my live gear list on for weights, prices, descriptions and product links.

Backpack Base Weight: 8.94 lbs (4 kilos)
Backpack Volume: 21 liters

For an easier read, check out my full blog post:

For this load-out, I wanted to create a kit that was not only light and concise, but would appear outwardly as a “regular backpack” for an upcoming stealth camping trip. Stealth camping is a term that can elicit a lot of definitions and responses from hikers. At the very least, the common thread seems to be camping overnight in a way that leaves no visual impact. For some this is simply for purposes of immersion in the outdoors (both for themselves and for others in the area). For others, the term refers to camping illegally and / or without permission. I am not advocating the latter. I like to experiment with backpacking load-outs and scenarios, so for me this kit was just a fun way to challenge myself. Regardless, do with the information what you will.

Do to the size constraints of my “regular size” pack, the primary challenge for this kit was not necessarily weight, but volume. Compactness superseded weight and price. These volume constraints created an advantageous by product – my pack’s base weight came in at under 9lbs. My lightest backpacking gear list weight yet.

This kit is intended for a warm weather backpacking trip. Because of this, you’ll notice that the clothing options are limited. Perhaps someday I’ll attempt to devise a winter stealth camping load-out. One step at a time. For instance there is no down jacket. In it’s place is a simple light weight long sleeve shirt. Many of you will also notice that there isn’t any rain gear either. I’m fine with getting rained on in warm weather. My synthetic clothes will dry quickly and the effects won’t be life critical for my expected conditions. Besides, I mostly use my Frogg Toggs rain parka not for rain, but as an ultralight windbreaker for supplemental warmth. Something I don’t expect to need for my upcoming trip. Plan and adjust for your own load-outs accordingly.

Simplified Stealth Backpacking Gear List:


GORUCK GR1 Backpack, 21L


Hammock Gear Dyneema Fiber Hex Tarp (Cuben Fiber) with Zing-It guy lines
Tent Spikes, Titanium

Sleep System:

Dutchware Gear Half-Wit Hammock
Dutchware Whoopie Hooks with Kevlar Tree Straps
Hammock Gear Burrow 40 Top Quilt
Hammock Gear Phoenix 30 Under Quilt


Bear Bag Line (25′ guyline and small carabiner)
Bear Bag – 13 gal trash bag
Zip-lock Bag – Sandwich
Zip-lock Bag – Gallon

Cooking & Eating:

Toaks 450ml Titanium Cup
Cookset Stuff Sack
Esbit Folding Stove
Matches – Waterproof
Sea to Summit Alpha Light Spork, Long
Spoon, Backup, Disposable
Lighter, Disposable

Water Treatment & Storage:

American Red Cross Steripen Ultralight UV Water Purifier
Forty Below Expedition Water Bottle, 1L
Water Bottle Holder / Insulator


Compass, Brunton Classic
Kershaw Emerson CQC-5K Folding Pocket Knife

First Aid / Fire Starting:

First Aid Kit
(Adhesive bandages, 1 gauze bandage, superglue, neosporin in
straw tube, tealight wax candle, 6 doses benedryl, 10 doses
ibuprofen, spare water bottle cap, needle & thread for mending
Sunscreen – 30 SPF in 10ml bottle
Wetfire Fire Starter Tablets or DIY firestarter
Light My Fire Mini Fire Steel
Picardin Lotion Bug Repellent

Clothing (Packed, not worn. For spare, sleeping):

Underwear – Synthetic (1 Pair)
Shirt, Long Sleeve -Lt Wgt
Hat, Beanie – Lt Wgt Fleece
Wool Socks – Lt Wgt (1 pair)


Headlamp, Olight H05 Headlamp


Toilet Paper
Toiletry Kit
Wet Wipes
Hand Sanitizer

Additional Gear Options Discussed:

Ground Cloth, Tyvek 6′
Klymit Inertia X-Frame Sleeping Pad
Dutchware Argon Pack Cover
Katadyn BeFree Water Filter System
Garmin Oregon 650 GPS Unit
Spot Gen3 GPS Locator
Olight S1 Mini Baton Flashlight

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  • Was there ever a companion video?

  • I love your approach to ultralight camping. I carry very similar stuff minus perhaps the inflatable ground cushion. However, I'm able to fit basically the same kit in a 12 Liter SOG Ranger pack. Extras include a more substantial 3 season sleeping bag, a goal zero solar crush light, a Gerber Bear Grylls solar Wrap and Eton Scorpion solar hand crank radio. One of these days I'll make a video of my ultralight kit and share it.

    I'm wondering if heating large stones in a campfire might be effective at heating your underside overnight when in a hammock?

  • I like watching it if I ever become homeless I'll be good. Thanks! And will obviously help them. Which is ironic because nobody wants to see them they are invisible until they are camping

  • JKC

    You’d probably get more views on this video if you put the GoRuck GR1 in the title. GoRuck has quite a big following!

  • Hello thanks for your videos I recently discovered them. I can’t find the video where you used this kit- can you post a link for it? Thanks!

  • My 4 liter HydraPak that I use for dehydrated meals / coffee/ hydration for a 2 day stealth alone weighs 8 lbs . 🤷‍♂️

  • No pack are ever waterproof. Especially those with zippers.

  • If you pack your sleep, shelter, food, and clothing in light dry bags your goruck bag will even work as a flotation device.

  • Watched several of your vid's. I do appreciate them and the gear list. BTW, just noticed this time I wasn't subscribed. Silly me.

  • Do they make your shirt in a trail weight non cotton in 2xl?

  • One of my buddies make the pack. I have one but use it as a urban bug out bag.

  • Why would you change your pack? You would be drawing attention to yourself carrying that pack. My pack stays packed for hiking or as a bug out bag.

  • Here's a simple lightweight tarp option if you don't want to or don't have the money to invest in a cuben tarp or any other ultralight tarps. Go to your local hardware store, or amazon, & get yourself a roll of plastic drop cloth. I generally use 2-3mil thick. They come in rolls of various sized & lengths. All I do is I'll cut them to 10'x8' lengths and use the remaining section for a tent footprint or a ground cloth for my bag & shoes. It's a tarp that is cheap, light, & disposable. The only downside is that it'll stretch and rip under stress.

    It's just a suggestion; it's what I use as a raincover for my bivy tent or if I'm doing a tarp, sleeping pad & sleeping bag setup. And for those times where I don't want to carry my large, $$, hammock hex tarp for a ground sleep system.

  • Be VERY careful transferring DEET into a travel bottle. If that bottle isn't made of the right kind of plastic, it will dissolve into a gummy liquid. Fortunately, when I did it I also had everything inside of a baggie, which had no damage whatsoever. And I'm not sure it was necessarily a freezer baggie. It might have been just a regular sandwich bag. I wouldn't recommend storing DEET in it, but I'm just saying.

    I believe the travel bottle I used was one of those you find in the miniatures section of Walmart or Target, where the plastic is a little more stiff and completely clear. Like if you squeezed it, it would crack. IDK if the more rubbery ones would work better, but that type of plastic definitely didn't in this case.

    Also, depending on the material, DEET can ruin gear. I think the Backcountry Exposure guy did a vid on it, testing quite a few fabrics. And it looks like it's kind of hit or miss about the material, but it's worth checking out if you're interested.

  • Awesome video. I love finding other people who nerd out over gear as much as I do.

  • If you are using the esbit stove you can put 4 cubes inside the stove and have them handy that way, instead of carrying them in another package inside your pack..

  • I got a Mystery Ranch Assault pack with Kleen Canteen and Toaks Titanium cook kit; Bark River Knife, pruning saw and Fire steel; 3mm paracord with figure 9 carabiner; camo tarp with Sea to summit bivy; sawyer mini with platypus head lamp, repair/fishing kit and homemade MRE's.

  • $395 for a 21 L backpack?!? $136 can get you a Blackhawk! Barrage with 100oz bladder and drinking tube. Also, a DD 3mx3m OD or Multi-Cam Tarp for $50-$70 is more practical for stealth. camping.

  • Also, red light supposedly wont attract bugs as much, red light around camp or stationary positions is a great option.

  • Just wanted to clarify something. Your head is not one of the areas that loses the most heat based on volume and surface area. The research that was performed in the 50's, I believe, was inaccurate and had multiple errors due to not evaluating variables correctly. The reason that statement came to be considered true is because you do lose heat through your head in very cold climates BUT it is due to the fact that it is one of your only exposed regions in very cold climates. In moderately cold conditions, such as early spring and late fall, heat will not be lost so easily even with only the head exposed as the temperature gradient is not as severe. Wearing a light beanie would be sufficient to stay warm enough in such conditions but the theory of "most of the bodies heat is lost through the head" is false from a poor experiment.

  • Swagger: Shorter videos over on the right!
    (thumbs up!)

  • I’m dying to go stealth camping, just needing the nerve.

  • Thanks for your emphasis on FUN for the folks who've never done this because it is SO FUN.

    REALLY COOL AND HELPFUL GUY or you got WAYYYYY too much time on your hands. I appreciate the video. Thanx. I'm a BushCraft and Food/cooking guy myself.
    Again, thanx Groundpounder.

  • Video is honest that he's shilling for a company so other than him trying to sell you a brand, the video is good. I've stealthed camped many times. Stealth camp goes not mean illegal camp, so don't do it in state parks, federal parks and such. I always look for a piece of land that has no signs of ownership or ownership care.

  • "Stealth camping can mean a lot of things to a lot of people."

    Like maybe sleeping in a car for a few days with a pair of binoculars.. Watching your buddies wife have an affair.
    Or getting bloody hammered and sleeping under someone's deck until the booze wears off.

  • Another good thing about stealth camping is the availability of deadfall for campfires. Some established sites are so picked thru that it's hard to gather enough for a decent fire. This is mostly of concern during cold weather camping but readily available fuel is nice even in the summer. It's not much of an issue for you Sin since you're not usually a campfire camper.
    Thanks for the upload.

  • excellent video Sintax, enjoyed!

  • I love your videos! My husband and I just moved to Charlottesville, VA. Any backpacking recommendations?

  • One way you could shave a few more ounces….see if you can get a esbit stove that comes in a military MRE ration from overseas…they are stamped tin,fold as flat as a credit card and weight next to nothing…search on youtube for one of the channels that does mre reviews and should find what i am talking about

  • Damn its been a minute since I've watched your channel. Last thing I remember was the winter backing with your buddy in gale force winds. Glad to see you're still getting out there. Is that your own website? ( Nice shirt ;)!

  • You mentioned your hammock weight is 10 oz…what’s the total weight with all the connections and the rain cover?

  • Hey bro big fan of ur guys camp videos ! Have a cabin up in allegheny national forest marienville area to be exact but also have a good group of friends that I take with me and would love to start filming camp and hunting . What would u say is a good camera not I’m not looking to spend 1000 bucks but nothing cheap any help would be great and what kind of editing software do you use . Thanks Shawn!

  • I think you mentioned zpacks in a recent video. Because your solo trips tend to be 1-2 nights and you go minimalist when solo, I think you should look into getting yourself a zpacks Nero. 38 liters total capacity with the side pockets and back mesh. 25 liters for the main body. More than enough room for all of your gear. It only weighs 10.9 ounces, and runs $200 which really isn't that bad all things considered.

    Considering the base weight here, you could actually cut probably close to 3 pounds off with the Nero. Not only in the weight savings in the pack itself, but also lighter water bottles, filter, and stove you mentioned.

    Its worth a browse anyway. I love my Nero. I have a heavier back for when I need it, but my Nero for me is good up to a 4 night trip.

  • wanted to go on the discussion board for your channel seems to deactivated. Had a question on Zing it, well it hurt the tree since its a smaller diameter? Using it for a tarp setup a split ridge line.

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