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This is probably the best best outdoors channel dedicated to basic survival skills in the wilderness. With some campfire cooking, solo overnighters and hiking in the beautiful nature.

Easy Outdoors is a channel dedicated to outdoors life. By watching our channel you can enhance your wilderness building skills for better buchcraft camp building, learn new camping tricks and tips and hacks for surviving outdoors in the wilderness. But not only.

Easy Outdoors also provides ideas for bushcraft camping and cooking, hiking, fishing, hunting and all the activities that are related to these topics. Like using primitive technology in the outdoors, making outdoors stuff and testing outdoors gear. All that mostly in Estonia because camping in Estonia in the beautiful Estonian nature is something you self should experience.

But keep in mind, that Easy Outdoors is not only a outdoors channel. It is the the best outdoors channel on Youtube concerning nature in Estonia and wild camping in Estonia by some guys having great time outdoors, easy!

If you are among other things interested in bushcraft camp setup or you want to advance your survival wildernes skills, check out our channel.

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